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Best bands to get drunk to?


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What bands do the best music to get drunk to? Simple as really.

Easily to me, The Pogues are the best in my eyes, closely followed by Black Label Society and Corrosion Of Conformity. Most southern-styled rock bands seem to put out tunes that are awesome for the drinking rocker :P

Add Clutch to my list as well.

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The only thing worse than a drunken Oasis singalong is a drunken Robbie Williams singalong.

I don't really have "music to get drunk to" so much, although I tend to enjoy the more mindless music I like when drinking, rather than anything too introspective or requiring much thought. A lot of old-school punk, contemporary "art-rock" indie, or Motörhead will do the trick.

Also, "A Minha Menina" by The Bees is great to get drunk and sing along too, although largely because it's my favourite song on the jukebox at one of my locals. If I'm with one or two friends, rather than a large group, some soft jazz will do the trick.

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Definately Oasis.

All the overrated classics are great to listen to down the pub, like Queen, Blur, Guns n Roses etc... you know what I am on about. All the ones you can sing along to when you are pissed.

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We Are the Boys by Blitz is a good one, just get a bunch of drunks chanting "HEY, WE ARE THE BOYS, WE MAKE THE NOISE". A lot of oi is good for drinking in that regard considering much of it is anthematic chanting.

D.O.A. and Fear both are good for drinkin along with.

I also enjoy any kind of surf rock to go with a few cold ones.

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Viking Skull. Just listen to some of their lyrics and you'll understand :P

Reuben and Turbonegro are both pretty good for getting arseholed to aswell.

Also add in the classics that Myked and YI said. They all seem so much better when you've had a drink.

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When having a drinking party at a friend's, we usually play something we collectively enjoy: Mindless Self Indulgence and System Of A Down are rather heavy favorites. I usually sneak in a death/black metal track or two, and in the end it'll all fall into a disarray of techno and Banana Phone.

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