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Emotion In Videogames


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Videogames can make you angry,sad, happy and a variety of other different emotions. What games/game moments have made you feel emotion?

FF7 - (Crater Sephi) - Anger - Because he'd called Aeris

FF7 - (Aeris death) - Sadness - Aeris was dead...

FFX - (Jecht & Tidus final scene) - Sadness - I Hate You.

FFX-2 - (NB Sphere) - Shock - OMGWTF? Tiuds

FF7 - (End) - Joy/Sadness - I had beaten the game...yet now I had nothing worthwhile to fill the gap

Pokemon - (Elusive Pokecaptures) - Joy - Bastard Deoxys...

That's all I can think of for now. What about you guys?

Small note to Benji: Check your e-mail, only online for short time at work...and I'm on dial-up.

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The second racing mission in San Andreas, the one that starts right by Catalina's cabin (IIRC, I suddenly remember that I just saved at the cabin to get the Buffalo, the race may have started somewhere far off) and ends at the Panopticon... Forget what it's called. I wanted to throw the controller through the damn screen because it was so damn hard to keep a perfect mix of speed and stablity. You'd be in first, then you hit a semi-sharp corner offroad and you spiral out of control. Anger. Followed by digust. Followed by sadness. Followed by denial. Then I realized that you could fuck the race up with sheer ease using the Rancher. Relief. Happiness.

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Fallout. I've been replaying it for inspiration and it is just a roller coaster of emotion. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll fight, you'll die, the game will infuriate you and horrify you and make you shake your head in disbelief at the tragedy of it all. Anyone with an intellectual beat and a PC that can run DOS games should pick it up with no further delay.

Tristy didn't like it, but that says more about Tristy then it does about Fallout.

Oh yeah.

I went there.

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It takes a while to get started. You can pick up the pace if you want to speed game, but it's worth putting the effort in.

I find the majority of RPGs very linear and very, very hackneyed. The original setting and do whatever the fuck you want gameplay was revolutionary at the time. But if you didn't like it, it's really your loss.

There is a reason it was RPG of the year, though.

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Toupee. I'm not one to raide the "critically acclaimed!!!" flag very often, for precisely the reason that shit like that is entirely subjective and retrospectively often seems incredibly random.


The justification for Halo is that it was something seen as revolutionary. OMG MULTIPLE SHOOTER OMG SIXTEEN PEOPLE OMG FLASHING LIGHTS. It was heavily overated because people on the console market hadn't seen anything like it before. People with PCs were generally unimpressed.

There was nothing like Fallout when it was released. While future games like Baldurs Gate and Icewind Dale and such picked up the mantle, at the time there were Elder Scrolls point and click talkventures and there were Suqaresofts Hey Look, An Impish Ball Of Powdered Cocaine dumbed down versions of what were, apparently, decent roleplaying games before they crossed the ocean.

For consideration, Fallout was released in the same year as Final Fantasy Seven, voted one of the top games of EWB, to less hype with far less marketting, severely undersold it, but beat it's scores at the time in any mag that reviewed both and is only two spots behind it on the top RPGs list of all time at GameRankings. Considering Final Fantasy has been rereleased twice since then and Fallout never (in the States), that's staying power.

It's pretty clear and obvious that I'm a fanboy for the game, but it's not an abstract devotion nor or is it wholely unjustified. Simply put, Fallout > Tristy, and you're going to have to come to grips with that.

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Guest *Doink*

Stuntman on the PS2 made me angry in so many way.

Just thinking about it now, with the shtty jeep in the dessert bit, and the HARSH time limit, and the "driving through treacle" handling...jibba....jabba....NURSE!....

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Manhunt scared the bejeebus out of me when I played it late at night alone in the dark... but that was the whole point.

Track and Field is a great way to get those competitive juices flowing, especially against your mates.

I can't think of much else.

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Stuntman on the PS2 made me angry in so many way.

Just thinking about it now, with the shtty jeep in the dessert bit, and the HARSH time limit, and the "driving through treacle" handling...jibba....jabba....NURSE!...

No game I have ever played since first picking up that NES pad all those years ago has ever managed to frustrate the living fuck out of me as much as Stuntman did. It was so unnecessarily hard, that I spent weeks after renting the game showing my memory card to people. Because I had finally beaten the last level 100%

It's just so hard :crying:

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Stuntman was too fucking hard I tried for 3 months to beat that game but it finally did me in now its collecting dust on the shelf.

The scene in MGS2 when Octagons sister(or niece) gets shot is really sad

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