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Your favourite music decade?


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SO which decade of music do you enjoy the most and for what reason?

Personally I love 80s music. I'm a big fan of electro and sequencer music and prancing, posing music and 80s attitudes. The 80s was actually more groundbreaking (and for good reasons) thanpeople give it credit for. So what if it didn't on the whole encourage guitar music (especially in the UK), I'm not the biggest fan anyways and guitar music has survived happily enough and is now often melding with 80s style sequencing.

I still listen regularly to:


Adam and the Ants

The Clash (crossed over from the 70s)

Depeche Mode

Gary Numan

Kraftwerk (more 70s cross over)



New Order (Blue Monday!)

Sparks (who you can also source back to the 70s)

Talking Heads

And then loads of groups with good releases like Kim Wilde, Vapours, Duran Duran etc...

Kraftwerk paved the way for acts like Autechre, Future Sound Of London and Aphex Twin, which is great.

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The 1980s by far. Although at the moment I'm getting back into the 70s and some 60s stuff, the 80s as a whole had everything. The bands that you listed, especially so. Late 70s through to mid-80s is a fantastic period.

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The sub-heading for this topic doesn't make sense....:P..surely if its our answer, it whats we think the answer should be, right?

I'm not choosing a decade, I'll just go for the early to mid 90's. The rest of the 90's was pretty meh, but I'm a fan of grunge, and then you have bands like Smashing Pumpkings, RHCP, you have the whole Brit-rock movement......I dunno, lots of things.

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Sparks (who you can also source back to the 70s)

WOW! Somebody else has heard of Sparks. Go to any shows they did last week? I went to the show in the Forum in London. Great Show.

Anyways i'm a Punk lover stuff from the late 70s although some stuff from early 80s too. Bands like 999, Angelic Upstarts, Sham 69, Anti-Nowhere League. Already seen 999 and Angelic Upstarts in a one day festival which also featured the Dickies and UK Subs. In April i'm going to another one which has The Damned, Sham and ANL on it. Don't know why but i love Punk from that era. The Punk stuff from the 90s is usually poor IMO apart from stuff like Rancide and Misfits, both of whom i like just as much.

That's all great stuff, and part of the reason I'm going with the 70s as well. The 70s featured bands like the Dead Boys, Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers, X, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, The Damned, The Dils, and so many others in their prime. Not only did the late 70s kick ass, but the early and mid 70s were great for fans of the New York Dolls, Dictators, Iggy and the Stoooges, Rocket From the Tombs, and the MC5.

I loved the 80s as well, but had to give the edge to the 70s. The 80s saw hardcore punk at it's finest with an influx of bands from all over the United States. Boston, Detroit, LA, Ohio, Florida, and Texas were major hotbeds for the more agressive style of punk.

CSAMH, you could also say that the Talking Heads, Devo, and Blondie were also cross overs from the 70s. Maybe they're better known for their work in the 80s, but Blondie and the Talking Heads got their breaks playing CBGB's during the time punk rock was really starting to take off. Same could be said for Devo, except I think they were more prominent on the West Coast of the states.

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