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Your own "dream band"


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This topic may have arisen before, but I'm curious as to what your dream band would be. Basically, if you could put a band together of musicians from bands you like, who would it be? For example, I'd love to see a band with Tom Morello (RATM, Audioslave) on guitar, Les Claypool (Primus, Sausage) on Bass, Vinnie Paul (Pantera) on drums, and Busta Rhymes on vocals.

Other super groups I'd like to have seen...

Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys, Lard) on vocals, Dr. Know (Bad Brains) on guitar, Steve Soto (Adolescents) on Bass, and Lucky Lehrer (Circle Jerks) on drums.

Stiv Bators (Dead Boys, Wanderers) on vocals, Johnny Thunders (The Heartbreakers) on guitar, John Doe (X) on Bass, and Mark Ritchie/Marky Ramone (Richard Hell and the Voids, The Ramones) on drums.

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God there's so many possibilites.

[Vocals] Jason Cruz (Strung Out)

[Guitar] Mr Precision (Break The Silence, formerly Rise Against and 88 Fingers Louie)

[Guitar] Dan Palmer (Death By Stereo)

[bass] Dan Adriano (Alkaline Trio and The Falcon)

[Drummer] Jordan Burns (Strung Out, formerly Pulley).

I don't know what i'd have as the rest of the band but i'd so mark for a band featuring Jay Kay and Les Claypool. It's like the two coolest men in the planet in one band. Throw Buckethead in there and a token Jazz drummer and you're sorted. Possiply a synth. It'd most certainly be different, but it'd be good.

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Vox: Howard Jones (Alive Or Just Breathing, Killswitch Engage)

Guitar/Vox: Matt Heafy (Trivium)

Guitar: Tony Rombolo (Godsmack)

Bass: Ryan Martinie (Mudvayne)

Drums: Danny Carey (Tool)

I like me some Hard Rock/Metal music...what can I say?

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Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society, Ozzy Osbourne) - Vocals and Guitar

Dimebag (Pantera, Damageplan) - Guitar

Cliff Burton (Metallica) - Bass

Vinnie Paul (Pantera) - Drums


Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) - Vocals

Randy Rhoads (Ozzy Osbourne, Quiet Riot) - Guitar

Glenn Tipton (Judas Priest) - Guitar

Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) - Bass

Neil Peart (Rush) - Drums

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I like these threads.

Vocals - Rob Halford [Judas Priest]

Lead Guitar #1 - Herman Li [Dragonforce]

Lead/Rythm Guitar #2 - Sam Totman [Dragonforce]

Bass - Steve Harris [iron Maiden]

Drums - Tommy Portimo [sonata Arctica]

Keyboards - Henrik Klingenberg [sonata Arctica]

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Metal Band

Corey Taylor (Vocals) [stone Sour/Slipknot]

Matt Heafy (Lead Guitar) [Trivium]

Rick Jackett (Rhythm Guitar) [Finger Eleven]

Duncan Coutts (Bass) [Our Lady Peace]

Dave Rohl (Drums) [Nirvana/QOTSA]

Emo Band

Ian Watkins (Vocals) [Lost Prophets]

Aaron Fink (Lead Guitar) [breaking Benjamin]

Robert Trujillo (Bass) [Metallica]

Tre Cool (Drums) [Green Day]

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Well my dream band were already created, they go by McFly these days, but I'll give it a whack. I've picked musicians who I think would complement each other, rather than going for vituoso guitarists like Vai or something.

Mikee Goodman from Sikth (Vocals)

Dave Navarro from Jane's Addiction/Red Hot Chili Peppers (Guitar)

Wes Boreland from Limp Bizkit/Big Dumb Face (Guitar)

Les Claypool from Primus (Bass)

Jose Pasillas from Incubus (Drums)

That would be pretty funky and pretty eccentric, so Mikee is the perfect choice for vocals. I was going to be as brazen as to sugest myself. Honourable mentions to Dirk Lance (ex-Incubus), Ryan from Mudvayne, Josh Freese (APC/The Vandals) who are all top, versatile musicans.

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Hmmm, let me make two different groupings here:

Vocals: Zach De La Rocha (RATM) & Serj Tankian (SOAD)

Lead Quitar #1: Tom Morello (RATM)

Lead Quitar/Rhythm Quitar #2: Davor Malakian (SOAD)

Bass: Jim LaMarca (Chimaira)

Drums: Tomas Haake (Meshuggah)

The reasoning behind the group: I'd love to mix the Rocha-Morello and Tankian-Malakian pairings together, I feel they could do incredible music even if they had two vocalists and two lead quitarists. LaMarca can push out some feasible heavy metal bass lines, and I believe he'd be at home with the style of the group. Tomas Haake is known for Meshuggah, which is a more hard-line band than any of the others, but Haake is so incredibly talented I honestly think he could drum for any band in the world.

My other outfit:

Vocals: Marcus Bischoff (Heaven Shall Burn)

Lead Quitar: Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed)

Bass: Stefan Westerberg (Carnal Forge)

Drums: Mick Harris (Napalm Death)

First of all, Marcus Bischoff. I swear he delivers some of the sickest vocals around outside of Obituary and Meshuggah's Jens Kidman. His voice isn't the normal growling or barking of death metal, but rather it's this painful-sounding semi-scream, semi-growl that is just mindboggling if you start actually thinking about it. Scott Hull is one of the greatest grindcore quitarists still doing music today, and PxDx and ApNb speak for themselves. Westerberg hails from Carnal Forge, which plays extremely fast thrash/death metal hybrid, and would fit right in with the other speed freaks. Mick Harris... The man's nickname is/was "The Human Tornado". Think about that.

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A weird pop/rock type band...

Vocals: Matt Bellamy [Muse]

Guitarist: Jack White [The White Stripes]

Bassist: Mickey Quinn [supergrass]

Drummer: Rick McMurray [Ash]

Keys: Matt Bellamy [Muse]

Metal band...

Vocals/Guitarist: James Hetfield [Metallica]

Guitarist: Wes Borland [Limp Bizkit]

Bassist: Nick Oliveri (sp?) [Ex-QOTSA]

Drums: Nicko McBrain [iron Maiden]

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Strange, I was about to make this very same topic. Anywho, my band:


Song Sayer: Jamie Lenman, Reuben

Riff-Master: Jack White, The White Stripes.

Second-Hand Guitars: Mark Lanegan.

De-Basser: Jesse F. Keller, Death from Above 1979.

Stickman: Brad Wilk, AudioSlave, RATM

That'd be some rifftacular shiznitch.

Edit: Explanations for this fine band.

= Jamie Lenman is an amazing vocalist, forget Nine Black Alps, Reuben are what the true British Rock scene is at right now.

= Jack White on primary guitars, this is because Jack White has some amazing fret work going for him, and his work on the Stripes Album, De Stijl should be checked out by all. Oooh, and for another cheap plug, get the White Stripes Live DVD, then you'll see how amazing White is.

= I didn't put Lanegan down as from QOTSA, because his work on the new album (although amazing) is subpar to his solo stuff, check out Bubblegum.

= Keller as my bassist, he's the only person I know the World over who can make that much noise with a bass. Listen to some DFA and then consider there isn't a single guitar in any of their songs. Just drums and bass, people.

= I wrestled with the idea of putting Grohl on the stool, but the simple fact that it's such a cliché to have Grohl play drums for you. You could go up to someone in the street and tell them Dave Grohl was playing in your garage band, and they would probably believe you as he plays in every band going! Wilk in the seat however, would be amazing. His work on the early RATM stuff almost slips un-noticed, thanks to the loudness of Morello and Timmy C. However, if you blank out the guitar and bass you'll hear the utter power of his stick work. A credit to any band he plays for.

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Hmmm, that's quite a hard choice. I will give two interchangeable ones for each position:

Vocalists: Jordan Pundik [New Found Glory] or Justin Pierre [Motion City Soundtrack] and to come and think of it, there's about a million vocalists that I could choose.

Guitarists: Matt Watts [The Starting Line] AND Chad Gilbert [New Found Glory]

Bassists: Mark Hoppus [blink] or Peter Wentz [Fall Out Boy]

Drummers: Cyrus Bolooki [New Found Glory] or Andrew Hurley [Fall Out Boy]

Extras: If needed, I suppose Andrew McMahon from Something Corporate to play the piano.

Forgive me EWB.

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Guest KoRnCHiLD

If it was a modern day band...

Vocals - Kenny Vasoli (The Starting Line)

Bass - Ian Grushka (NFG)

Lead Guitar - Billy Joe (GD)

Rythm Guitar - Tom Delonge (Blink)

Drums - Travis Barker (Blink)

Piano - Andrew McMahon (SoCo)

Old-school band...

Vocals/Piano - Freddie Mercury (Queen)

Bass - Eric Clapton (Cream)

Lead Guitar - Bob Dylan

Rythm Guitar - Roy Orbison

Drums - Nicko McBrain (Maiden)

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If we could completley let lose and have a dead or alive band, mine would be pretty different:

The Mouth: George Harrison circa '71 (RIP)

Guitar'd: Jimi Hendrix circa '66 (RIP)

Motherplucker: Bob Dylan circa '75

First Bass: Paul McCartney circa '67

Warming the Seat: Keith Moon circa '75 (RIP)

Explanations for this Motley crew:

= Going on All Things Must Pass, there is no better than Mr. Harrison. He was the Beatles' secret weapon that was never used, which was a shame. But his solo stuff, 35 years on still sounds so fresh and powerful.

= The whole 'who's better, Hendrix or Dylan?' comes in full force as I chose Hendrix to play first guitars, simple for the intensity he had and the impact he had on the music scene in his 4 short years on the music scene.

= Dylan on acoustics and second guitar. If anybody wants an explanation, I suggest you check out Blood on the Tracks.

= Again, if you need an explanation for why I have Macca on bass, I suggest you check out Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.

= Like the whole 'Dylan/Hendrix' argument, it took a while to decide between John Bonham and Keith Moon. I think Moon just gets it for the Who's later stuff, in which he just completley let loose.

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I'll hit out a few..

Vocals: Cristian Machado (Ill Nino)

Guitar: Dave Navarro (RHCP, Janes Addiction)

Bass: Rob Trujillo (Metallica)

Drums: Joey Jordisan (Slipknot)

Vocals: Max Illidge (40 Below Summer)

Guitar: Wes Borland (limp biscuit)

Guitar: Matt Heafy (Trivium)

Bass: PJ Farley (RA)

Drums: John Theodore (Mars Volta)

Vocals: Sahaj (RA) and Serj Tankian (SOAD)

Guitar: Daron Malakian (SOAD) and Tom Morello (RATM, Audioslave)

Bass: Flea (RHCP)

Drums: Dave Grohl (Nirvana)

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