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I'm Luke, I'm Five and my Dad's Bruce Lee.


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I recorded an acoustic cover of that song for my dad for crimbo, as I did used to go to work with him on his JCB on some weekdays off from school.

It's number 1 for now, but I think it's gonna get crushed by that X Factor twat next week.

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I disagree with a point brought up in Dan's MSN name.

DON'T go and buy the JCB song. Let's NOT get it to number one.

Do go and buy The Pogues. Let's get it to number one.

Is that a re-release of "The Fairytale of New York", or a song I haven't heard of?

If the former, then I agree with Ellis.

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I don't think the record company realised how popular Fairytale Of New York would be - we were sold out by the time I started work on Monday at 12. I wanted a copy too. :(

As for the JCB Song, it's not bad, it has a story and meaning, and it's preferable to the other pap that's going for number one, whether it be just blatantly manufactured crap (Shayne Ward) or a godawful cover (Westlife, G4). Still, would rather see The Pogues there than anyone.

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