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Sufjan Stevens, any of his CDs.

The 2nd Disc of In Your Honour is mellow.

You of course need some Sigur Ros, but beware, not all their tracks are mellow.

The String Quartet are mellow, because, y'know, they're a string quartet. Plus they play all your favourite tracks.

And depending on your view of mellow, give The Postal Service and The Decemberists a go.

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I guess these are mellow (Some have been mentioned previously). Some whilst having mellow songs also have upbeat songs too, so be aware;

Jose Gonzalez

Death Cab For Cutie

Sigur Ros

Zero Seven

William Orbit

The Postal Service

Finley Quaye

Sunset Valley

All-Time Quarterback

Ben Folds (Has some upbeat songs so be afraid....be very afraid)


Sufjan Stevens

Jack's Mannequin

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I'm surprised that no one's said Björk yet, so I'll throw that name out there. Especially if you like Sigur Ros after listening to them.

"The Widow" and "Televators" by The Mars Volta are both somewhat mellow, or at least I think they are, don't know if it's exactly what you're looking for.

Also, anything by Pipas.

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"Sufjan Stevens is great"

Yes, yes he is. If you're into that new folk-ish sound, check out both of the young Wainwrights, Rufus and Martha. Martha just released her debut solo album this year (self-titled), and it's, arguably, the best debut of the year. She also has an EP out called I Will Internalize, which includes a duet with her brother Rufus, "Bring Back My Heart," and I love it. Rufus has been around for some time, has released 4 CDs -- the best of the bunch being Poses, but I'll entertain mentions of the self-titled -- and a DVD earlier t his year. Not as powerful as his sister, and most of his songs are about love, but he's amazing.

Post rock always "mellows" me out nicely, so check out the guitar-driven Mogwai, as suggested earlier, and the... odd Godspeed You! Black Emporer. Sigur Rós is always mentioned among them, but they're not post-rock. Still, the best thing to come out of Iceland, even if Takk... was a bit disappointing. Ágætis Byrjun and ( ) are equally awesome.

Other bands to check out: M83, Air, Four Tet, Spiritualized, Eels, and doves (their early work. None of this "hey, let's just toss loads of guitars on our old sound and call it an evolution" crap that made Some Cities. The Last Broadcast and Lost Souls are the way to go.)

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