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Songs about the media

Guest Antonio

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Guest thuganomics88

I'm making a a mini-documentary for a school project about the media and I'm looking for songs that I can use. The closest one I have right now is Green Day's American Idiot but I don't really wanna use it unless I have to. Also, I'd appreciate it if it doesn't have to much foul langauge since it's for a religion class.

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Eric Burden & War(I Think) - War

it's the song where it's all



And Black Sabbath's War Pigs is about polictians and war.. kind of relates..

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Immortal Technique - The 4th Branch

The hook is:

It's like MK-ULTRA, controlling your brain

Suggestive thinking, causing your perspective to change

They wanna rearrange the whole point of view of the ghetto

The fourth branch of the government, want us to settle

A bandana full of glittering, generality

Fighting for freedom and fighting terror, but what's reality?

Read about the history of the place that we live in

And stop letting corporate news tell lies to your children

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Hmmmm, I would say F the CC by Steve Earle but the chorus of the song is "Fuck the FCC, Fuck the CIA, Fuck The FBI, Livin' In the motherfuckin' USA". It's a perfect example though. Perhaps REM's Bad Day?

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Have you seen the video for it? Reznor is bashing (literally) Manson, Courtney Love, Billy Corgan and Durst, among others.

Reznor & Manson were "feuding" over something. I forgot which, but they hated each other for awhile.

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Guest Bluesman

Can't believe I forgot about No Shelter.

Another one would be "Get In the Ring" by G'N'R. When Axl says "Are you pissed off because your dad gets more pussy than you" just say he's talking about the actual animal. Not sure what to use for the "Fuck you, suck my fucking dick" that immediately follows though :shifty:

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