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Relaxing Songs


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Various things by Maaya Sakamoto, particularly 'Gravity', 'Dive', and the like.

She's my favoutire Japanese singer, and her English is damn good too (Gravity is an entirely English song). Great voice.

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'Mosquito Song' by QOTSA

'Hurt' by Johnny Cash/NIN

'Wish You Were Here' by Pink Floyd

Anything by Defacto

'Hourglass' by ATD-I

'Televators' by The Mars Volta

'Street Spirit', 'No Surprises', 'Fake Plastic Trees'...all by Radiohead. Get some others while you're at it.

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I don't know how anyone could find Hurt a relaxing song but each to his own.

I usually listen to some early Leonard Cohen (Suzanne, Famous Blue Rain Coat, If It Be Your Will and some others). Or Steve Earle's "Me and the Eagle".

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Guest 12characters

'All Things Must Pass' - George Harrison

'Lost Cause' - Beck

'Tallulah' - Sonata Arctica

'No Good Trying' - Syd Barrett

Not much of a relaxer myself :D

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A good majority of the Jamaican Ska/Dancehall I listen to is very relaxing. Stuff like Desmond Dekker, Baba Brooks Band, Lord Tanamo, etc.

Alot of surf rock can be relaxing when it's tempo is slowed down. The Phantom Surfers are good at doing this, especially on their cover of "Sheena is a punk rocker" (done without lyrics).

The female vocalist for Chumbawamba has a very soothing voice, which compliments their relaxing songs nicely. Most of their relaxing songs have bits of folk tossed in.

13th Floor Elevators are an old 60s acid rock group that released quite a few relaxing songs. The song "Splash" in particular is very relaxing, with a slower melody, and soothing rhythm throughout.

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Plenty of classical music...

"Strange And Beautiful" by Aqualung

"Hairy Trees" by Goldfrapp

"Utopia" by Goldfrapp

In fact most of Goldfrapp's slower stuff.

The Aphex Twin remix of David Bowie's "Heroes" which can be found on the AT album "26 Mixes For Cash"....Absolutely haunting.

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