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YES! I was like you, seen Serenity, but not Firefly, brought the box-set, and FUCKING LOVED it. Its a great, great series, that I can't rate highly enough.

And, all the characters that were great in the film, are even greater in the TV series. I'll probably talk more about the show later.

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What was wrong with the end? The only bit I didn't like was the zero explanation into Shepherd Book's past.

And for £17.99 it's a fucking steal.

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Yesyesyesyesyes. I got it for Crimbo, mostly due to JHS's hype, and the fact that Nathan Fillion was in it, and the fact that I'd just come off two months of watching every Buffy episode in order with my housemates (one of them got the boxset).

It was awesome. A shame that the Curse of Nathan Fillion had to interfere :P Seriously, does EVERY show he's in get prematurely cancelled, or is it just me? :P

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I loved both, preferred the series. However I saw Firefly before Serenity, so that might have something to do with my preference. You'll probably take more from the film if you've seen the series, so I'd recommend picking it up, especially considering how cheap its become.

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Guest Ringo Masterson 27

A girl? You must marry her, for she has great taste. Unless she's ugly. *insert wise crack about English girls*

But to get back to the topic, it's imperative that you buy Firefly. Hell, buy anything Joss Whedon has made.

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