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World Wrestling Federation 1989

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This has TGC's blessing, so if you bitch, I get to slap you

The SmarK Retro Repost - Wrestlemania V

Hogan-Savage, baby.

The Netcop Retro Rant for Wrestlemania V

- Live from Atlantic City, New Jersey, just like the year before, original airdate April 2/1989.

- Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura.

- Opening match: King Haku v. Hercules. Haku was still being semi-pushed and Hercules was in his eternal state of limbo. It goes back and forth for about two minutes and then Herc hits a belly-to-back for the pin. This was severely clipped because I remember it being longer and more boring while watching it live in 89. The clipped version was pretty watchable. **1/2

- The Rockers v. Big Bossman & Akeem. The Rockers were hungover like shit here, and Jannetty was stoned. Rockers stay out of the way with quick moves until Jannetty gets caught with a bearhug and pounded by the Towers. Michaels gets the hot tag and the Rockers double team Akeem with a double shoulderblock. Akeem catches Michaels with a deadly clothesline that draws "OOooohs". Rockers come back with a double dropkick from the top on Bossman, but Michaels takes another shitkicking and gets powerbombed off a rana attempt, then splashed and pinned by Akeem. Fun big v. little match. **

- Brutus Beefcake v. Ted Dibiase. Stalling to start, then a slugfest and Dibiase takes over and destroys Beefcake. Beefcake escapes the Million Dollar Dream and comes back, hooking his own sleeper. Virgil baits him out of the ring, Dibiase chases, and we have a double-countout. Standard PrimeTime Wrestling main event. *1/4 Virgil gets beat up after the decision. This really had no place on PPV except to remind everyone that both guys are still around.

- The Fabulous Rougeaus v. The Sheepwhackers. Case in point, this match. Gorilla and Jesse have a hilarious discussion about which of them was retired first. Rougeaus double-team Luke right off the bat and control for most of the match. Luke does something vaguely resembling selling. Jacques tries to start a "USA" chant but the crowd isn't buying. Rougeaus celebrate after their abdominal-stretch/superkick combo and Butch sneaks in and they do the battering ram and stomach breaker on Jacques for the upset win. 1/4*

- Curt Hennig v. The Blue Blazer. This was the debut of the style of tights Hennig still wears to this day. Hennig pulls out the first MAN-SIZED bump, going over the top on a dropkick, then Blazer baseball slides him. Back in and Owen with some more wrestling sequences to keep control. Nasty spot as Owen goes for a Money Shot but lands, unsupported, right on Hennig's knees. Match is clipped to Owen getting a crucifix for two, but Hennig gets the Perfectplex for the win. Good match. ***1/2

- Gratuitous washed-up celebrity appearance: Run DMC does a song. I’ve got that damn DX remix stuck in my head yet again now.

- WWF World tag team title, handicap match: Demolition v. The Powers of Pain & Mr. Fuji. The Demos were at the height of their power and popularity here. The match itself was set up by the Demos getting double-crossed by Fuji at the Survivor Series. Standard Demos-Powers match, with Fuji of course getting cheap shots in now and then. Crowd doesn't care about this one. Fuji misses a big move off the top ad Ax makes the hot tag to Smash. Chaos erupts and Fuji goes for the CEREMONIAL SALT OF DOOM, which misses, and Fuji is left alone with the Demos. Mr. Fuji, RIP. Demos retain. 1/4*

- Dino Bravo v. Ronnie Garvin. After the intros, Finkel introduces Jimmy Snuka, who wanders out, takes a bow, then leaves. Well, that was pointless. Much like this match, as Bravo proceeds to squash Garvin. Garvin comes back with some token offense but Bravo inevitably gets the side suplex for the pin. Not horrible or anything. *

- The Brainbusters v. Strike Force. Martel had his ass kicked by Demolition so severely that he was put on the shelf for 10 months, and this is his comeback match. Fantastic little NWA-style match to start, as Strike Force pulls out some great double-teams and get their finishers on the Busters early. Santana accidentally hits Martel and knocks him off the apron, and Rick proceeds to do a 5-minute melodramatic oversell of a shot to the head. But there would be a point. Tito takes an absolute shitkicking from the heels as they cheat outrageously. Tito slams Arn off the top and crawls over with his last breath to tag Martel...who promptly walks out on him, drawing a huge heel pop. The result is academic, as the Busters finish Tito with a SWEET spike piledriver for the pin. Bitchin match. ***3/4

- Piper's Pit with Brother Love. Piper is introduced first with a huge introduction from Finkel, but Brother Love comes out wearing a kilt, and proceeds to do the best Piper imitation I've ever heard, "interviewing" himself. Morton Downey Jr. comes out next and runs down Brother Love while puffing on cigarettes non-stop. If you don't know who Downey is, don't worry, you're not alone -- his fifteen minutes of fame were up faster than John Wayne Bobbit's. Piper finally comes out and takes over, humiliating Love and ripping off his kilt, which sends him scurrying back to the dressing room. That leaves Downey, who has been throwing cancer sticks at Piper the whole time. Downey gets a wicked verbal jab in at Piper. Piper: "Why do you call yourself Morton Downey Jr.?" Morton: "That's the name your mama gave me." More sparring, and after a bunch of smoke being blown in Piper's face, Piper finds a fire extinguisher and sprays it on Downey. Pretty funny stuff.

- Jake Roberts v. Andre the Giant. This was during the "Andre is afraid of snakes" period. John Studd is the special referee. They lumber around for a while and then overbooking takes over as the snake gets pulled out and Ted Dibiase runs in. Studd brawls with Andre and Dibiase brawls with Roberts and the whole thing is a big wash. DUD

- The Hart Foundation v. Greg Valentine & Honky Tonk Man. Another filler match. Things go back and forth aimlessly for a bit and then a pier-six erupts, during which Bret gets the megaphone and bops HTM for the pin. Bleh. 1/2*

- Intercontinental title match: The Ultimate Warrior v. Rick Rude. Longer than usual match for Warrior, as he misses a splash and hits Rude's knees, giving Rude control. BEARHUG OF DOOM bores the crowd before Warrior makes his superman(iac) comeback, clotheslining Rude over the top rope. He suplexes Rude back in, but Heenan pulls out the most cliched cheap screwjob in history (although I'd never seen it at the time), hooking Warrior's leg and resulting in a Rude pinfall, much to the disgust of the crowd. Who would have EVER thought that Warrior would lose at that point? Heenan gets clobbered by the Warrior after the match, which comes back to haunt him later. 1/2*

- Hacksaw Duggan v. Bad News Brown. The infamous "snot hanging out of his nose" match, so named because Duggan has, well, I’m sure you can guess. A typical Duggan brawl, once again to fill time in an already bloated PPV, which ends in both guys grabbing weapons for a double DQ. Whatever. DUD

- Bobby Heenan v. Terry Taylor. Because Heenan was beat up by Warrior, the match lasts 10 seconds as Heenan misses a charge and gets pinned by Taylor. DUD. The Brooklyn Brawler attacks Taylor after the match.

- WWF World title match: Randy Savage v. Hulk Hogan. Miss Elizabeth is in a neutral corner. And one year after winning the title in his building, it all comes full circle as Savage defends against Hogan. Btw, the champion should NEVER enter first. Jesse points that out, too, a couple of minutes after I typed that. Savage is just drawing unreal heel heat. He's my hero. Chase erupts during the feeling out period, and Savage hides behind Liz. I'm surprised Hogan didn't hit her. Hogan tries some wrestling (!) and Savage cheats like a motherfucker to take over. Hairpulling, thumb to the eye, you name it. Scott Steiner, take note, that is the proper way to work it in. Savage works on the arm until Hogan tosses him out of the ring to break. Hogan comes back with his limited offense but puts his head down and Savage clobbers him, and Hogan blades. Another mini-comeback by Hogan fails and Savage knees Hogan into the corner. Jesse is in his glory cheering for Savage. Hogan hulks up and does the corner comeback, but his arm is still hurting. Savage takes a MAN-SIZED bump as Hogan slams him over the top to the floor. Liz helps him up and Savage takes a swing at her. Hogan and Savage brawl on the floor, and Hogan tries to do a battering ram job on Savage into the post. Liz blocks his path and Hogan ends up getting shoved into the post. Savage starts jawing with Liz, and Hebner finally has had enough and sends her back to the dressing room. Savage drops the double-axehandle to Hogan, ramming his head into the barricade. Crowd is getting into Savage. Necksnap and elbow on the apron throatfirst to work on the neck, then a kneedrop. Only gets two. Back to the Memphis stuff as Savage chokes Hulk out with the tape. Again, if used in moderation, it works. Savage chokes Hulk out, and then drops the big elbow...but Hogan no-sells. Hulk up. THREE PUNCHES OF DOOM, then the big foot, and the STINKY GIANT-KILLING LEGDROP and Hogan has his precious title back for a second time. "The crowd goes nuts" is putting it mildly. I was totally upset by this match the first time I saw it, but the more I watch it from a distance, the more I like it. I think it stands as one of Hogan's best matches. **** Jesse goes off on a shoot-like rant during the posedown about what an egomaniac Hogan is and how he'll stoop to any level to get his own way. Amen, Jess.

The Bottom Line: Hey, cut out the filler and you've got three killer matches and some fun stuff. A truly epic show to end the year-long Megapowers storyline and send everyone home happy. Hogan *had* to go over, no other ending would be justifiable. I liked the show, others disagree. I'm sure I'll get disagreement for my Wrestlemania VI rant, which is coming up in the next few days, too.

Recommended show.

This brings us to April3rd, 1989. Coming off a Wrestlemania that left many people with split feelings, anchored by a great showdown between Savage and Hogan, the World Wrestling Federation was poised to flex its muscle, and prove that it was indeed the number one wrestling company in the world.

Starting off with a couple of high profile signings, including the American Wrestling Alliance's Sgt. Slaughter, and the man they call Vader, McMahon's gang was making a strong bid for domination. The second step was to open up a territory in the northeast, dubbed New York Championship Wrestling, promising 'The Future's Stars, Today'. Several up and coming stars would populate the small company, including many recently contacted by WWF.

The third, and most controversial step? To offer a contract to the one and only 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair. A move that may very well ignite a war between WWF and the National Wrestling Alliance. Flair, naturely, turned down the offer, but not as vehemently as some suspected. Asked about the offer, Flair had said 'McMahon offered me the world, but the Naitcha' Boy's already got it!'.

The final, and possibly most important step for McMahon and company was the signing of a little known, yet signifigant writer working with the NWA. Though young and never given much to work with, it is said that Joseph Franklin's ideas sparked many of NWA's success's in recent years. Now with WWF, Franklin has been given more leeway, but still must work within the confines of McMahon's ideals.

All of these acts, done in relative secrecy lead us to where we are today. Monday, April 3rd, 1989, the day after WrestleMania V, the day after the meeting of the MegaPowers.

This is...

World Wrestling Federation 1989

After WrestleMania V

Enjoy the kayfabe.

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An Open Letter to all WWF Talent

To: WWF Talent

From: Joseph Franklin

Re: A New Direction

I am Joe Franklin. You don't know me, and if I do my job right, you probably never will. The dirtsheets don't talk about the men behind the scenes, and rightfully so, its the men in front of the cameras that matter.

Still, they asked me to write this to introduce both myself, and some ideas I had for the 'Next Generation' WWF. Don't blame me, I didn't come up with the title.

First off, I'm hoping to send the company in a different direction. Now, while this may scare some of you, rest assured, no major changes will be made to your characters, nor your place in the company. I value each and every one of you. In fact the only change made, besides the hiring of several people who can take this company to a new level, and you along with it, was the release of Rockin' Robin, something decided between both me and Mr. McMahon.

In fact, you may like the new changes, especially those of you at the top, and those of you getting a bit older. I'd like to move towards a more Japanese style of booking, one in which huge one on one matches will be hyped more, and spread out. Take Hulk Hogan for example. Instead of defending that WWF World Title night in and night out, he will now wrestle in more tag team and six man matches, and save the money matches for later. This is both to keep you guys healthy, and to make more money off of or Pay Per Views.

Most of the other changes will be slight, and not effect the pace of the company. From today on, Prime Time Wrestling will feature more matchups between our 'superstars', to give the fans what they want. Also, the annual King of the Ring will now become our fifth Pay Per View, allowing for more exposure of our younger, up and coming talent.

Attached to this letter is a list of the talent that I have been given. Please arrange a meeting with me if your name appears on the list, and if it dosen't, please get in touch, I may have made a mistake.

Thank you for your time, and here's to a bright future for the World Wrestling Federation.

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*sniff, sniff*

I smell a double standard!

*I'd add a sentence about luck, but this'll die before you get to read it ;) *

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user posted image

The Roster

Akeem The African Dream

Andre the Giant

The Enforcer Arn Anderson

Ax ~ One Half of the WWF Tag Team Champions

Bad News Brown

Barry Horowitz

Big Bossman

Big John Stud

Big Van Vader

Bobby The Brain Heenan

Bret The Hitman Hart

Brutus The Barber Beefcake

Bushwacker Butch

Bushwacker Luke

Dino Bravo


Greg The Hammer Valentine

King Haku

Hercules Hernandez

Hillbilly Jim

Honky Tonk Man

Hulk Hogan ~ WWF World Champion

Jake The Snake Roberts

Jaques Rougeau

Jesse The Body Ventura

Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Jim The Anvil Neidhart

Jim Powers

The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart

Superfly Jimmy Snuka

Koko B. Ware

Marty Jannetty

The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase

Mr. Fuji

Mr. Perfect

The Blue Blazer Owen Hart

Paul Roma

The Macho Man Randy Savage

Ravishing Rick Rude ~ WWF Intecontinental Champion

Raymond Rougeau

Rick Martel

Rugged Ronnie Garvin

Rowdy Roddy Piper

Sensational Sherri

Sgt. Slaughter

Shawn Michaels


Smash ~ One Half of the WWF Tag Team Champions

Terry Taylor

The Barbarian

The Brooklyn Brawler

The Ultimate Warrior

The Warlord

Tim Horner

Tito Santana

Tully Blanchard


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A few things on this TGC Approved Diary:

-Push Rugged Ronnie Garvin, for me.

-No Red Rooster, EVER. Terry Taylor was often thought of as a true up and comer, and was often referred to as the next Ric Flair. Treat him as such please.

-Bring in Kerry Von Erich and there will be massive amounts of love from me.

-Keep this bad boy going.

Good luck, and I am waiting with bated breath for the first show(s).


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Prime Time Wrestling

Monday, April 3rd, 1989


Just one day after WrestleMania, Prime Time Wrestling hits the airwaves!

The NEW WWF Champion Hulk Hogan will be in the house, along with the man he took the title from, The Macho Man Randy Savage!

The WWF Tag Team Titles will be on the line when Ax and Smash of Demolition will take on The BrainBusters, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard.

The Young Stallions will take on The Bushwackers.

Rowdy Roddy Piper will host Piper's Pit, with his guest Rugged Ronnie Garvin!

And Marty Jannetty has asked for a shot at revenge after his partner Shawn Michaels was injured at the hands of the Twin Towers. Though which big man he'll face has not been disclosed.

All this, as well as The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase and Jake The Snake Roberts!

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user posted image

Prime Time Wrestling

From Boston, Mass.

With your hosts Vince McMahon and Jesse 'The Body' Ventura

Prime Time Wrestling opens up with McMahon and Ventura talking about the results of WrestleMania V, and announcing that we would be hearing from both the new WWF Champion Hulk Hogan, and the man he beat 'Macho Man' Randy Savage.

The strains of The Bushwackers theme hits the arena, as the loveable Australian duo come thumping down the aisle, arms swinging, tongues out. Luke stops to lick a... ehemm... lucky, kids head, before the two climb into the ring, and do some more stomping around.

Their opponents The Young Stallions Jim Powers and Paul Roma, hit the stage next, and slap a few hands, but get nowhere near the response of the 'wackers. Powers and Roma slide into the ring, and slap hands, before the bell rings.

The Bushwackers vs. The Young Stallions

Match opens with the Bushwackers in control, as they use their outrageous style to control the match, and throw Powers and Roma off guard. A shift in the match, when the Stallions start playing the heel, brings it back in their favor as Powers pulls Butch's leg out from under him as he tries to run the ropes, and Roma takes control, suplexing him over for a two count. Butch nails a forearm, and makes the hot tag, and Luke goes outback style on Roma, setting him up for the Battering Ram, but Powers makes the save. Some more boring brawling, and some double teaming by the Stallions, and Powers hits a DDT on Luke for the victory.

Winner(s): The Young Stallions


After a small moment of the Stallions celebrating their victory, we cut to a quick vid. The words 'Its Time' flash twice on the screen, followed by 'Its Vader Time!' Shots of Vader in Japan are shown, with him just destroying people. The video ends with 'He's Coming. You Cannot Stop Him, Only Hope To Contain Him' then flashes the number '10' which clicks over to '9'. Some kind of countdown, maybe?


Cut backstage, where the WWF Intercontinental Champion 'Ravishing' Rick Rude stands by with the ever boring, Sean Mooney. Mooney goes to talk, but Rude looks at him like he just pissed in his cereal, grabs the mic, and pushes Mooney out of the shot.

Rude: ' First, I'd like all of you ugly, overweight, Boston blowhards to shut up and listen to a real champion!'

Rude poses for a moment, showing off his physique.

Rude: ' Now that you've seen what a real man looks like, lets get down to business. Last night, in front of thousands of New Jersey nobodies, I did what you people said was impossible, I beat the Warrior!'

The crowd pops at the mention of the Ultimate Warrior, but then boos Rude. He smiles, and takes it in.

Rude: ' Boo all you want, because the fact of the matter is that I have the belt, not some painted up freak! The Warrior got a Rude Awakening last night, and started a whole new era for the Intercontinental Title, an era of... Rude.'

More boos, but this time Rude ignores them, almost losing himself in the title.

Rude: ' But let no one say I'm not a fair man. Tonight, I'm announcing that I will take on anyone, anyone who wants a shot, at Saturday Night's Main Event, for this title. Ask, and ye shall recieve. But when you get in that ring, don't be suprised if you get a very... Rude...Awakening!'

Rude starts to laugh to himself, and walks off, as the camera pans down to see Mooney, who is still on the ground, as Rude had apparently put his foot on him. We fade to commercial.


[Commercial Break]

Back from commercial, and to the ring, where Tim Horner stands in the ring. Not a good sign. He paces back and forth, waiting for his opponent.

A clear ripoff of Ric Flair's theme hits, as Terry Taylor makes his way out, in an obvious rip off of Flair, robes, women, the 'woooo', everything. He's even announced as 'The New Nature Boy' Terry Taylor. Taylor walks to the ring, spinning around in the robe, and climbs into the ring. He offers his hand to Horner, but when Horner reaches out, he pulls it back, laughing at him. Taylor removes the robe, and hands it to one of the women at ringside, before the bell is rung.

Terry Taylor vs. Tim Horner

Horner opens the match with some suprising offense, but Taylor ends that with a quick low blow, and a small package for two. Horner with some more offense, this time ended by a thumb to the eye, and Taylor goes offensive, whipping Horner to the corner, and lighting him up with some chops. Taylor is looking a lot like Flair out there, with the knife edges and the sly underhanded tactics. Horner falls out of the corner, as Taylor does 'The Strut' and woos. I love the strut, 'cept I hated Jeff Jarrett's that one was crap. Taylor drops a knee, then locks on the Figure Four Leg Lock for the tap out.

Winner: Terry Taylor


Taylor celebrates Nature Boy style in the ring, 'wooooo'ing it up, and then slides out of the ring, putting his robe back on, and strutting backstage, 'woooing' all the way.

Cut backstage, where we see a close up of 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper's happy, smiling face. Piper smirks, and the camera pulls back, revealing the Piper's Pit set.

Roddy Piper: ' Hot Rod is back, and ta night we got a man who was at WrestleMania V, the one an' only Rugged Ronnie Garvin!'

Ronnie Garvin steps in from the entrance to the set, and shakes hands with Piper.

Piper: ' So, Ronnie boy, you were in a match with Dino Bravo at WrestleMania. What was it like to be out there with all those big stars, and end up lookin' at tha lights?'

Garvin stares at Piper, but dosen't say anything.

Piper: ' What's wrong with ya boy? You a mute er something?'

Finally, Garvin's had enough. He throws a punch, catching Piper clear in the side of the head, staggering him. Garvin continues the assault, and finally Piper fights back. The two trade punches, then lock up like two bulls, knocking over everything in the set, including the walls. Garvin scores with a kick to the gut, and finishing off Piper with a Piledriver, leaving Piper down. Garvin snorts at him, and walks off, as we cut to commercial.


[Commercial Break]

Back from break, and 'The Macho Man' Randy Savage and 'The Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBiase are standing backstage with mics. Virgil stands behind DiBiase, in his bodyguard role, while Elizabeth is with Savage.

Randy Savage: ' Hogan, the Ma-Cho Man has some words for you! You may have took the Ma-Cho Man's title, and you may have pinned the Ma-Cho Man... but it ain't over brother...!'

Savage stops, as DiBiase steps in.

Ted DiBiase: ' Roberts, one too many times you have crossed me, and you know that when you cross me theres always a price to pay. EVERYONE has to pay the Million Dollar Man sometime Roberts, your time is now!'

Savage: ' Tonight Hogan, when you get in the ring with the Ma-Cho man and the Million Dollar Man, there's gonna be no one to protect you and Da Snake! The Ma-Cho man's gonna climb high, and jump from the rafters, and come crashing down on your chest with the ELBOW! OH YEAAAAH!'

DiBiase: ' Roberts, tonight, your going to have a dream, a MILLION DOLLAR DREAM! Remember, the Million Dollar Man, ALWAY'S gets his way! Muahahahahahahahaha!'

DiBiase starts to leave, motioning for Virgil to follow him. Savage heads the other way with Elizabeth as McMahon and The Body inform us of the main event of Hulk Hogan and Jake 'The Snake' Roberts against Savage and DiBiase.


Back to the ring, where The Big Bossman makes his way to the ring, accompanied by Akeem 'The African Dream'. The team, collectively known as The Twin Towers climb into the ring for this one on one matchup stemming from a match at WrestleMania V.

The strains of the Rocker's music hit the arena, and all the girls go crazy as Marty Jannetty makes his way out alone, as Shawn Michaels suffered injuries at the hands of these two men at WrestleMania, setting up this match. Jannetty walks around the ring, and finally slides in when he feels secure, as Akeem leaves and the bell is rung.

The Big Bossman w/ Akeem vs. Marty Jannetty

Jannetty gets some early offense, relying on his speed advantage, but it is quickly extinguished by the sheer power of Bossman, who nails him with a bodyslam off of a crossbody attempt. Bossman went to work on Jannetty's back, with slams and stomps, presumably to set up the Bossman Slam. Jannetty got the crowd behind him during a chinlock/knee to the back hold, and fired off with some elbows, followed by a dropkick, but Akeem inserted himself into the match, pulling Jannetty down behind the ref's back, allowing Bossman to catch him with the Bossman Slam for the victory.

Winner: The Big Bossman


After the match, Bossman and Akeem vowed to do to Jannetty what they had done to Micheals, and lifted him up to drive him to the mat in a double team move, when Michaels came half limping, half running down the aisle to make the save. It was not to be however, as the already injured Michaels was not enough for the two big man, who countered his super kick attempt, and drove both Rockers into the mat with powerbombs.

We once again go backstage, where the face painted Ultimate Warrior sits in a darkened lockeroom. He seems to be unaware of the camera, but as it closes in, his head snaps to look at it, and his eyes show fierce determination.

Ultimate Warrior: ' RUUUUUDE!'

Warrior screams the new Intercontinental Champion's name for a good half minute.

Warrior: ' You have taken something from me that I hold very dear. You have taken my title, stripped me of my manhood. Though it may have been through the devious interference of one who claims to be the brain, it was still more then I can take!'

Warrior's eyes seem to change, almost as if he's losing himself in his words.

Warrior: ' And lo, I went to the top of the mountain, and spoke to the gods of Destrucity, and they told me that you had laid forth an open challenge, one which any mere mortal may accept. And so I do accept your challenge Rude, for I will have my title back, and you will feel the power of the WARRIOR!'


Fade to commercial.

[Commercial break]

Back from break, and the tag team of 'The Enforcer' Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard, known as The Brainbusters, are making their way to the ring for their WWF Tag Team Championship match. Arn and Tully slide into the ring, and tug on the ropes, stretching, before conversing and awaiting their opponents.

The familiar sounds of Demolition's music hits the sound system, and Ax and Smash make their way out in full face painted glory, tag titles over their shoulders. They look suspiciously at Double A and Blanchard, but the Brainbusters are sportsmen, and give Demoltion their space before the bell is rung.

The Brainbusters vs. Demolition

WWF Tag Team Championship Match

Start off with Ax and Arn, and Anderson takes the champion to school, working him over with holds, concentrating on the legs. Quick tags mark the efficency of the Brainbusters, as they keep a fresh man in, and Ax isolated in their corner. Blanchard almost ends it early, but the Figure Four is countered before it can be put on, and Ax drops Blanchard with a diving clothesline, allowing for the hot tag.

Arn and Smash meet in the middle of the ring, and go old school... well... I guess for now it would be modern school, huh.... trading punches. Arn gets the whip, and the Main Event Spinebuster gets two. Smash is able to recover however, as he over powers Arn, and catches him with a scoop slam, and narrowly misses the elbow drop that could have defended the titles.

Arn makes the tag, and the Brainbusters go back to work, with Blanchard working over the legs again. Smash gets stuck in a modified death lock, but after a few moments of struggle, reaches the ropes. He and Blanchard meet near the ropes, and he sends Blanchard to the outside with a lariat. This leads to Arn and Ax coming into the ring, while Smash follows Blanchard to the outside. After a few minutes of pier six brawling, referee Earl Hebner has no choice but to throw this match out as he cannot get it under control. Demolition retain, but this one is nowhere near over.

Winner(s): Double Disqualification, Demoltion Retain


Backstage, where Hulk Hogan and Jake 'The Snake' Roberts stand by with 'Mean' Gene Okerlund before their match with 'Macho Man' Randy Savage and 'The Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBiase. Hogan is sporting the WWF Title, and Roberts, of course, has Damien around his neck.

Gene Okerlund: ' Hulkster, Snake, tonight you take on two of the most dangerous men in the WWF, two men with whom your are very familiar. Is tonight going to be any different then any other night?'

Hogan looks at the camera, and then speaks into the mic.

Hulk Hogan: ' Let me tell ya something Mean Gene, The Hulkster and The Snake ain't scared of nobody. DiBiase, Macho, you two dudes can bring anyone you want to the ring, Virgil, Elizabeth, anyone, but the fact of the matter is that the Hulkster is still the WWF Champion, and he's still got the 24 inch pythons. All my little Hulkamaniacs out there know that when the Hulkster says something, the Hulkster means it, and tonight, I'm saying we're going to get the 1,2,3!'

Hogan poses with his WWF Title, as Okerlund hands the mic to the far side, to Roberts.

Jake Roberts: ' DiBiase, you want to play mind games? Well, The Snake is the master of mind games. Everything and anything you've done, I've done better. You want to interfere in my matches, want to call me out? Fine, but a Snake never strikes when you expect it. Tonight, The Snake teams up with The Hulkster, a match made in heaven, but for you, it'll be a match made in hell.'

Hogan takes back the mic.


Scene fades out with Hogan posing and Roberts laughing next to Okerlund.


Back from the final break of the evening, and 'Macho Man' Randy Savage and 'The Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBiase are making their seperate entrances, accompanied by Elizabeth and Virgil respectively. The two seem to be getting along, but Elizabeth seems despondent, as if she dosen't care for this match. Savage tries to cheer her up, or get some reaction out of it, but its not happening. DiBiase takes time out to chastise referee Joey Morella for some reason.

Jake 'The Snake' Roberts is out next, with Damien, as usual, in the bag. Savage tries to get Marolla to force Roberts to leave Damien in the back, but the ref is having none of it. Roberts awaits his partner, stalking back and forth at ringside.

Real American hits to the greatest pop of the night, as the WWF Champion Hulk Hogan makes his way out. He pauses on the stage to flex, and rips off his 'Hulkamania' shirt, tossing it into the crowd. He pauses to slap hands with a young fan, then nods to Roberts, and they hit the ring.

Randy Savage and Ted DiBiase w/ Elizabeth and Virgil vs. Jake Roberts and Hulk Hogan

Savage and Roberts open it up, and the wrestling is good, for the most part, when any combination of Savage or DiBiase and Roberts are in the ring. Savage takes the early advantage with some dubious tactics, but dosen't cross the line into disqualification. Virgil does his part on the outside, distracting Morella and allowing for a double team that sends Roberts across DiBiase's knee in a backbreaker, and an illegal tag.

DiBiase goes to town on the Snake, using every tactic in the book to get an advantage. He whips Roberts around, and tries to lock on the Million Dollar Dream, but Roberts has it scouted, and drops him with a modified jawbreaker, allowing for the hot tag.

Hogan absolutely cleans house, running over DiBiase before knocking Savage off the apron. Hogan lights up DiBiase with his typical offense of punches and slams, and DiBiase seemingly has no counter for it. A boot sends him to the canvas, but fortunately for him, he ends up in his own corner, and makes the tag to Savage, who comes in and goes toe to toe with Hogan.

Hogan gets rocked by a flying forearm, and looks like he's about to 'Hulk Up' but Roberts makes a blind tag, suprising the Hulkster. Roberts comes in and drops Savage with a drop toe hold, floating over into a headlock, and finally finishing with a suplex. He motions for Savage to tag in DiBiase, as thats who he really wants, and the Macho Man does so.

DiBiase and Roberts have a bit of a stare down, as in the background you can see Savage conversing with Virgil. Virgil nods to Savage as Roberts hits a shoulder stunner, but DiBiase shakes it off. The two lock up, and DiBiase gets the better of it, hitting an atomic drop. At this time Elizabeth, reluctantly, distracts Morella, and allowing Virgil to attack Hogan.

Virgil pulls Hogan off the apron, and gets nailed right between the eyes, but the distraction is enough to allow DiBiase to lock in the Million Dollar Dream, and stuck in the middle of the ring, Roberts has no choice but to tap out after a second attempt at a jawbreaker counter fails.

Winner(s): Randy Savage and Ted DiBiase.


DiBiase drops Roberts, and kicks him to the outside as Savage comes in, and the last image on Prime Time Wrestling is of DiBiase and Savage laughing it up in the ring, with Hogan fuming on the outside.

Overall: 72

Television Rating on USA: 5.50

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Titan Towers

Hours after Prime Time Wrestling

I had just gotten off the phone with an agent for a top level NWA star. One who, coincidentally, was nearing the end of his contract. Talented too. Now, it wasn't Flair, but it was someone who would certainly wow the fans of the WWF. Something they hadn't seen before. And he was young too.

I flipped through reports from my agents. It seemed that 3 out of our top 5 heels were managers or non active workers, and a fourth, Andre, was on his last legs. Not a great situation to be in, but undoubtably, this new talent would help.

Want a hint? He comes from the land of the rising sun.

I read a report from New York Championship Wrestling. Reportedly several guys were impressing down there, including Levy, Martin, and Huffman. Good. Coming from the NWA, I had learned that people wanted good wrestling, even more then good characters. Even here in the WWF, where Mr. McMahon wanted the larger then life characters, good wrestling had its place. I mean, look at guys like Roberts, DiBiase and Savage. Great wrestlers and over the top characters at the same time. There was a balance.

Last, but not least, I read a report from a scout down in Texas. There was this guy, seven foot tall, great brawler, Callo... something... can't remember. Wanted me to check this tape on him. I threw it in my bag and left the office.

This wasn't going to be as easy as I thought, but somehow, someway, I was going to make an impact.

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Looks good syco, but you'll need to do better with your clues. My enormous brain figured out the clues immediately, but then again I am a genius user posted image

It'll be interesting how you debut the new workers, so I'll be reading!

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Oh my god, is that a SHOW? In a Syco diary?

I must be drunk.

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First off I'll just give you the grade. C+. Now I'll explain it.

I loved the interviews. The characters felt right, they felt and looked like late 80's promos, and it was pretty much spot on. My only issue is that Piper did almost NOTHING to Garvin before he snapped and attacked him. I dunno, but it just didn't ring true to me exactly. And remember, in this time period MOST ALL interviews were done WITH a backstage correspondent. Also, the modern day backstage skits were few and far between. If you want to add these in over time, that's cool, but use them sparingly. I am sure you know this, just friendly reminders.

The wrestling matches were appropriate for the time period as well, so I have no issues there per se.

My ONE issue, and really syco, it totally pulled me OUT of the story and the show almost 100% was this:

I love the strut, 'cept I hated Jeff Jarrett's that one was crap.

Why oh why oh why oh why ruin the feel with that ONE line? You work for the WWF in 1989, you worked for the NWA before, and you are NOT a time traveler coming back remembering the future, so why add this line? It killed it for me, it really did. Be clever and add the funny lines in with WORKERS AND EXAMPLES from today or the past ( before 1989) all you want, but don't get all smarky and make references to the future.

Oh, and The New Nature Boy was great, if not a bit of overkill, but it worked well. Can't wait to see how The Horsemen...errrr The Brainbusters feel about Taylor's obvious rip of their friend.

Overall it was a good show, and if NOT for the line above it would have garnered a solid B. Instead, as I said, you get a C+.


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Man, great stuff, and not a drop of blood or even the hint of erect nipple (except maybe on Rude, but whatever).

I'm not too put off by the smarky tone since it was prefaced with a retro rant to bring us up to speed. It's not like we can put on our 1989 goggles and look back without our modern prejudices.

That being said, my big gripe is Piper's Pit. Any Piper's Pit where "Rowdy" Roddy gets less than a half dozen insults and not a single infuriating zinger is copping out. He should've rambled on for at least a paragraph about Garvin's shortcomings before the brawl erupted, even if Garvin just gave him the ol' silent treatment in response.

If letter grades are the in-thang, I'm going to go with a solid B+.

More please,


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user posted image


SuperStars is set in a studio, were Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan sit. They discuss the happenings of Prime Time Wrestling, and run down the card for tonight, which includes The Blue Blazer versus The Brooklyn Brawler and Strike Force vs The Fabulous Rougeaus. They also talk about some of the people we'll be seeing, including Mr. Perfect who's up next! Heenan puts over Perfect hard before we cut to the tape.

[Tape Feed]

Mr. Perfect is standing in the interview area with Sean Mooney. Perfect is looking around, seemingly bored with the whole thing, as if he could care less.

Sean Mooney: ' Mr. Perfect, coming off a win at WrestleMania V, what plans, if any, do you have for the future?'

Perfect looks at Mooney like he's an idiot, which, to tell the truth, he is, but still.

Mr. Perfect: ' Let me tell you something Mooney, what Mr. Perfect wants, Mr. Perfect gets, I am, after all, perfection, and what I want right now is some gold to put around my waist. It dosen't matter who, it dosen't matter how, but I need some gold.'

Mooney: ' Is that a challenge for the Intercontenintal Champion Rick Rude?'

Perfect: ' I said what I meant, and I meant what I said Mooney. I will have some gold around my waist!'

Mooney: ' But what about the Ultimate Warrior, who has already challenged Rude?'

Perfect: ' Don't make me laugh! If I have to go through Warrior to get to Rude, then so be it, never forget, I'm perfect, and perfection stops for no man.'

Perfect then stalks off, leaving Mooney to look at the camera dumbstruck.


Back to the studio, where Heenan states that if any man is going to be the next IC champ, its gonna be Perfect. Monsoon disagrees, going with the Ultimate Warrior. They then introduce the first match of the night The Blue Blazer up against The Brooklyn Brawler, heavily putting over the Blazer's high flying, exciting style.

[Tape Feed]

Brawler is already in the ring, his music still playing, which is never a good sign. He takes the plug cigar out of his mouth, and tosses it to ringside, then removes his tattered and dirty New York Yankee's sweatshirt. He paces in the ring, awaiting Hart.

Some heroic sounding music hits as The Blue Blazer makes his way out, complete with hood and cape. He poses heroicly in the aisle, then heroicly strides to the ring. Have you got the point that he's heroic yet? Owen removes the cape, and steps into the ring with The Brawler.

The Blue Blazer vs. The Brooklyn Brawler

This match went about as expected, though Owen is a bit to young to be carrying anyone, unlike his older brother as seen later in the show. Owen confused The Brawler with his dropkicks, kicks and an enziguri, which suprisingly didn't end it, and had total control during the match. Brawler did get in a bit of offense after he scored with a knee lift, but it was short lived and not very effective. Blazer finished off the match with a Splash off the top.

Winner: The Blue Blazer


[Commercial Break]

The end of the Brainbusters versus Demolition WWF Tag Team Titles match is shown.

Arn makes the tag, and the Brainbusters go back to work, with Blanchard working over the legs again. Smash gets stuck in a modified death lock, but after a few moments of struggle, reaches the ropes. He and Blanchard meet near the ropes, and he sends Blanchard to the outside with a lariat. This leads to Arn and Ax coming into the ring, while Smash follows Blanchard to the outside. After a few minutes of pier six brawling, referee Earl Hebner has no choice but to throw this match out as he cannot get it under control. Demolition retain, but this one is nowhere near over.

Heenan and Monsoon put over both teams, and say that on Prime Time Wrestling there will be a huge announcement concerning these two teams. Heenan says he hopes that the announcement is that Demolition smartened up, and decided to hand the titles over to Arn and Tully, to which Gorilla says that Demolition would never do that.


Cut from the studio back to the ring.

[Tape Feed]

Koko B. Ware is on his way from the back, doing the 'Birdman Flap' with Frankie on his shoulder. He carefully climbs into the ring and continues to do it, before handing the bird off to a ring attendant. Koko then tugs on the ropes for a moment as he awaits his opponent.

He dosen't have to wait long as 'The New Nature Boy' Terry Taylor makes his entrance, to much less fanfare then on Prime Time Wrestling. He's still got the robe, but is womanless this time. Please note the irony, or...coincidence, of having Taylor come on after a segment with The BrainBusters. Taylor struts to the ring, and lets out a defiant 'wooooooo' before climbing in and removing his robe.

Koko B. Ware vs. Terry Taylor

Taylor starts it out with chops, but Koko fires back. Some uninspiring brawling, and Koko gets the upperhand with a dropkick out of nowhere, and starts flapping. Taylor fires back with a covert low blow, and goes to work on the leg with stomps and holds, including a key lock which I didn't think he had in the arsenal. As the match continues on Koko tries to take to the air, but is unable to due to the work on the leg. Some nice psychology to end the match, when Taylor pulls out a dragon screw into the Figure Four for the tap out victory.

Winner: Terry Taylor


In the studio, Monsoon introduces the next tape as being from directly after Prime Time Wrestling, while Heenan talks about how Taylor is the 'real' Nature Boy. Monsoon then introduces this 'Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBiase interview with Gene Okerlund.

[Tape Feed]

DiBiase stands in the normal interview area with Okerlund, still in his wrestling attire with a towl around his shoulders. Hey, isn't that Perfect's thing? Anyway, DiBiase has a smile on his face that nothing could take away, a devious smile, and Virgil stands silently in the back.

Gene Okerlund: ' Ted DiBiase, you and the Macho Man just beat the WWF Champion Hulk Hogan and Jake 'The Snake' Roberts. Any thoughts?'

DiBiase looks at Okerlund and starts laughing his laugh. He stops just long enough to take the mic.

Ted DiBiase: ' Time and time again I tell you, The Million Dollar Man, always gets his way, but sometimes, even I get more then I expected. A... windfall, if you will.'

DiBiase pauses, and looks at the crowd, before wiping his face with the towel and continuing.

DiBiase: ' You see Okerlund, I went out there with one thing in mind, take the price of flesh out of Jake Roberts, but when I got the win, it came over me, like an epiphany... I beat Hogan. I beat the WWF Champion. I beat Hulkamania, I beat it all. You know what that makes me?'

Okerlund: ' No.'

DiBiase glares at him.

DiBiase: ' It means I'm the number one contender you simpleton! I beat the champion, I deserve a shot! Thats why I've had my people schedule a meeting with the WWF Championship Committee. I will get my title shot, one way or another, after all, everyone has a price, for The Million Dollar Man! Muahahahahahaha!'

DiBiase launches into his trademark laugh, his head tilted back, as we fade to commercial.


[Commercial Break]

Kids, don't forget to get your parents to take you to Burger King, where right now every Kid's Crown Meal comes with a WWF TOY! Remember, if they don't take you, they suck!

Excuse me. Back to the studio, where Heenan says that DiBiase is exactly right, he beat the champ, he deserves a shot. Monsoon says thats not exactly how it went down, and the two have a small arguement over it, before introducing the next match.

[Tape Feed]

Music that sounds as if it came from Australia, if Australia meant Jim Johnson, sounded, as the head licking, battery ramming, Bushwackers made their entrance, to the delight of the younger fans. Several heads were licked and hands slapped before Luke and Butch climbed into the ring and 'Bushwacked' around.

Next out were the Canadian tag team, the Hart Foundation, of Bret 'The Hitman' Hart and Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart. Both were dressed in similar pink and black, and made their way to the ring, looking all business. Neidhart did take a moment to caress his goatee before getting in the ring, were they both removed their jackets and glasses and got down to business.

The Bushwackers vs. The Hart Foundation

Match started out with Anvil and Luke in the ring, and Neidhart absolutely man handles the 'wacker, beating him from pillar to post, and enjoying it. Laughing, he tags in Hart, who goes to work on the legs of Luke, before getting hit with a desperation diving clothesline for the much needed babyface tag. Butch attempts to become a house en fuego, but fails as Bret slows the tempo down with leg locks and varied submissions, before nailing a vertical suplex that gets two.

Tag to Neidhart, who challenged Butch to make the tag, and when he did, Neidhart steam rolled both Bushwackers, and then sent them into a double stack in the corner, charging in with a knee that devestated both of them, and sent Butch rolling from the ring. Alone and outnumbered, Luke was easy pickings when Neidhart made a quick tag and the Hart Foundation nailed the Hart Attack for the duke.

Winner(s): The Hart Foundation


Before heading out to commercial, highlights of the recent happenings between The Rockers and the Twin Towers are shown, starting off with their match at WrestleMania V, and including the following footage from Prime Time Wrestling;

Big Bossman has just beaten Marty Jannetty pretty decisively, leading to...

After the match, Bossman and Akeem vowed to do to Jannetty what they had done to Shawn Micheals, and lifted him up to drive him to the mat in a double team move, when Michaels came half limping, half running down the aisle to make the save. It was not to be however, as the already injured Michaels was not enough for the two big man, who countered his super kick attempt, and drove both Rockers into the mat with powerbombs.


[Commercial Break]

Studio time, and Heenan is lauding the Hart Foundation, really putting them over. Monsoon says that their great athletes, but their too cocky, and its gonna catch up to them. Heenan says something to the effect of 'whatever' and then says that in the main event for tonight he's going with the Fabulous Rougeaus, even if they are French-Canadian.

[Tape Feed]

The French, yet Canadian, sounding theme of the Fabulous Rougeaus sounds throughout the arena as the brothers make their way down, Quebec's flag in hand. They act as if their going to interact with the fans, but pull back at the last moment and laugh at them, calling them 'dirty Americans' and such. They finally climb into the ring, where they wave their flag proudly while awaiting their opponent.

The best theme music all night, Girls in Cars sounds as the team of Rick Martel and Tito Santana, Strike Force, make their way out, to the delight of the fans. Martel and Santana slap hands, and promise the fans that their going to defeat the evil French-Canadians, before sliding into the ring, only to get attacked early as Jauques breaks the Quebec flag over Martel's head!

The Fabulous Rougeaus vs. Strike Force

Jauques and Raymond, taking advantage of their early attack, double team Santana, until finally Jauques is forced to the corner. Raymond goes to work, but Tito fires back with some rights, and a dropkick. However, the man advantage for the Rougeaus is too much in the early going, and they gain several near falls, both through means both legit and shady.

Things start looking up for the fan favorites when Martel finally makes his way up onto the apron, and starts cheering Santana on. A dropkick for Jauques, and a leg lariat for Raymond, and the hot tag is made, and Martel is a house on fire. A crab attempt is thwarted by an attack from Jauques, but a Flying Forearm from a blitzing Santana takes him out of the equation, allowing Martel to tighten up the former Quebec Crab for the submission victory.

Winner(s): Strike Force


SuperStars ends with a mysterious promo, promoting the inevitable coming, and dominance of a man clothed in darkness. It ends with a shot of the Japanese flag.

Overall: 67

Television Rating: 2.75

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Primetime Wrestling Thoughts:

I am a fan of the Young Stallians (and probably one of the few Paul Roma fans out there, him in this team and in Power and Glory I liked) out there so I liked them winning. Bushwackers suck, so Stallians winning is good. I hope they recieve a nice push up the tag team divsion. They are a solid team.

Nice to see Vader coming in soon. Should be interesting to see how you debut him.

Good promo by Rude. This guy is going to be a main eventer one day in WWF. At least, I hope so.

This Terry Taylor gimmick is money. Just a total rip off of Ric Flair and I'm loving it. GOod work there.

I didn't much enjoy the Piper's Pit segment. I am just not a fan of Ron Garvin. I hope you don't push him ala TGC. It won't be good.

The Macho Man and Million Dollar Man promo was a good build up for there match. Short and to the point.

I wasn't a fan of the Twin Towers, but it does carry over from WrestleMania V to take out Jannetty like they took out Michaels.

The Warrior promo wasn't crazy enough to be like a Warrior promo. I couldn't really get into that promo too much. But I fear that this Warrior-Rude feud is continuing. I don't like it one bit.

I like that the Brainbusters vs. Demolition match had no clear winner. This type of match is best served for a PPV and I can clearly see it getting a good amount of time on a PPV or on the Main Event supercard. Either way, this feud is just starting and it should be excellent.

The Hogan promo sounded like Hogan, but Roberts just didn't sound like Roberts really. I am not sure why, though, but it just didn't really come across like something Roberts would say.

And a decent main event to end the show off. I think that match was given away too early, though, as it shoudl have been a main event for like the Main Event show. Not a weekly TV show. This was used too quickly in my opinion.

Decent enough PrimeTime, but some things need to be worked on, like the Roberts and Warrior promos.


I enjoyed reading Superstars. Though, it does not really look like it did back then (slightly more matches and more jobbers), it was still good to read.

You captured Mr. Perfect well in his promo. It sounded just like him when reading it. Perfect going after a former stable mate of his in Rick Rude should be interesting. Both will be cappable of putting on great matches with each other. ANd I do hope you go this route instead of Rude-Warrior. At least this will be so much better and much more entertaining.

Not much to comment on the Blue Blazer - Brawler match. I never was a fan of Owen as the Blazer. Just didn't do anything for me. I hope you eventually make him out to be Owen Hart some time soon.

I'm loving the Terry Taylor gimmick of the Nature Boy. I can see him taking off with this gimmick and eventually be a top star. He is money in this diary. Good stuff.

ANother nicely captured promo that you worte -- this time for Ted DiBiase. Diabise makes a good point about pinning Hogan so that does make him a possible contender. DiBiase should get his shot. Hopefully you don't go the WWF route and drop him to midcard status anytime soon. He is a main eventer and belongs there.

The Hart Foundation winning is good, as the Buschwackers have no business going over any team besides jobbers.

As for the Rougeau Brothers vs. Strike Force match, this match should have never taken place. This diary takes place right after WrestleMania V, in which Martel walked off on Santana in there match vs. the Brainbusters. He turned heel in that and stated he doesn't need Santana. How are they even back together? A little explaination minute be needed for that.

I enjoyed this more so than PrimeTime, but the use of the Strike Force didn't make much sense.

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Shit... well... the Strike Force match was taped before WM. Should have made mention of that, and it will be acknowledged in the future ;).

I need to pay better attention.

Oh, and DiBiase didn't pin Hogan, but he picked up the victory in the tag match, forcing Roberts to tap, which is why he thinks he deserves a title shot, after all, he did 'beat' Hogan.

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Prime Time Wrestling was great. I enjoyed the interviews, especially Rick Rude's (but then, I marked for him as a kid).

You have all the characters down solid which really adds to the diary, and the layout makes it extremely easy to read.


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