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Dan: Gamecards come out here in March. Basically they work like the old mobile phone top-up cards.

And Matz, yeah, the PvP servers have their fair share of retards, but the RP servers are normally retard free, and most retards get banned f rom there anyway :P The Normal servers are ok too, from what I've seen (don't go there much anymore. I should really, since that's where I left Mysti :shifty:)

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Got it a few days ago. Don't have a credit, but hark, whats that? 30 days free trial? Meaning by the time it runs out the game cards will be out? Oh, I think so.

The game cards idea was a very very good one in my veiw. Though as matzat said, this will allow 6 year olds to play. And the beggers will flood the land like the plague.

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