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Some poor schmucks were at coheed/thrice last night, which i was invited to go to, but declined, as Fozzy are better than you.

So yeh...fozzy last night, best.fucking.gig.ever.

First support were like some bizarre love child of whitesnake and Aerosmith. Thas not cool. Me and my cousin started a few pits tho, which soon got going, even tho we were in teh basement....which is probably better than the main hall anyway.

Second support were....i forget their name too, but it was some OMG HEAVY STUFF, kinda like Machine Head. Very good. Some brutal pits tho, then selchuck dragged me out cus apparently i'd been punched twice and headbutted, and they were worried id get hurt. O.o Which...is kinda the point last i checked.

Then we waited forever for fozzy to come on, but when they did, fucking hell they were good. Opened with To Kill a Stranger, followed that with Enemy, which me and Matt had a totally bitching time to. The Duke had some chicks pink cowboy hat on. Suited him. Then they said they were going to play a new song for us, called "Nottingham shreds the panties of Sean's Mum." (Sean being the bassist) Which was kind of like a grind pisstake, with palm muted chords and the duke (guitarist) growling the name of the song.

When they'd finished that...we started a Sean's mum chant. Which made the whole band burst out laughing, funny as fuck.

The Duke then ripped a hole in the crotch of his jeans somehow...>.< so naturally the duke made an announcement asking low level photographers not to take photos of any balls or heads that slipped out. Then he started trying to fit his fingers through the hole. He managed to get three through, which he was quite chuffed about, and jericho said "It's like im with my first girlfriend in highschool!" Biggest pop of the night for that. That started another Seans mum chant, to which the duke said "Trust me, thats more than three fingers" Before putting his fists together, inserting them into an imaginary vagina, and pulling them apart >.<

Jericho then asked if perhaps they should play some music now, and was mid way through asking us what we wanted to hear when some guy shouted out "Skid Row!" Jericho stopped mid sentence and was all, wtf? So he told the guy to come on stage, and asked him what skid row song he wanted to sing, which started a youth gone wild chant, so he did, jericho and some random guy from the crowd spontaneously singing Youth gone wild. Bizzare.

Played a few more songs, before the other guitarist got a guitar solo. Fucking hell, was about 8 minutes long, but, guess what he busted out in the middle of it? THE SUPER MARIO BROS THEME. secks as fuck mate.

Jericho said they should change their name to Sean's mum as they would be more popular that way, and The Duke added "We could be an emo band and call ourselves Seans mum with a bullet"

I love a band that will take the piss.

Then Jericho said "last night we were in liverpool" and everyone booed. The band then had a discussion how weird it was that in the UK we booed other towns, wheras in the states and canada they were all "yeh thats cool" so Jericho tried it out again, and everyone booed. Then someone in the crowd shouted "last night i was in seans mum" quality.

They closed with Dont You Wish You Were Me and Daze of The Weak. Glad they played enemy and eat the rich this time, but no end of days or livewire :(

Oh yeh, best gig ever.

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You started pits during a set that you yourself described as "some bizzare lovechild of Whitesnake and Aerosmith"? :shifty: There's a time and a place for pits (the place being "far away from me"). :P

I could probably get a ticket for Fozzy's Bristol gig on Thursday, but I need all my energy to contain the awesomeness of Edguy on Friday, so I can't be arsed :P

I could probably also see Fozzy the day after Edguy in London, but that would be another £50 for the hotel room (£25 a night, by the way, Keef. Not bad :P), so again.. I can't be arsed.

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