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Twenty Favorite Musical Artists


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Alrighty, feel free to add your own list or comment, I used to do this all the time in middle school.

20: King Crimson

19: The Lord Weird Slough Feg

18: Rage Against the Machine (The band that got me into rock and my first concert)

17: GG Allin and The Jabbers (Back when GG was a decent singer)

16: The Misfits (Danzig and Micheal Graves eras, I HATE Jerry Only)

15: Husker Du (80's Hardcore, I reccomend Zen Arcade)

14: Black Flag (Not so much the Rollins Era)

13: Janes Addiction ( I Wish they could put out a new albm)

12: Body Count (Ice-T's Hardcore band)

11: Bad Religion (From 80-85 to Suffer)

10: GWAR (Greatest Live show of all time)

9: The Electric Six (Danger Danger! High Voltage!)

8: Bad Brains (Essential punk band)

7: Thin Lizzy

6: Blood For Blood (Boston Hardcore)

5: Anthrax (Persistence of Time is Essential for any metal collection)

4: Tad (Seattle Grunge Band)

3: Megadeth (Mustaine is a Dick, but his band dominates)

2: Blind Guardian (EPIC METAL!)

1: Iggy Pop and the Stooges (Got to see them live last year, Greatest Night of my Life)

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20. My Vitriol

19. Underworld

18. Feeder (pre-Echo Park)

17. David Bowie

16. Goldfrapp

15. Madness

14. Blur

13. Air

12. Blondie

11. Autechre

10. Kraftwerk

9. Hybrid

8. Ladytron

7. Add N To (X)

6. Radiohead

5. Muse

4. Sigur Ros

3. Aphex Twin

2. Bjork

1. Polysics

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You get mad props for Body Count.

The only Body Count song I've heard is Ice T proper rapping his life; "I'm sitting at home. Watching TV. I go to get a soda". It was hilarious.

Anyway...top 20 bands...hmm...varies all the time, so here's my current 20, in some semblance of order:

20. The 13th Floor Elevators

19. P.

18. The Doors

17. Primus

16. John Coltrane

15. Antony & The Johnsons

14. William Shatner

13. Joy Division

12. The New York Dolls

11. The Velvet Underground

10. The Smiths

9. Syd Barrett

8. Jeff Buckley

7. Prince

6. Mr. Bungle

5. Roxy Music

4. Lou Reed

3. The Cure

2. The Lucksmiths

1. Tom Waits

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As Skum said, it changes all the time - literally - but here's one as of now.

1. The Mars Volta

2. Broken Social Scene (Although 1 & 2 are interchangable. Whoever I listened to last usually gets #1)

3. Pearl Jam

4. Mindless Self Indulgence

5. Coheed & Cambria

6. Red Hot Chili Peppers

7. At The Drive-In

8. The Blood Brothers

9. A Perfect Circle

10. Tool

11. The Cure

12. Morrissey

13. The Smiths

14. Nine Inch Nails

15. Sigur Ros

16. Minus The Bear

17. Panic! At The Disco

18. Jamiroquai

19. Jeff Buckley

20. Chris Cornell

Although I've probably missed someone out, and it'll probably change by tomorrow, but hey.

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Again, varies, but here's some sort of a list.

1. Meshuggah (The thing about music I love is that someone can come along, take a genre and zip off with it to a whole new direction. Enter Meshuggah and their tech-death metal)

2. Marduk (Speed, aggression, hate, this Swedish blackened death machine has it all)

3. Mindless Self Indulgence (I'm ashamed that I didn't appreciate their music when I went to see them live last year in Vermont. Now, this trainwreck is one of my favorites)

4. The Berzerker (WE ARE MUTANTS. FROM AUSTRALIA. AND WE WILL EAT YOU. AND YOUR UNBORN CHILDREN. RHAAAAH. Although they're not as cool anymore now that they got rid of their masks :( )

5. Last Days Of Humanity (Holy. Fuck. This is what goregrind is about: lightning-fast with vocals so inhuman they make you want to throw up)

6. Agoraphobic Nosebleed (sped-up chaos always works)

7. Pig Destroyer (what modern-day grindcore sounds like)

8. Leng Tch'e (what the grindcore of tomorrow will sound like)

9. Rage Against The Machine (I love these guys, and will continue to love them until the ends of the Earth)

10. Pelican (Beautiful instrumental metal with massive soundscapes and riffs so huge and vast you'll drown in them)

11. Sunn 0))) (Is this even music anymore? The very best of droning doom. "Black 1" was one of my favorite releases last year)

12. Halo (the Australian band. You thought Sunn 0))) was bad? This is anti-music)

13. Millencolin (One of my guilty pleasures, I have every album except Kingswood)

14. Morningwood (I fell in love with the video to "Nth Degree", and now they're a regular on my playlist)

15. Venetian Snares (Electronical hardcore mayhem to bust your eardrums thrice over)

16. Bad Religion (Oldie favorite)

17. Our Lady Peace

18. Modest Mouse (these two are some of my guilty pleasures as well. Also, they are the furthest I am willing to dwell into the alt rock/indie movement)

19. Raised Fist (smashing faces has never been this fun)

20. Impaled Nazarene (if nothing else then for creating "A Whore Killed With A Fist", loosely translated)

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1. Iron Maiden

Now everyone else is in no real order and a lot of them tend to change quite often.

2. Judas Priest

3. Metallica

4. Shadows Fall

5. Dream Theater

6. Trivium

7. Dragonforce

8. Audioslave

9. Foo Fighters

10. Pantera

11. Alice Cooper

12. Chimaira

13. Velvet Revolver

14. Iced Earth

15. Ill Nino

16. Alter Bridge

17. Avenged Sevenfold

18. Alice In Chains

19. Bullet For My Valentine

20. Dokken or Fear Factory, a tie really

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1 Protest The Hero

2 Gorillaz

3 Sleater-Kinney

4 Saves the Day

5 Blur

6 Ramones

7 Broken Social Scene

8 The Clash

9 Tom Waits

10 Buck 65

11 Babyshambles

12 N*E*R*D/Pharrell/The Neptunes

13 Anti-Flag

14 The Libertines

15 Pansy Division

16 The Fiery Furnaces

17 Motion City Soundtrack

18 Franz Ferdinand

19 The Mars Volta

20 Bloc Party

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At this very moment;

1. Jamiroquai

2. Strung Out

3. Death Cab For Cutie

4. Queen

5. Ben Folds

6. Muse

7. The Mars Volta

8. A Wilhelm Scream

9. The Beatles

10. In Flames

11. The Get Up Kids

12. Freak Kitchen

13. Rooney

14. Rise Against

15. Jacks Mannequin

16. Jose Gonzalez

17. Propagandhi

18. Incognito

19. The 88

20. Death By Stereo

Man, that was tough...it'll probably change in like 2 minutes, but as of right now that's about right. There's so many bands I wish I could put on. Like I don't believe that since the last time I compiled this list Dream Theater have fallen from 3 to off the list all together. Weird.

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20. Godsmack

19. Toby Keith

18. Brand New Sin

17. Alice In Chains

16. The Offspring

15. Government Mule

14. Tim McGraw

13. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

12. Guns N' Roses

11. Anthrax

10. Creedence Clearwater Revival

09. Iced Earth

08. Danzig

07. Sublime

06. Megadeth

05. Collective Soul

04. Garth Brooks

03. The Clarks

02. Corrosion Of Conformity

01. Metallica

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This list would move around depending on mood, but here is the tenative list.

20. Hoobastank

19. The Game

18. Snoop Dogg

17. Slipknot

16. Mudvayne

15. Garth Brooks

14. Rush

13. Coheed and Cambria

12. AC/DC

11. Ozzy Osbourne

10. Iron Maiden

9. Dr. Dre

8. Disturbed

7. Journey

6. Def Leppard

5. Eminem

4. 2Pac

3. Alice In Chains

2. SOiL

1. Metallica

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In no particular order, only numbered so I can keep track...

1. The Beatles

2. The Pillows

3. Cibo Matto

4. Rasputina

5. Blur

6. Gorillaz

7. Weezer (pre-Make Believe)

8. Digable Planets

9. De La Soul

10. Stereo Total

11. Beastie Boys

12. They Might Be Giants

13. Nirvana

14. The White Stripes

15. The Strokes

16. Miles Davis (not a BAND, but...)

17. Pixies

18. The Jimi Hendrix Experience

19. Foo Fighters

20. The Ramones

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In now specific order after the first five...

Rage Against the Machine

System of a Down



Iron Maiden

Stone Temple Pilots

White Zombie

Alice in Chains





The Mars Volta

No Doubt

Black Label Society

36 Crazyfists

In Flames

Lacuna Coil


Lynyrd Skynyrd

Ok, I could rattle off at least 20 more of the top of my head.

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A list that changes, but does have a few mainstays.

1. Nomeansno (The incumbent at 1, everything they do is amazing)

2. Dead Kennedys (Probably another incumbent, unfortunately elitist tend to shit on them)

3. Dead Boys (77 Style was at it's best when the Dead Boys were tearing CBGB's apart)

4. Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers (Oh yeah, and Johnny Thunders as well)

5. Reagan Youth (Speaking of New York, probably one of the best hardcore bands from the 80s)

6. G.G. Allin (This listing encompasses the Jabbers and Scumfucs, both were great)

7. No Alternative (Little known San Francisco punk band fromt he 70s/80s, unfortunate since they kick major amounts of ass)

8. Battalion of Saints (Orange county hardcore from the 80s, clearly the best band from that area)

9. The Rotters (Part of the Nardcore movement, yes nardcore. Not exactly hardcore like Dr. Know or Stalag 13, but witty lyrics and great sound make them one of the best)

10. Minutemen (Amazing band, unlimited talent, and somehow they don't get much recognition)

11. Black Randy and the Metrosquad (Eclectic, goofy, fun, pretty much the Frank Zappa of the punk scene)

12. The Controllers (Straight up L.A. punk, they knew how rock and roll should sound)

13. Negative Approach (Maybe the greatest hardcore band of all-time from one of the greatest scenes of all-time, Detroit.)

14. Feederz (One of the more unique sounds I've ever heard, a very pull-no punches band, void of sugar coated lyrics)

15. The Mentors (Heavy metal with decadent lyrics is a fine combination. Similar to G.G. Allin without the shit and violence)

16. The Offs (Originators of the ska sound within the punk movement, yet nobody knows who they are. They also fused jazz, funk, and a bit of new wave into their sound)

17. Billy Childish (Another listing that encompasses many bands. It's hard to put just one of his bands down, so I'll simply list him)

18. Skrewdriver (Yeah they became a Nazi Skinhead band, big fucking deal. Prior to that, they were possibly the best punk/oi band to emerge out of the UK)

19. Dr. Know (One of the other great Nardcore bands, except these guys were hardcore. Very intense sound, sure to keep you up)

20. The Screamers (More proof of the diversity shown in the 1970s-80s punk scene, specifically the West Coast. Made great music with synth, drums, and keyboard, while still maintaining a very nihilistic punk edge)

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This is in no real order.

Beastie Boys




Guns N Roses

Jurassic 5






Rage Against The Machine



Stuck Mojo

System of a Down


Zero Cipher

Meh that's 18. That'll do.

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No real order:

1. Jeff Buckley

2. The Smiths

3. Depeche Mode

4. In Flames

5. Alice In Chains

6. Pearl Jam

7. U2

8. Crowded House

9. Nirvana

10. Red Hot Chilli Peppers

11. Mastodon

12. Dillinger Escape Plan

13. Faith No More

14. Chris Cornell

15. Soundgarden

16. Isis

17. Deftones

18. Tool

19. A Perfect Circle

20. Joy Division

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Guest Ringmaster The Living Legend

In no order, not counting bands with only one album

The Cure

The Smiths/Morrissey

Depeche Mode


The Lucksmiths

The Velvet Underground

Joy Division

Roxy Music

Rage Against the Machine

Jeff Buckley

Elliot the Letter Ostrich

The Doors

Led Zeppelin

Elliot Smith

The New Pornographers/Destroyer


Mindless Self-Aborbtion




Beastie Boys

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