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Favorite Comic Book Writer?

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Night now Bill Willingham and Brian K. Vaughn for Fables and Y: The Last Man respectively. Two of my favourite series ever. Dan Slott also needs more credit given to him. I also think Robert Kirkman is fantastic on Walking Dead (and Marvel Zombies, albeit flawed, was great too).

Pretty much actually, most stuff from Vertigo and subsequently it's writers are good.

Neil Gaiman and Garth Ennis are also quite damn good, if you include stuff that isn't current. And even though it may not be the best or most intellectual, Stan Lee has a fond place for me.

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Garth Ennis and Mark Millar are up there.

Brian Michael Bendis has his moments too.

Oh, and Fabian Nicieza, for giving us all Cable and Deadpool.

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Garth Ennis for his awesome Punisher. He has a habit of going over the top with the swearing and the usual "suck my cock" type comments, but other than that he is purely awesome.

Joss Whedon for Astonishing X-Men. If I even need to explain why...die.

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I don't read comics as much as I should, but Garth Ennis wins for "Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe". :pervert:

Ok someone needs to explain this to me

It was a What If outside of Marvel continuity where instead of criminals killing Frank Castle's family, they were caught in the crossfire between superheroes and supervillains. So he snaps and methodically, systematically kills them all.

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Cyclops & Cpt. America didn't really show any emotion to Castle's family dying, which is out of character. Wolverine was basically squashed by Punisher, and generally other stuff like that occured. It basically gave the superheroes and villians characterists they didn't really have.

Although, Captain America getting shot in the back of the head by Punisher > all.

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It's not a big secret that Garth Ennis pretty much despises super-heroes, so his treatment of them was pretty much on par and expected. That said, it is a fuckload of fun. However the best Garth books are and always will be Preacher, The Demon, and Hitman.

Anything by Grant Morrison rocks, especially Animal Man, Doom Patrol, and Seven Soldiers. Well, anything but The Filth.

I hate to break Pepsi's heart, but Nextwave has been cancelled as of issue 12. Newsarama and Warren's site have the details, but basically a series of mini series is to follow at some point.

Mark Millar's a pretty good writer as long as you keep him the fuck away from any regular Marvel characters. If you don't, you get Thor Clones, Sue leaving Reed Richards with a Dear John letter, and Iron-Man and Reed becoming homicidal maniacs. However he was great on Swamp Thing, Superman Adventures, and The Ultimate Universe.

Finally, my personal faves are Ed Brubaker, Grant Morrison, BKV, Andy Diggle, Gail Simone, and Joss Whedon.

I was very very sad when BKV announced his departure from Runaways, the best book Marvel is publishing, and very pleased when it was announced that Joss was the replacement writer, plus Joss and Cassaday's Astonishing X-Men is just plain awesome.

I spoke of Grant above, but I really need to reiterate my love for his runs on Animal Man and Doom PAtrol. JUst brilliant. The Invisibles is also 100% Morrison greatness.

Bru's best include Gotham Central, Sleeper, and now Captain America and especially Daredevil. I though BMB was Daredevil's greatest writer since Miller, but Bru might be even better.

Andy Diggle is about to take over Hellblazer, one of my favorite books bar none, plus his Vertigo book The Losers was awesome and his Adam Strange mini series was the best of the Pre Infinite Crisis stories produced.

Finally, Gail's runs on Deadpool and Agent X are all kinds of cool and she is also the fabulous writer of Birds Of Prey. Her star just keeps shining brighter and brighter every year.

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