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20 Favorite Rappers/Groups (Discussion)


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Probably the only list that doesnt have 2pac, Eminem, or Jay-Z

honorable Mention: Nas

20: Gangstarr

19: Dizzee Rascal

18: Bus Driver

17: Brotha Lynch Hung

16: Rakim

15: De La Soul

14: Run-DMC

13: Grayskul

12: Big L

11: Wu-Tang Clan

10: The Roots

9: A Tribe Called Quest

8: KRS-One

7: DMX

6: MF Doom

5: Onyx

4: Atmosphere

3: Chuck D

2: Deltron 3030 (AKA Del The Funky Homosapien)

1: Sage Francis

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In relatively this order. As you can see...I'm stuck halfway between the pop charts and the intelligent lyricists. Oh, and REALLY Southern.

20 - Game

19 - Bun B

18 - Black Thought

17 - Big Boi

16 - Ludacris

15 - Bubba Sparxx

14 - Lloyd Banks

13 - Lil Wayne

12 - Kanye West

11 - Pharoahe Monch

10 - Rakim

09 - Jadakiss

08 - DMX

07 - Nas

06 - Jay-Z

05 - T.I.

04 - Common

03 - Mos Def

02 - Talib Kweli

01 - Andre 3000

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Was hard for me to think of 20 so disregard my #20 pick.

1. Atmosphere

2. Jurassic 5

3. Immortal Technique

4. 2Pac

5. Run DMC

6. Ice Cube

7. Murs

8. The Streets

9. Dr. Dre

10. Beastie Boys

11. DMX

12. De La Soul

13. NWA

14. Wu-Tang Clan

15. A Tribe Called Quest

16. Jay-Z

17. Mos Def

18. Eminem

19. Snoop Dogg

20. John Cena <_<

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Not even gonna try to do a top 20, because it would take me forever, as I much prefer old school rap to most of today's stuff. I'll settle for a top 10.

1. Ludacris

2. Run DMC (for the record, I think Rev Run is good solo, but DMC sucks by himself)

3. Snoop Dogg

4. Tupac

5. Public Enemy

6. Jay-Z

7. LL Cool J

8. Kool Moe Dee

9. Doctor Dre

10. Ice T

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1. Talib Kweli

2. Kano

3. Common

4. Roll Deep

5. Nas

6. Dizzee Rascal

7. Sway

8. The Streets

9. Eric B and Rakim

10. Jay-Z

11. De La Soul

12. A Tribe Called Quest

13. Beastie Boys

14. Eminem

15. Assorted G-Unit

16. The Mitchell Brothers

17. Slick Rick

18. Snoop Dogg

19. Dr. Dre

20. Kriss Kross

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In no particular order, only numbered so I get exactly twenty...

1. De La Soul

2. Public Enemy

3. NWA (including Dre and Cube's work post-NWA)

4. A Tribe Called Quest

5. Digable Planets

6. Beastie Boys

7. Kanye West

8. Jurassic 5

9. Grandmaster Flash

10. Eric B. & Rakim

11. Orange Range

12. Del tha Funkee Homosapien

13. Nas

14. Run DMC

15. Outkast

16. Jay-Z

17. Snoop Dogg

18. MF Doom

19. The Pharcyde

20. Common

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not numbered; no order


Talib Kweli




Ice Cube solo

Dre solo

Ghostface Killah

C-Rayz Walz

Bun B

The Game (yes, as much as I rag on him)

Binary Star




Styles P


Ruff Ryders

Public Enemy


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SAGE Francis is getting the number one spot? really? He's alright, poetic and such, but certainly not the GOAT. Game has made ONE album, no way he could be in a top ten.

Kriss Kross? They were our generation's Lil Romeo and Bow Wow.

Bubba Sparxx, this guy isn't even on a top ten SOUTHERN rap. Not with Luda, Three Six Mafia, Project Pat, Scarface, 8 Ball and MJG, Lil Wayne, and Outakst out there. Bubba had one good album his white trash mixed with hip hop album.

Guys like Talib Kewli, Kanye, Common, these guys are good but they can't be in a top ten. Not with KRS One being left off of lists, Kook Moe Dee, LL Cool J (who used to own hip hop sixteen years ago).

You gotta give it up for NWA for CREATING the current hip hop and they did it almost twenty years ago. ICE CUBE, on his own was the best rapper of the nineties bar none.

Also you gotta give it up for Big Daddy Kane.

That being said guys like Jin, Styles P, Jada, anyone from Gunit/Shady.

These guys have made some good albums I'd say mabye 3 1/2 mics maybe ONE or TWO four mics, but nowadays rappers are spitting only about half the bars themselves.

They got collabs, and crew joints. Not too mention we get the track AND the remix on the same fucking album. Then we got mixtape tracks that have been floating on CD's for years put on for filler. Then of course you got you're club bangers. After all that you got a handful of tracks that are entirely and completely yours.

I love me some Jin, Sheek Louch, Frayser Boy, Lil Flip, Obie Trice, Lloyd Banks, and others. That doesn't make any of these guys the top ten rappers of all time.

To me this is like a sports list calling Albert Pujol's the tenth best hitter of all time. The guy is on a tear, and he's had six AMAZING years, however others have done close to what he's done for two and three times as long, THOSE are the greats, these guys at BEST are the future greats.

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But at the same time you cant just hear a track from Grandmaster Flash and call him a favorite and then put him on the list. If you dont have the knowledge of who has come and gone, you cant really speak on it, am I right?

Sage Francis being #1....I gotta say that I really dig him because he just comes up with ridiculous shit to rap about, its just his delivery and his ability to spit fire and have that slow swagger at the same time.

Thank thank God this is just opinion and personal taste and not a definitive list then, huh?

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This list isn't definite as I am always changing it up after the top 3

1. Canibus

2. Nas

3. Xzibit

4. Immortal Technique

5. Jay-Z

6. Krs-One

7. 2pac

8. Tech-N9ne

9. Common

10. Chino XL

11. Scarface

12. Rakim

13. Wu-Tang

14. Outkast

15. Public Enemy

16. Ras Kass

17. Crooked I

18. Redman

19. Kool G. Rap

20. Ice Cube

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I am just putting this in random order.

Immortal Techinque



The Game

Talib Kweli



Netorious BIG


Cam'ron and the Diplomats (I'm putting them all as one)

Sage Francis



Little Brother

Jedi Mind Tricks




Lil Wayne

Kanye West

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1. Notorious B.I.G.

2. 2Pac

3. Jay-Z

4. Three 6 Mafia*

5. Nas

6. Jadakiss

7. Kanye West

8. DMX

9. Dr. Dre

10. Talib Kweli

11. Mos Def

12. The Game

13. Beanie Sigel

14. Ice Cube

15. Mobb Deep

16. Too Short

17. Memphis Bleek

18. Fabolous

19. Jae Hood

20. (tie) Styles P or Sheek Louch

* = yeah, I'll admit it. They're not the best lyrically ... by a long shot. They do have damn good beats though, I love their shit.

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10. Run DMC

9. DMX

8. Ludacris

7. Three Six Mafia

6. Jay-Z

5. The Game

4. Young Jeezy

3. Dr. Dre

2. Eminem

1. 2Pac

This list constantly changes except for #1-#3.... rest of the list depends on the albums I am currently listening to. Although Jay-Z and Run DMC are fixtures on the list, they just move depending on what else I'm listening to.

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Guest Bluesman

This isn't my personal favorites so much as the only rappers I don't make fun of. As you will see, it is an extensive list:


Public Enemy


Beastie Boys

Jewish Guy

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Guest Bluesman

How can you not make fun of Pac rising from the dead, or Em and his phony image?

How can you not make fun of the Jewish guy?

Edited by Bluesman
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