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Favourite Fight Scene?

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Got a favourite fight scene from a film? Just watched Terminator 2 and it urged me to see your favourite fight scene from a movie.

Love the end fight scene in Terminator 2. Well not a proper fist fight but you know what I mean. Very emotional end to it too, although Terminator does get beaten shitless in it which is quite sad.

Another would probably have to be Mickey/GG from Snatch. Classic how GG just fucks up Mickey and then right at the end, Mickey just beats him to the floor with one punch. I love Pitt in that role, just brilliant stuff.

A mention to the end fight in Friday between Deebo/Craig, oh and any of the fight scenes from Bulletproof Monk and Hero. Oh yeah and not really a damn fight but the crazy gun shoot out towards the end of Scarface where he gets shot, awesome stuff. I suppose I shouldn't have called this fight scenes because I mean anything really where someone is battling another guy with fists, guns or whatever.

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It's not a movie, but the Angel/Hamilton fight from the series finale of Angel was kick-ass, I thought.

I like the last fight scene in Fight Club where Edward Norton's character is kicking the shit out of himself basically. Fun little fight. Oh, and Edward Norton's character (Tyler Durden? Bah.) is beating the holy hell out of Angel Face. I love his line after the fight.

"I felt like destroying something beautiful."

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I guess my all time favourite fight scenes are: 1) They Live - Roddy Piper vs. Keith David

2) The Puisher - Tom Jane vs. Kevin Nash

3) Empire Strikes Back - Mark Hamil vs. Darth Vader

4) Scarface - Al Pacino vs. a group of Hitmen

5) Cradle 2 The Grave - Jet Li vs. a group of UFC fighters

and 6) Freddy vs. Jason (Real World Fight) - Robert Englund vs. Ken Kirzinger

That's about it

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Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome: Max vs Blaster

It's like watching a good old fashion cage match.

Equilibrium: Anytime Preston kills people

Jaw-dropping. Awesome.

Kill Bill: The Bride ve The Crazy 88s

Cool, cool.

Kill Bill: The Bride vs Pai Mei

See above comment

Bloodsport: Frank Dux vs Chong Li

My favorite Van Damme fight, just awesome.

Suburban Commando: Shep vs The Bounty Hunters

Yeah, say what you what about it...but it was Hulk Hogan's best movie, and he beat the crap out of some guy and The Undertaker, not to mention the greatest line 'Taker's ever spoken: You're a dead man Ramsey!

Robot Jox: Acheilles vs Alexander--2nd Fight

Like Mech Warrior...only with cheesy graphics and bad acting

Return of the Jedi: Vader vs Luke

The ultimate climax! Would Luke do like daddy and go over to the Dark Side, or would he tell the Emperor to take his lightsaber and shove it where the sun don't shine?

The Big Lebowski: Walter, The Dude and Donny (mainly Walter though) vs The Nihilists

All the Nihilists wanted was their wallets. Dude and Donny obliged...but not Walter. See what one man and his bowling ball can do to three Germans.

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I wouldn't class this as a bona-fide fight scene but I always like scene in Fight Club where Pitt is practically begging Norton to hit him. Finally Norton cuffs him one round the ear and Pitt's reaction is priceless.

"CRIPPLE FIGHT!" is another favourite of mine, mainly due to it's length. A fight between two cripples and it's the longest fight scene I've ever seen on TV.

Any fighting between Eddie and Richie from Bottom is gold too. I guess I like my comedy violence.

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Does Rocky vs. Apollo Creed from Rocky count as a fight scene? If so, that's mine.

If not, then Frank Dux (Jean Claude Van Damme) vs. Chong Li from Bloodsport, foo'!

EDIT: SHIT! How could I forget Bruce Lee vs. an army of hencmen from Enter The Dragon. That was awesome. He tossed those fuckers around like they were nothing.

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Jet Li vs. Brickwall in some documentary thing from a Chinese movie he done, which was in Chinese.Li knocks down the concrete with a drowned in water towel, and breaks it to pieces.Was fuckin' amazing watching that.

Most old Jet Li movies from China and Japan own his American ones so much, the shit he does in those movies are way better.

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The final battle on top of the building made watching "Who am I?" worth it and it's still one of my favorite fight scenes. Also, the fight with the ladders in "Once Upon A Time in China" is also high up there. And I gotta also say when the two assasins attack the king's castle in "Hero", damn if that wasn't a gorgeous fight.

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EBG, that was cool but I prefered the fight between Lee and O'Harrah. The fact that Lee kept punching the guy in the face before he could move is just class. That entire film was brilliant :P

Return of the Jedi: Vader vs Luke

Is it wrong that I first thought of Big Van Vader when I read that?

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Rocky Vs Clubber Lang second fight (aint so bad, aint so bad!)

Rocky Vs Tommy Gunn street fight

Micky Vs Goodnight Anderson (snatch)

jean clude van dam vs tom po in kickboxer

Ed Nortan in fight club when he smacks the shit out of that bloke and says he wanted to destroy something beautiful.

Agent smith vs neo in the first matrix

Homer Vs Barts big brother

And like someone else said, the whole of Gladiator

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Zatoichi in his rescue mission to rescue the geishas (Zatoichi - 2004)

The final duel in Zatoichi - cos it's a one slash kill of course! (Zatoichi)

Hero - in the gaming courtyard when they run it through in their minds to music (Hero)

Hero - the duel on water (Hero)

Not really a fight scene but in House Of Flying Daggers when the guy fires four arrows in quick succession and the camera shows all four hitting the guys at once. Made my spine tingle (House Of Flying Daggers)

Jack vs Angel Face. Good for when you're in a bad mood. (Fight Club)

Shogo Kawada vs Kazuo Kiriyama - Cos BR Fight Scenes were wonderfully over-the-top yet ultra-realistic. And Kawada's a class character (Battle Royale)

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I have many favourites, all of them hold a special place in my heart :P I already have The Duel from Episode III as one ;)

-Rocky vs. Drago

-Vader vs. Luke (Episode V and VI)

-Darth Maul vs. Qui-Gon/Obi Wan

-Edward Norton vs. Himself (FIght Club)

- Neo vs Agent Smith (The Matrix)

- Beatrix Kiddo vs. THe Crazy 88's(Kill Bill Vol.1), Beatrix Kiddo vs. Elle Driver(Kill Bill Vol.2)

-Maximus vs. The Emperor (Gladiator)

- Spiderman vs. Dock Ock (Spiderman 2)

- Eddie vs. Doom (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)

- Any fight in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon :P

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