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World Wrestling Federation 1996


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World Wrestling Federation 1996 "The New Generation"

IPB Image

credit Infinte Fire for the banner

Recap for 1995

1995 was a bad year for the World Wrestling Federation. The Diesel era in the WWF didn't do too well and the fans didn't respond to Diesel as the World Wrestling Federation Champion as well as Vince McMahon would have liked them to. For some reason the fans didn't buy Diesel as the next clean cut babyface champion. Vince McMahon though kept the title on Diesel for almost a year! At first it didn't go too bad as Diesel had a few good matches with Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. But neither of those matches helped Diesel because the fans cheered for his opponents! Even the heel Michaels! Diesel was then put into feuds with Sid, Mabel, British Bulldog which turned the fans away. Attendance and ratings were down for 1995. But on September 4th, 1995 the wrestling world changed forever. WCW saw that the WWF's numbers were down and noticed that WWF's top show Monday Night Raw had been getting low ratings. Eric Bischoff asked Ted Turner for WCW to have a Monday night show to compete with the World Wrestling Federation. Thus the Monday Night wars began on September 4th 1995. WCW Nitro was a different show than Monday Night Raw. The show was life rather than taped and had the live TV feel to it while Monday Night Raw shows were taped 3-4 shows in one night.

The WWF had sunk very low by 1995 and I have been sent in to fix things for 1996. I was asked to look over the numbers for WWF Pay Per Views in 1995 and then compare them to WCW's buyrates for 1995 as well. Keep in mind that in 1995 the monthly Pay Per Views started. WCW started having monthly Pay Per Views as a way to make more money and fearing the competition and realizing the opportunity to make more money the WWF decided to have them as well. The classic five were still intact while the other ones were just called "In Your House" instead of being three hours long they were just two hours long. Below are the buyrates for World Wrestling Federation Pay Per Views in 1995 as well as the main event for the show itself. And below that you'll find the buyrates for World Championship Wrestling with their main events.

World Wrestling Federation Pay Per View Buyrates for 1995

January- 1.0 (Royal Rumble Match)

April- 1.3 (Lawrence Taylor Vs. Bam Bam Bigelow)

May- 0.83 (Diesel Vs. Sycho Sid)

June- 0.65 (Diesel, Bam Bam Bigelow Vs. Tatanka/Sycho Sid)

July- 0.7 (Diesel Vs. Sycho Sid)

August- 0.9 (Diesel Vs. Mabel)

September- 0.7 (Diesel and Shawn Michaels Vs. Yokozuna and British Bulldog)

October- 0.4 (Diesel Vs. British Bulldog)

November- 0.57 (Diesel Vs. Bret Hart)

December- 0.3 (Bret Hart Vs. British Bulldog)

World Championship Wrestling Pay Per View Buyrates for 1995

February- 0.95 (Hulk Hogan Vs. Vader)

March- 0.96 (Hulk Hogan Vs. Vader)

May- 0.57 (Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage Vs. Vader and Ric Flair)

June- 0.51 (Ric Flair Vs. Randy Savage)

July- 0.82 (Hulk Hogan Vs. Vader)

September- 0.48 (War Games Match)

October- 0.60 (The Giant Vs. Hulk Hogan)

November- 0.43 (World War III Match)

December- 0.36 (Ric Flair Vs. Randy Savage)

Vince looked over the numbers and agreed that the WWF needed to turn things around and badly. Diesel's title reign ended at the 1995 Survivor Series with Bret Hart beating Diesel for the title. WCW and WWF are tied for the number one spot right now in the wrestling business with WWF being slightly ahead of WCW. Still Vince needed to make sure 1996 went off without a hitch for the WWF. Vince announced that Monday Night Raw would be aired live from now on to compete with Monday Nitro and that Monday Night Raw would now be two hours long. Two live shows on Monday night! Vince saw that WCW didn't have as many squash matches on Nitro was Monday Night Raw had so Vince wanted to have something to compete with WCW on Monday nights. Vince also announced that the "In Your House" Pay Per Views would be three hours instead of the usual two. And that they would have names following "In Your House". Another problem Vince was facing was Diesel. Diesel's contract was coming up and WCW had offered Kevin Nash a huge money deal to join WCW. Vince wanted Nash to stay since over the last couple weeks the crowd had been reacting to Nash. Vince and myself sat down with Kevin and talked for hours about his future and what could happen if he stayed. We matched WCW's offer but we changed one thing. Nash would be allowed time off in May and take a long vacation to be with his wife. Nash agreed and signed a brand new three year deal with the World Wrestling Federation. Another thing was to fix the morale backstage. The Clique have had all the power since 1994 backstage and many in the back aren't happy. Well I'll let Vince handle the backstage area and I'll just take care of the booking. Lets see how 1996 will turn out for the World Wrestling Federation. Can WWF be number one in 1996? WWF has a great roster and two of the best wrestlers and most over wrestlers in the entire world Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels leading them on.

IPB Image

Promotion Information

Owner: Vince McMahon

Money: 50000000

Public Image: 50%

Size: Global

Based in: America

Risk Level: 60%

Production Values: 100%

Merchandising: 100%

Advertising: 100%

Top 5 Faces

1. Bret Hart (100)

2. Shawn Michaels (100)

3. Undertaker (95)

4. Razor Ramon (90)

5. Rowdy Roddy Piper (88)

Top 5 Heels

1. Vader (90)

2. Owen Hart (86)

3. British Bulldog (86)

4. Yokozuna (86)

5. Goldust (83)


World Championship Wrestling

Size: Global

Public Image: 50%

Risk Level: 40%

Top 5 Stars: Ric Flair (100), Hulk Hogan (100), Sting (100), Randy Savage (97), The Giant (90)

Extreme Championship Wrestling

Size: Cult

Public Image: 60%

Risk Level: 90%

Top 5 Stars: Raven (74), Tommy Dreamer (73), Shane Douglas (72), The Sandman (72), Sabu (70)

Backstory is just a short recap, Roster should be up later..... Yeah since I said MNR will be live just pretent that the WWF hadn't already taped like three shows for 1996 already.... ;)

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World Wrestling Federation Active Roster

Faces Heels Tweeners

Main Eventers

Bret Hart

Shawn Michaels *Will be back in the ring at the Royal Rumble*



Upper Midcarders

Ahmed Johnson

Razor Ramon

British Bulldog


Owen Hart

Vader *Hasn't debuted yet*


Sycho Sid *Fired in December of 1995 but he has been rehired*


Bart Gunn

Billy Gunn



Henry O. Godwinn

Jake Roberts

Phineous I. Godwinn

1-2-3 Kid

Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Jeff Jarrett

Jerry Lawler




Steve Austin *Hasn't debuted yet*



Lower Midcarders

Bob Holly

Duke Droese

Marty Jannetty

Savio Vega

Isaac Yankem DDS

Shinobi The Ninja


Aldo Montoya


Barry Horowitz

Brooklyn Brawler

The Goon


Hillbilly Jim Manages Henry O. Godwinn and Phineous I. Godwinn

Paul Bearer Managers Undertaker

Sable *Hasn't debuted yet*

Harvey Wippleman Manages nobody

James E. Cornette Manages British Bulldog and Owen Hart

Marlena *Hasn't debuted yet*

Mr. Fuji Manages Yokozuna

Sunny Manages Skip and Zip

Ted DiBiase Manages 1-2-3 Kid, Kama, and Tatanka

Non Wrestlers

Gorilla Monsoon

Rowdy Roddy Piper *Hasn't been on TV in ages....*

Shane McMahon

Stephanie McMahon

Vince McMahon

Bob Backlund *Might be changed to manager later on*

Mr. Perfect *Has a injured back but he should be back in the ring by the end of this year*

***Dory Funk Jr. and Doug Gilbert have been released from their open contracts.***

USWA Roster

Adam Copeland

Alex Porteau *New talent*

Andrew Martin

Barry Windham

Brian Christopher

Brian Lee *New talent*

Bull Buchanan *New talent*

Christian Cage


Clarence Mason

Dawn Marie *New talent*

D'lo Brown

Don Harris *New talent*

Doug Furnas

Duane Gill *New talent*

Erin O'Grady

Flash Funk


? *New talent*

JC Ice

Jeff Hardy

Jesse James

Joe E. Legend

Johnny Swinger *New talent*

Justin Hawk Bradshaw

Mark Henry

Matt Hardy


Phillip LaFon

Prince Albert

? *New talent*

Rocky Maivia

Ron Harris *New talent*

Salvatore Sincere

Scott Borders

Scott Putski

Scott Taylor

Shawn Stasiak

Steve Blackman


Tiger Ali Singh

Wolfie D


Camp Cornette- British Bulldog, James E. Cornette, Mr. Fuji, Owen Hart, Yokozuna

Corporation- Ted DiBiase, 1-2-3 Kid, Kama

Tag Teams

British Bulldog and Owen Hart

Dudes With Attitude (Diesel and Shawn Michaels)

Furnas and LaFon (Doug Furnas and Phillip LaFon)

Godwinns (Henry O. Godwinn and Phineous I. Godwinn)

Hardy Boyz (Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy)

Harris Brothers (Don Harris and Ron Harris)

Headbangers (Mosh and Thrasher)

PG-13 (JC Ice and Wolfie D)

Smoking Gunns (Billy Gunn and Bart Gunn)

Suicide Blondes (Adam Copeland and Christian Cage)

The Bodydonnas (Zip and Skip)

World Wrestling Federation Champions

WWF World

Bret Hart (3) 11/19/95-

WWF Intercontinental

Razor Ramon (4) 10/22/95-

WWF Tag Team

Bart Gunn (2) and Billy Gunn (2) 9/25/95-

Edited by Baby Hewey
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Pay Per View Map for 1996

Royal Rumble- Live January 21 from Fresno, California

In Your House "No Escape"- Live February 18 from Louisville, Kentucky

Wrestlemania XII- Live March 24 from Anaheim, California

In Your House #7- Live April 21 from Omaha, Nebraska

In Your House #8- Live May 19 from Florence, South Carolina

King Of The Ring- Live June 23 from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

In Your House #9- Live July 21 from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

SummerSlam- Live August 25 from Cleveland, Ohio

In Your House #10- Live September 22 from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In Your House #11- Live October 20 from Indianapolis, Indiana

Survivor Series- Live November 17 from New York City, New York

In Your House #12- Live December 15 from West Palm Beach, Florida

Storylines leading into 1996

Shawn Michaels was "knocked out" by Owen Hart's Enziguri Kick in November 1995 and it caused him to black out. There has been updates on Michaels' condition on previous shows in 1995 and Michaels should be ready to return to the ring at the Royal Rumble.

Ahmed Johnson and Jeff Jarrett have been feuding, This came about when Jarrett demanded a spot in the Royal Rumble match to Gorilla Monsoon. Monsoon didn't like Jarrett demanding a spot and told Jarrett at the Royal Rumble he'd face Ahmed Johnson. Neither men will be taking place in the Royal Rumble Match. Johnson is undefeated right now and Jarrett just returned to the WWF in December after a successful tour with his hit song "With my baby tonight".

Razor Ramon has been feuding with former tag team partner 1-2-3 Kid. Kid turned on Ramon during a match up against Sycho Sid and since then The Kid has been avoiding Ramon at all costs. Razor also has Goldust coming after him. Goldust claims he and Razor Ramon are meant to be together and the two are set to face at the Royal Rumble. Goldust has been sending Ramon love letters as of late as well.

Diesel's pissed off at not getting a title shot at the Royal Rumble. The title match is set to be Bret Hart defending the title against Undertaker. Diesel and Undertaker had a confrontation on the last episode of Monday Night Raw in 1995 with neither men backing down. Undertaker is still wearing that stupid mask to protect his face.

Ted DiBiase and Savio Vega aren't getting along. DiBiase had Vega attacked at In Your House "Winter Combat" by Xanta Claus!

Gorilla Monsoon is the president of the WWF.

Here's the last shows for 1995.

Monday Night Raw

December 04, 1995:

Davey Boy Smith pinned Bob Holly

Fatu pinned The Brooklyn Brawler

Razor Ramon pinned Dean Douglas

Marty Jannetty defeated Sid by Disqualification

December 11, 1995:

Owen Hart pinned Jeff Hardy

Aja Kong pinned Chapparita Asari

Ahmed Johnson pinned Rick Stockhauser

Bob Backlund defeated Bret Hart by disqualification

December 18, 1995:

Jeff Jarrett defeated Fatu by disqualification

Buddy Landell pinned Bob Holly

Razor Ramon defeated Yokozuna by countout

Pay Per View Event: In Your House "Winter Combat"

Date: December 17, 1995

Location: Hershey, Pennsylvania

Arena: Hershey Park Arena

Attendence: 7,289

Free-For-All Match:

Savio Vega pinned Bob Backlund

Razor Ramon and Marty Jannetty defeated The 1-2-3 Kid and Psycho Sid (12:22) when Ramon pinned Sid

Ahmed Johnson pinned Buddy Landell (0:42)

Arkansas Hog Pen Match: Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Henry Godwinn (8:58) in an "Arkansas hog pen" match

Owen Hart defeated Diesel (4:34) by Disqualification

Casket Match: The Undertaker beat Mabel (6:11) in a "casket" match

World Heavyweight Title Match: Bret Hart pinned Davey Smith (21:09) to retain the title

Non-Televised Match #1: Goldust pinned Duke Droese

Non-Televised Match #2: The Smoking Gunns (Bart and Billy), Hakushi, and Barry Horowitz defeated The Bodydonnas (Skip and Zip), Yokozuna, and Isaac Yankem.

Credit goes to WIA for results

For the record I've decided to end WCW '97 since I wasn't having fun with it. So they'll only be this one.... Monday Night Raw preview should be up later. :D

Edited by Baby Hewey
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Yeah, your WCW '97 diary was ok but I couldn't get into like I did your WWF '95 one. Since this is only a year later, it should be good. I'll update my sig so people come and start to read this.

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Guest Chezwick

Awesome! Another quality Baby Hewey Diary in the making! I read 95 and loved it. Looking forward to what this one has in store :D

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Guest ryan_the_canuck

Out of curiosity, did you make that backstory yourself (the WWF's performance/storylines in 1995), or copy it from a site?

(I realize it's all factual, I'm just wondering where it's from)

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Out of curiosity, did you make that backstory yourself (the WWF's performance/storylines in 1995), or copy it from a site?

(I realize it's all factual, I'm just wondering where it's from)

Myself since 1996 isn't really all that hard to write for since everyone knows 1995 was a shitty year for the WWF so that's the backstory just a recap over 1995, Credit goes to WIA for PPV buyrates though and the date of the first Nitro.

Edited by Baby Hewey
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Since I forgot to check on your WCW diary until it was nearly finished, I'm looking forward to being in on this from the start. While not as tough as 95, 96 is still a challenge. Wish you luck.

Looking at the roster, I think a top wrestler will have to be turned heel. At the minute, you don't have any really strong heels to face off against your top faces. Might I suggest Razor Ramon, or even Bret?

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user posted image

The first Monday Night Raw of the new year comes to you live from Buffalo, New York. And what a huge main event we'll see on this new year. Undertaker faces former rival and the 1995 King Of The Ring the 500 pound Mabel! These two had a war at In Your House "Winter Combat" last year and tonight they will once again step toe to toe. Who will come out of this one victorious? Can Undertaker beat Mabel with his WWF Championship match at the Royal Rumble weeks away?

Tonight we'll also hear from the World Wrestling Federation Champion Bret "The Hitman" Hart. What does Bret Hart have to say about his big title match with Undertaker at the Royal Rumble? What will Bret Hart have to say about the man who's been challenging him the former champion "Big Daddy Cool" Diesel?

We'll hear from the "Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michaels tonight as well when Todd Pettengill sits down with Michaels from his home in San Antonio, Texas. What does Shawn Michaels have to say about his return at the Royal Rumble? What will Michaels say regarding the man who put him out Owen Hart?

Matches for Monday Night Raw

1-2-3 Kid Vs. Barry Horowitz

Jeff Jarrett Vs. Savio Vega

Marty Jannetty Vs. Diesel

Smoking Gunns Vs. The Bodydonnas *special non title match*

Undertaker Vs. Mabel *Main Event*

Plus we'll hear from Razor Ramon and Camp Cornette!

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user posted image

Date: January 1st, 1996

Location: Buffalo, New York

Arena: Dunn Tire Field

Attendance: 7,014

Ticket Sales: $280,560

Announcers: Jim Ross and Vince McMahon

Monday Night Raw opens up with a new video package. Once the video ends we're taken to the arena where pyro shoots off. Jim Ross and Vince McMahon welcome us to the new year here in the World Wrestling Federation. They hype the 1996 Royal Rumble and tonight's big main event which will be a rematch from In Your House "Winter Combat" as Undertaker faces the 1995 King Of The Ring Mabel! Jim Ross also mentions that we'll hear from Shawn Michaels tonight! Once the announcers are done hyping tonight's show they send us to the ringside area for the first match of 1996!

1-2-3 Kid with Ted DiBiase Vs. Barry Horowitz

Horowitz had a couple lucky wins last year and he's facing someone who's used to also being an underdog. Kid started off by out wrestling Horowitz and then taunting him drawing boos from the crowd and the approval of "The Million Dollar Man". Horowitz though took it right to the Kid! Horowitz nailed Kid with right hands and tossed Kid around the ring! Horowitz then clotheslined Kid out to the floor and went after him but a distraction from Ted DiBiase allowed Kid to strike Horowitz from behind and send Horowitz face first onto the steel ring post! Kid then rolled Horowitz back into the ring and got several near falls over Horowitz. Kid used some dirty tactics and his educated feet striking Horowitz in the face! Kid eventually drilled Horowitz with a spinning back heel kick that had Horowitz laid out! Kid headed up top but missed a senton bomb! This allowed Horowitz to make a short come back nailing Kid with right hands and taking down The Kid with a hip toss! Horowitz nailed Kid with a clothesline! Horowitz called for the end as he lifted Kid up. Horowitz attempted a powerbomb but Kid countered out of it and drilled Horowitz with a tornado DDT! Kid hooked the legs for the 1,2,3! After the match ended, DiBiase came into the ring and laughed at Horowitz. Ted DiBiase handed Kid a $100 bill and Kid stuffed down Horowitz mouth! Kid and DiBiase then headed to the back with Horowitz laid out in the ring.

64, 58, 71 *1/4

McMahon and Ross didn't like Kid's or DiBiase's attitude and they reminded the fans that 1-2-3 Kid and Razor Ramon's issues aren't done yet and that Razor Ramon could be coming after 1-2-3 Kid sometime in the future. Monday Night Raw went to it's first commercial break of the evening with Vince McMahon hyping a special interview with the World Wrestling Federation Champion Bret "The Hitman" Hart coming up next!


Is Bret Hart ready for the Royal Rumble?

Monday Night Raw returns from the commercial break with Vince McMahon standing in the ring holding a microphone.

Vince McMahon- Ladies and gentlemen at this time allow me to introduce to you the man who on Sunday January 21st defends the World Wrestling Federation Championship against Undertaker.... Ladies and gentlemen I give to you the World Wrestling Federation Champion the one and the only Bret "The Hitman" Hart!

Bret Hart's music hits the Dunn Tire Field to a huge ovation from the crowd. Bret Hart makes his way down the isle wearing street clothing with the World Wrestling Federation Championship on his shoulder. Bret Hart gets inside the ring and poses before shaking hands with Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon- Welcome Bret and thank you for joining me. Bret Hart last year was a tough one for you. You faced all sort of competitors until November when you finally beat "Big Daddy Cool" Diesel for the WWF Championship. But at the Royal Rumble you face your biggest challenge to date because come January 21st you'll step into the ring with Undertaker! Bret Hart this certainly is the biggest challenge of your career. Your thoughts?

Bret Hart- Well Vince many people are already calling Undertaker the new champion. You know they think that just because he has the size over me that he's going to manhandle me come January 21st. But Undertaker if you think that you're going to run right over me then you got another thing coming. I am the World Wrestling Federation Champion and I am a better wrestler than you! At the Royal Rumble everyone will see me out wrestle you and retain the title! Undertaker I have all the respect in the world for you but I will do everything in my power to walk out of the Royal Rumble with my title. Undertaker at the Royal Rumble I will show to everyone why they call me the "excellence of execution!"

Vince McMahon- Bret Hart another man who wants a shot at you and the World Wrestling Federation Championship is the former champion Diesel. Diesel claims that he deserves his rematch with you and he's angry that he hasn't gotten it yet. Your thoughts on Diesel?

Bret Hart- Diesel thinks he's getting the shaft but I'm not the one who decides when the title is put on the line or not. That's for President Monsoon to decide. Hey if Diesel wants a rematch I'll give him one any time anywhere! Diesel I lost all my respect for you at the Survivor Series when you cheat shot me from behind and left me laid out on my back! Diesel you want to play by those rules then fine! But don't think you're going to be the one taking the gold off of around my waist! Diesel I've beaten you before and the next time we step inside this ring I'll beat you once again!

Vince McMahon- Bret before you go can I get your thoughts on the 1996 Royal Rumble and what you hope to accomplish this year?

Bret Hart- This year I want to show everyone why they call me the best. At the Royal Rumble I will beat Undertaker and then at Wrestlemania XII I'll beat whoever challenges me for the World Wrestling Federation Championship. 1996 is going to be my year! This title won't leave my waist! I'll start with Undertaker and then everyone else will see why I am the best there is, The best there was and the best that there ever will be!

Vince McMahon- Ladies and gentlemen Bret "The Hitman" Hart!

Bret Hart's music plays as he shake hands with Vince. Hart poses for a bit before heading to the back with the title over his shoulder. Jim Ross hypes Jeff Jarrett Vs. Savio Vega as Monday Night Raw goes to a commercial break.



Jeff Jarrett Vs. Savio Vega

Jeff Jarrett came down to the ring carrying a guitar and the announcers made sure to hype the Ahmed Johnson Vs. Jarrett encounter at the Royal Rumble during this one. Savio got a decent pop from the fans and had his game face on tonight. Savio started off hot taking Jarrett down with big right hands to the face. Savio then used clotheslines to run over the former Intercontinental champion. The action went out to the floor and Savio rammed Jarrett's head onto the steel steps! But when Savio tried to send Jarrett to the steel guardrail it backfired and Savio went crashing to the steel guardrail back first! Jarrett then rolled Savio back inside the ring and came flying off the top turnbuckle with a double ax handle to Vega. Jarrett worked over Savio's leg trying to soft it up for the Figure Four Leglock. Jarrett tried the Figure Four Leglock several times during the match but each time he tried Savio countered out of it with a reversal for near falls. Savio went for his Spinning Heel Kick but Jarrett ducked and took Savio down with a huge DDT. Jarrett continued dominating Savio through out the match and eventually he locked Savio into a sleeper hold! Savio's arm went down twice but not for a third time as Savio countered and took Jarrett out with a back suplex! Savio then nailed Jarrett with right hands and rammed Jarrett's head onto the turnbuckle. Savio then hit the Spinning Heel Kick! Savio hooked the legs but Jarrett put his foot on the ropes before the three count! Savio lifted Jarrett back up to his feet and tried a suplex but Jarrett countered into a jaw breaker! Jarrett then rolled Savio up using the tights for the 1,2,3! Afterwards Savio was furious and attacked Jarrett! Savio threw Jarrett out to the floor! Jarrett grabbed his guitar and pretended to head to the back.... And just when Savio thought it was safe Jarrett came running down to the ring with the guitar in hand! Savio turned around and Jarrett drilled Savio over the head with the guitar! Jarrett posed as the crowd booed. But before Jarrett could do anymore damage Ahmed Johnson came running down from the back! Jarrett quickly fled the ring as Johnson stood in the ring staring down Jeff Jarrett.

71, 71, 72 *3/4

McMahon and Ross against hyped the Jarrett/Johnson show down at the Royal Rumble. McMahon then mentioned that Owen Hart, British Bulldog, Yokozuna, 1-2-3 Kid, and Diesel have all been announced as Royal Rumble entrants this year! Jim Ross hyped a special interview with Camp Cornette once Monday Night Raw returns from the commercial break.


Camp Cornette has big plans for 1996

Monday Night Raw returns from the commercial break with Jim Ross standing in the ring with a microphone in his hand.

Jim Ross- Ladies and gentlemen at this time allow me to introduce to you Camp Cornette!

The crowd as James E. Cornette's music hits the arena. Cornette leads Camp Cornette down to the ring. They get inside the ring as Jim Ross prepares to talk again.

Jim Ross- Well we just heard that all of the members from Camp Cornette will be apart of the 1996 Royal Rumble match. But first of all I got to ask you guys a question. Who will win the Royal Rumble? Which member of Camp Cornette will win the 1996 Royal Rumble match?

James E. Cornette- Jim Ross don't try to cause dissension among us! As far as the Royal Rumble goes I don't care who wins! As long as their in Camp Cornette! I doesn't matter if Owen Hart wins it. It doesn't matter if British Bulldog wins. It doesn't matter if Yokozuna wins it! As long as it's a member of Camp Cornette then I'm happy! But Jim Ross I want to manage the World Wrestling Federation Champion. No not that sorry punk Bret Hart. In case one of my men loses the Royal Rumble match I got someone else coming in. Next week everyone will see my monster debut! A new Camp Cornette member and he will be in the Royal Rumble! I already talked it over with President Monsoon!

Jim Ross- A new member with Camp Cornette? Who is this new member?

James E. Cornette- I ain't letting the cat out of the bag just yet Jim Ross. But he will be in the Royal Rumble match! That's four men who could be the winner of the Royal Rumble!

Jim Ross- It could happen. But speaking of the Royal Rumble we know that Shawn Michaels will make his official return in the Royal Rumble match. And Owen Hart you got to wonder if he's coming after you. After all you did knock him upside the head with that enziguri kick. Your thoughts?

Owen Hart- Jim Ross being from Oklahoma I know you're not the smartest person in the world but do you really think that Shawn Michaels would want anymore of this? I almost killed him when I drilled him in the back of the head last November! You think he would want to return and face me? Shawn Michaels is in no kind of condition to be in the Royal Rumble. His body won't hold up and trust me Ross if he gets anywhere near "The King Of Harts" I'll make him feel like he felt in Richmond, Virginia all over again!

James E. Cornette- Jim Ross Camp Cornette and Owen Hart don't fear Shawn Michaels or his Kliq! Now this interview is over! We'll see you next week when we announce or newest member!

Cornette's music plays as Camp Cornette heads to the back. McMahon wonders who the next member will be next week. McMahon then takes us to a commercial break hyping Razor Ramon coming up next!



Goldust has a challenge in mind for "The Bad Guy"

Monday Night Raw returns from the commercial break with Dok Hendrix standing in the interview area holding a microphone. And standing next to him is the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Champion "The Bad Guy" Razor Ramon.

Dok Hendrix- Razor Ramon you are the current World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Champion and at the Royal Rumble you have no opponent to defend that title. But Razor lets talk about last year. Last year you became the Intercontinental Champion twice by defeating Jeff Jarrett and then Dean Douglas. But last year your former friend and partner 1-2-3 Kid turned on you! The Kid was the special guest referee during your match up with Sycho Sid and he cost you the match! But every time you go near The Kid he runs off. Razor when do you think you're going to be able to get your hands on 1-2-3 Kid?

Razor Ramon- Dok chico I don't know what's up with the Kid. He turns on "The Bad Guy" like a snake in the grass but he doesn't have a set to come face to face with me! Kid you made your grave when you betrayed me so be a man and face me chico! Kid let me make myself perfectly clear to you chico... I'll fight you any time anywhere! Just name the place and we'll rumble!

Dok Hendrix- Razor then there's the bizarre Goldust.... He seems to have taken a liking to you so to speak.... He's been sending you letters and he has you're the "naughty one". Razor Ramon what are your thoughts on this whole situation with Goldust?

Razor Ramon- Goldust is a weirdo Dok! He comes out here and gives me love letters? No offense to anyone but Razor Ramon don't swing that way! "The Bad Guy" is all about the ladies and the machismo! Goldust if you want a match I'll give you one but other than that I ain't interested you sick freak!

Dok Hendrix- Well Razor I don't think he'll be taking no as an answer...

Razor Ramon- He'll take no as an answer Dok. I don't know what Goldust is all about but....

Razor Ramon stops talking as Goldust shows up in the interview area.....

Razor Ramon- What the hell do you want?

Goldust- No need to get violent lover..... Razor I couldn't help but overhear your words..... And Razor Ramon you will be all mine. You're "The Bad Guy" and Razor I want some of "The Bad Guy". Razor you can try to harm me but you know you belong with the golden one.

Razor Ramon- Goldust if I were you I'd get the hell out of here before I put my right hand through your face!

Goldust- Don't touch me unless you love me Razor.... Razor since you don't want to play I guess I'll have to make you play... How about you put that championship belt on the line against me?

Razor Ramon- You got it! How about right now? Right now! Lets go to the ring and I'll kick your golden butt!

Goldust- Razor I don't want to waste a award winning performance on these fans tonight.... How about at the Royal Rumble?

Razor Ramon- Fine! I'll wrestle you at the Royal Rumble for the Intercontinental Championship! And come January 21st I'll make a man out of you!

Goldust- We'll have to wait and see.... I'll see you at the Royal Rumble! And Razor after the Rumble you will never forget the name of Goldust!

Goldust stares down Razor before heading off.... Dok Hendrix and Razor Ramon look at each other as Monday Night Raw goes to a break.



Marty Jannetty Vs. Diesel

Jannetty barely got any offense in on Diesel. Diesel dominated this one right from the opening bell as he jumped Jannetty! Diesel pounded away on Jannetty in the corner hitting Jannetty with knees to the midsection and following up with several back elbows to the face each one of them rocking down Jannetty! Diesel then choked Jannetty with his foot and followed up with a sidewalk slam and a pair of snake eyes. Diesel though got too cocky and went for a early Jackknife attempt which Jannetty got out of and hit the big man with a spinning heel kick which barely took Diesel off of his feet! Jannetty nailed Diesel with right hands and a clothesline rocking down "Big Daddy Cool". Jannetty charged at Diesel but ran right into a big boot to the face! Diesel then dragged Jannetty up to his feet and hit the Jackknife Powerbomb! Diesel put his foot across Jannetty's chest for the academic three count. Diesel though wasn't done! Diesel lifted Jannetty up and delivered another huge Jackknife Powerbomb! Diesel stood over Jannetty's fallen body and received a mixed ovation from the fans. Diesel then headed to the back as the referee checked on Marty Jannetty.

74, 77, 68 *1\2

McMahon and Ross said that Diesel is all business on the road to the 1996 Royal Rumble. Vince and Jim Ross then told the fans that a superstar would be returning to the World Wrestling Federation at the Royal Rumble. McMahon informed the fans that Crush will be returning to the WWF after spending almost a year in jail!

A return to the World Wrestling Federation?

A video begins to air showing highlights of Crush's career here in the World Wrestling Federation. A man begins to speak.

"He was locked up for being too tough, But not even prison could stop him. No one in the "big house" could stop the violence... They couldn't keep him at bay.... He's returning and no one can stop him. He's mean and violent and come January 21st he'll destroy everyone in his path! His name is Crush and he'll be back at the Royal Rumble!"



Shawn Michaels speaks out

When Monday Night Raw returns from the commercial break we're taken over to the announce position. We're shown footage of when Shawn Michaels got knocked out by Owen Hart's enziguri kick putting Michaels out of action. We're then taken to San Antonio, Texas where Todd Pettengill is standing by with Shawn Michaels.

Todd Pettengill- Shawn Michaels thank you for doing this interview. Now the big question is how are you feeling?

Shawn Michaels- Well my headaches have gone away but I'm not one hundred percent. Well not yet anyway. But I will be in top shape when I return at the Royal Rumble.

Todd Pettengill- Speaking of your return what has the doctors said? Isn't the Royal Rumble a little too early to be returning into action?

Shawn Michaels- The doctor told me it might be a little too early to be getting back into the ring but I feel like I'm ready. I want to be in the Royal Rumble and come January 21st doctors or no doctors HBK will be in the Royal Rumble!

Todd Pettengill- Shawn you've been out of action for almost two months now and since then your best friend Diesel has changed. Diesel attacked Bret Hart from behind after their match at Survivor Series and then beat him down. Diesel's made it pretty clear that he doesn't care about the fans opinion anymore.

Shawn Michaels- I'm sure "Big Daddy Cool" will calm down. The fact of the matter is that HBK and Diesel are pals. I don't approve of his actions but he's been there for me and I'm there for him.

Todd Pettengill- Shawn Michaels you said you'll be returning at the Royal Rumble. What are you going to do come the Royal Rumble? What are your goals for the match?

Shawn Michaels- My goal is to win. Todd I'm going to go out there and win. I don't care who gets in my way. I'm winning my second straight Royal Rumble!

Todd Pettengill- What about Diesel? He's going to be in there.

Shawn Michaels- Well I hope it doesn't go down to me and Diesel but if it does I'm winning it friend or no friend.

Todd Pettengill- Owen Hart the man who knocked you out has warned you to stay away come the Royal Rumble. Owen Hart says if you get in his way at the Royal Rumble then he will knock you out once again!

Shawn Michaels- Lets see if he can get it done. Owen Hart you put me out of action way too long! It's for Shawn Michaels to get his revenge! It's time for HBK to return and win the Royal Rumble. And Owen if you get in my way I promise you that I'll knock your teeth right down your throat!

Todd Pettengill- Shawn before we go I'd like to get your thoughts on 1996.

Shawn Michaels- 1996 will be the year of the "Heart Break Kid" Todd Pettengill. I'll start by winning the Royal Rumble and then at Wrestlemania XII I'm going to win the World Wrestling Federation Championship. I will dominate 1996 and I'll start with the Royal Rumble!

Todd Pettengill- Shawn Michaels I wish you the best of luck and thank you for joining me.


Once the interview ends we're taken back to the ringside area where Jim Ross and Vince McMahon are standing by. McMahon mentions that Crush and Shawn Michaels are scheduled to take place in the Royal Rumble match. McMahon then hypes the special non title tag team match coming up next!


Smoking Gunns Vs. The Bodydonnas with Sunny

Sunny came down with The Bodydonnas which allowed them to control the match up. The Gunns started off hot taking it to The Bodydonnas nailing them with right hands! The Gunns easily tossed The Bodydonnas out to the floor. Sunny talked strategy over with The Bodydonnas before Skip got in there with Bart. Bart easily beat down Skip but some distraction from Sunny allowed Skip to drop kick Bart down! After that Skip and Zip double teamed Bart Gunn while Billy Gunn tried to get the crowd behind his brother Bart. Skip and Zip double teamed Bart and hit a double suplex! At times Sunny would distract the referee allowing The Bodydonnas to keep double teaming Bart. Zip eventually delivered a big suplex to Bart as Skip headed up top. Skip went for his Diving Headbutt but Bart rolled out of the way! Bart then tagged Billy in! Billy Gunn came into the ring like a mad man cleaning house! Billy nailed both Bodydonnas with right hands and then clotheslined them down! Smoking Gunns then double back dropped Zip while Skip felt a double clothesline! Bart tossed Skip out to the floor and lifted Zip up as Billy headed up top.... The Gunns hit the Sidewinder to Zip but Sunny got up on the apron distracting the referee! Skip then came into the ring and tossed Bart out to the floor as Billy had Zip covered..... Skip then stomped on the back of Billy's head knocking him out! Skip rolled Zip over on top of Billy as Sunny got off the apron. The referee saw Zip on top of Billy and counted the one, two, three! Afterwards Sunny and The Bodydonnas headed to the back victorious as Sunny claimed that The Bodydonnas are the rightful number one contenders!

77, 67, 88 ***1\4

McMahon and Ross couldn't believe that Sunny got involved in this match up! Jim Ross said that The Bodydonnas have beaten the Gunns and they could be next in line for a Tag Team Championship match. Jim Ross then told us that Dok Hendrix is standing by with Undertaker and Paul Bearer!

Undertaker is ready for Mabel and for Bret Hart

We're taken to the backstage interview area where Dok Hendrix is shown standing by with Paul Bearer and Undertaker.

Dok Hendrix- Undertaker tonight you prepare to get inside the ring with Mabel. The man who beat you at last year's King Of The Ring event. But at the last In Your House you got payback by defeating the big man in a casket match. You recovered the remnants of the urn as well. What are your thoughts on this big match up with the five hundred pound Mabel?

Paul Bearer- Oh yes.... Oh yes... Tonight's the night Dok Hendrix. The night where my Undertaker will take and destroy Mabel out once for all! Oh yes.... Mabel Undertaker has already taken Mo's soul and destroyed it and you're next! We got the remnants of the urn back and Mabel tonight you will come face to face with Undertaker!

Dok Hendrix- Undertaker at the Royal Rumble you will go face to face with Bret Hart for the World Wrestling Federation Championship. Last time you got a shot at the title it was in 1991 and on January 21st you meet Bret Hart. At the Royal Rumble will you become the new World Wrestling Federation Champion?

Paul Bearer- Bret Hart we heard your comments earlier tonight and we heard how you think you're going to destroy the creatures of the night at the Royal Rumble but Bret Hart you won't be winning. There's no way you're going to be able to beat my Undertaker. He's been waiting for this opportunity for years Bret Hart.... Oh yes he has..... Bret Hart at the Royal Rumble you'll soul will go to the dark side when Undertaker defeats you to become the new World Wrestling Federation Champion!

Undertaker- Bret Hart at the Royal Rumble all the creatures of the night will get their reward when I walk out as the new World Wrestling Federation Champion. Bret Hart enjoy your days as champion because at the Royal Rumble you will rest in piece!

Dok Hendrix- Fans don't go anywhere! Because when Monday Night Raw returns we'll see Undertaker go one on one with the five hundred pound Mabel! You don't wanna miss it!


Paul Bearer gained overness from this segment.


Undertaker with Paul Bearer Vs. Mabel

Mabel didn't wait for the bell to ring on this one as he jumped Undertaker from the get go! Mabel pounded away on Undertaker in the corner but Undertaker didn't even any pain! Undertaker quickly nailed Mabel with right hands to the face! Undertaker send Mabel to the opposite corner and avalanched Mabel! Undertaker then clotheslined Mabel sending the King Of The Ring out to the floor. Undertaker went to the outside after Mabel but ended up getting sent to the steel steps! Mabel then grabbed Undertaker and rammed Undertaker back first across the steel ring post three times! Mabel rolled Undertaker back into the ring and worked over Undertaker's back locking the creature of the night into a bearhug! Undertaker though fought out of it but when he tried a clothesline it was ducked and Mabel took Undertaker down with a sidewalk slam! Mabel stomped away on Undertaker's damaged face and tried to tug on the mask as the crowd started a "rest in piece" chant. Mabel then send Undertaker to the corner and avalanched Undertaker twice! Mabel followed up with a huge powerslam for a 2 count. Mabel then slammed Undertaker in the center of the ring and bounced off the ropes with a Big Splash but Undertaker kicked out at 2! Mabel continued his assault on Undertaker as the match went on with King Mabel working over Undertaker's back. Mabel delivered another big slam and headed up to the second turnbuckle. Mabel went for a Big Splash but Undertaker rolled out of the way! Undertaker then sat up! Undertaker nailed Mabel with big right hands and followed up with the walk on the ropes as Paul Bearer looked on. Undertaker hit Mabel with a big boot and followed up with a flying clothesline putting down Mabel! Undertaker called for the Choke Slam! Mabel slowly got up to his feet and Undertaker grabbed Mabel by the throat and Choke Slammed Mabel! Undertaker hooked the legs for the 1,2,3! Afterwards the crowd went wild as Paul Bearer came into the ring with the remnants of the urn. The lights went out as Undertaker posed celebrating his big win. Monday Night Raw went off the air with Undertaker celebrating his victory as Bret Hart watched from a monitor in the back.

79, 85, 68 **

Overall Rating- 79

TV Rating- 6.50


WCW Monday Nitro

TV Rating- 6.41

Attendance- 7,022

Ticket Sales- $280,880

Sophie Says "Our ratings battle with Monday Nitro is so close that neither show is gaining a clear advantage!"

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Guest Paradise

I got 4 out 5 right. Good show. I enjoyed the crush character, the little that I saw of him, So I'm pushing for him to win the rumble. Won't happen but it would be cool if he did.

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New member of Camp Cornette debuting at the Rumble...sounds familiar...;)

James E. Cornette- Jim Ross don't try to cause dissension among us! As far as the Royal Rumble goes I don't care who wins! As long as their in Camp Cornette! I doesn't matter if Owen Hart wins it. It doesn't matter if British Bulldog wins. It doesn't matter if Yokozuna wins it! As long as it's a member of Camp Cornette then I'm happy! But Jim Ross I want to manage the World Wrestling Federation Champion. No not that sorry punk Bret Hart. In case one of my men loses the Royal Rumble match I got someone else coming in. Next week everyone will see my monster debut! A new Camp Cornette member and he will be in the Royal Rumble! I already talked it over with President Monsoon!

Not the Rumble... Next week ;)

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WWF Monday Night Raw arena notes

Hi this is Kevin and I attended Monday Night Raw live from Buffalo, New York. We started the evening off with Vince McMahon and Jim Ross coming down to the ring to a great ovation from the fans. They took their place at the announce table as the dark matches began.

Dark Matches

1. Isaac Yankem DDS defeated Aldo Montoya at 4:21. DDS squashed Montoya with the Portuguese Man O'War barely getting any offense in. Yankem finished Montoya off with the DDS for the three count.

2. Godwinns with Hillybilly Jim defeated The Goon and Brooklyn Brawler at 6:24. Decent back and fourth action with Phineous getting the beating most of the match. Phineous eventually made the tag to Henry who came into the ring and cleaned house. Henry hit the Slop Drop to The Goon for the win.

3. Bob Holly defeated Shinobi The Ninja at 7:35. A good match with Shinobi controlling most of it. Holly won after delivering a drop kick as Shinobi came off the top turnbuckle.

4. Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Duke "The Dumpster" Droese at 5:54. Droese dominated Helmsley with Helmsley barely getting any offense in. Helmsley won the match after hitting Droese with a trash can lid over the head scoring the three count. Afterwards Droese attacked Helmsley delivering the Trash Compactor. Droese then threw his garbage can on top of Helmsley.

Then the show began which was a great episode of Monday Night Raw. After the cameras went off the air Undertaker and Paul Bearer posed in the ring. Undertaker did the "I want the title" pose and then they headed to the back. Howard Finkel came into the ring and told the crowd that there were three more matches coming up!

Dark Matches after the show went off the air.

1. Razor Ramon defeated Tatanka at 7:22 with Razor's Edge. Razor was madly over tonight with the crowd and there were alot of "Razor" chants. The ending comes when 1-2-3 Kid runs down from the back while Ted DiBiase distracted the referee.... Kid went for a spinning heel kick to Razor but he ducked it and Kid took out Tatanka! Razor then threw Kid to the outside and finished Tatanka off with Razor's Edge.

2. Jake Roberts defeated Jerry Lawler with the DDT at 2:11. Short match with Jake quickly nailing the DDT to Lawler. Afterwards Jake opened the bag up and put the snake on top of Lawler!

3. Bret Hart, Ahmed Johnson and Fatu defeated Owen Hart, British Bulldog and Yokozuna when Bret Hart made Owen Hart submit to the Sharpshooter at 12:42. A good six men tag match with the crowd behind the face team. Fatu was the face in peril until he made the hot tag to Johnson who cleaned house! Johnson even slammed Yokozuna! Bret Hart won the match for his team after ducking Owen's enziguri kick and locking him into the Sharpshooter for the submission win.

Bret Hart, Johnson and Fatu posed as Camp Cornette headed to the back. Johnson, Fatu and Hart posed for a bit before heading to the back putting an end the show. Great show by the World Wrestling Federation tonight.

Top 5 Pops

1. Razor Ramon

2. Bret Hart

3. Undertaker

4. Ahmed Johnson

5. Jake Roberts

Top 5 Heat

1. Camp Cornette

2. 1-2-3 Kid

3. Mabel

4. Jeff Jarrett

5. Jerry Lawler

user posted image

Snapshot of the night

News for January 7th, 1996

Rena Mero known as Sable has admitted that she was a cocaine habit. She checked into rehab during the weekend and there's no word on when she'll be back for her official debut.

WCW has recently let go of some talent... The WWF has shown no interest in signing any of these names which were let go. The released talent are Steve Armstrong, Prince Iaukea, Brad Armstrong, Ace Darling, Devon Storm, Jim Powers and Al Greene.

Right now World Championship Wrestling has jumped up ahead of the World Wrestling Federation claiming it's spot as the number one promotion in the world right now. The WWF though are very close to gaining on WCW. (Their PI is 52 while mine is 51)

The WWF has sent a tape to the USA Network to try to get a third television show. There's no word if the USA Network will pick the WWF up for their third TV show.

Flash Funk, Paul Bearer, Sunny and Scott Putski have all renewed their contracts. Sunny, Funk and Bearer have signed on for two more years while Putski got a one year extension.

With the current boom in the wrestling industry you can expect both the World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling to really go head to head this year.

Crush is expected to a get a very big push when he returns to the World Wrestling Federation.

Superstars should be up by tonight :D

Edited by Baby Hewey
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I'm very much looking forward to reading the continuation of this one. RAW was a good show, as we've come to expect from a BH show, and I'll definitely be reading. I began to read WCW '97 toward the end, but never got to the end of the topic to post my thoughts - it was great, but this could be even better. Keep it up... and make sure you gain on WCW!


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user posted image

Date: January 7th, 1996

Location: Syracuse, New York

Arena: Carrier Dome

Attendance: 7,006

Ticket Sales: $280,240

Announcers: Michael Cole and Kevin Kelly

Superstars opens up with a brand new video package. We're taken inside the arena where Michael Cole and Kevin Kelly are standing by. Cole and Kelly hype up today's special main event of British Bulldog and Owen Hart taking on Godwinns! They then take us to ringside for some WWF action!

Bob Holly Vs. The Goon

The Goon tried to use his hockey stick but the referee took it away from him in the beginning of the match up. Goon controlled most of the match after sending Holly face first to the steel ring post out on the floor! The Goon then slammed Holly on the protected padding on the outside! Goon rolled Holly back inside the ring and pounded away on Holly's back. Goon eventually hit a clothesline to Holly and tossed Holly back out to the floor where he nailed the Cross Check driving Holly into the steel steps! Goon went back into the ring and waited as the referee started to count out Bob Holly... But somehow Holly got up to his feet at 7! Holly rolled back inside the ring and blocked The Goon's right hands nailing The Goon with chops and right hands. Holly back dropped Goon and followed up with three clotheslines one after the other! Holly lifted The Goon up and finished him off with a maneuver called the Racer Slam for to pick up the win! Afterwards Bob Holly celebrated his win with a big smile on his face.

57, 48, 67 3/4

Cole and Kelly called this Bob Holly's biggest win ever in the World Wrestling Federation. Kevin Kelly mentioned that Goldust is standing by right now!

Goldust promises a win at the Royal Rumble

We're taken backstage to the locker room of Goldust where we see Goldust standing by wearing his wrestling attire sitting in a directors chair.

Goldust- Razor Ramon... "The Bad Guy" or "The Naughty One" as I like to call him. Razor Ramon you seem to be rejecting me. I know you want it as much as I do. But you don't want to give into it. Razor just say yes... Say yes to the golden one. Razor Ramon at the Royal Rumble when we get inside the ring you will realize that your place is with me.... Razor Ramon two men will battle for the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship and there can only be one winner. Razor that winner be me. I will not only get the title but I'll also get you my pet.... Razor after the Royal Rumble you will never forget the name of Goldust.....

Superstars goes to a commercial break with a shot of Goldust....



Duke "The Dumpster" Droese Vs. Shinobi The Ninja

Shinobi did some ninja poses before the match while Duke put his trash can on the outside of the ring. Shinobi controlled the match using karate kicks and karate chops in the corner to Droese. Shinobi worked over Droese's lower back and almost won the match after hitting a big slingshot back suplex but Droese was able to kick out at 2. Shinobi ended up drilling Droese with a super kick and headed up top. Shinobi went for it all but missed a huge moonsault! This allowed Droese to make a big come back and take Shinobi down with several right hands and clotheslines! Duke sent Shinobi off the ropes and caught him with the Trash Compactor for the one, two, three! After the match ended, Droese went to the outside and got the trash can! Droese came into the ring with the trash can and hit Shinobi over the head with it to cheers from the fans! Droese then stood over Shinobi victorious to cheers from the fans.

66, 57, 75 *3/4

Duke Droese debuted his new gimmick (blue collar), it got a positive response.

Isaac Yankem doesn't like the Portuguese Man O'War

Right after Droese celebrates we're taken to the back where we see Todd Pettengill standing by with Isaac Yankem DDS in the interview area backstage.

Todd Pettengill- Isaac Yankem DDS you made your debut last year here in the World Wrestling Federation and today you take on Aldo Montoya in singles action. Isaac last year you stepped into the ring with the top talent in the WWF like Bret "The Hitman" Hart and many others. What are your thoughts on today's match with Aldo Montoya?

Isaac Yankem DDS- If you thought Isaac Yankem DDS was something last year then you haven't seen anything yet. Today I begin the new year by cleaning out that dirty mouth on Aldo Montoya! Montoya when was the last time you had a check in? Today Isaac Yankem DDS will take care of those dirty teeth of your's once and for all!

Todd Pettengill- The Royal Rumble is coming up and your name has been entered into the Royal Rumble match. What do you think about being in the Royal Rumble match?

Isaac Yankem DDS- I will be the one who'll win the Royal Rumble! There's twenty nine other men in there who will all be a bunch of losers! It's my generation here in the World Wrestling Federation and it'll start at the Royal Rumble!

Todd Pettengill- Fans stay tuned because you won't want to miss the huge match coming up next! This man right here Isaac Yankem DDS takes on Aldo Montoya!


Isaac Yankem DDS gained overness from this segment.


Aldo Montoya Vs. Isaac Yankem DDS

This one was a evenly fought match. Montoya used his speed over the big man not allowing Yankem to know him down. Montoya got a near fall with a cross body but Yankem easily kicked out. Yankem then drilled Montoya in the face with a big boot! Yankem then pounded away on the Portuguese Man O'War in the corner. Yankem stomped a mud hole on Montoya in the corner being as aggressive as ever! Yankem hit a big suplex and followed up with a legdrop right off the second turnbuckle but Montoya was able to kick out! Yankem lifted Montoya up near the end of the match and had him set up for the DDS. But Montoya sent Yankem off the ropes and hit a drop kick to Yankem! Montoya then hit three more drop kicks and followed up with a tornado DDT for a very close near fall! Montoya lifted Yankem up and attempted a suplex but Yankem nailed Montoya in the back! Yankem then hit the DDS! Yankem hooked the legs for the academic three count! Afterwards Isaac Yankem DDS posed on the turnbuckle as the fans booed.

68, 58, 78 **

British Bulldog and Owen Hart are ready for Godwinns

We're taken to the interview area backstage where Jim Ross is standing by with the tag team of Owen Hart and British Bulldog.

Jim Ross- Owen Hart and Bulldog today you two men take on the tag team of Godwinns. Henry and Phineous Godwinn. And we are on our way to the Royal Rumble match. Where both of you are entered and it could go down to either you or Bulldog.

Owen Hart- Hold it right there Jim Ross! Don't try and stir things up between my brother in law and I! If it does come down to us in the Royal Rumble match then we'll go at it to see who's the better man simple as that!

Jim Ross- All right well what are your thoughts on today's match with Godwinns?

Owen Hart- Godwinns today you two step into the ring with the best tag team the World Wrestling Federation has to offer! Bulldog and myself are unbeatable in singles competition and we're unbeatable as a tag team! You two are going to get beat up so badly today that you won't even remember you were in the ring with us!

British Bulldog- Godwinns you two boys might be tough out there on the farm but the fact of the matter is that no one is tougher than myself and Owen Hart! This is the best tag team in the history of the WWF! Godwinns you two stand no chance today! Me and Owen Hart are going to beat both of you one way or another!

Jim Ross- Owen Hart what are your comments on Shawn Michaels' return? He's returning at the Royal Rumble and you know he's got to be thinking of revenge against you.

Owen Hart- Jim Ross you think I'm worrying about Shawn Michaels? If Shawn Michaels come anywhere near me at the Royal Rumble I'll knock him out just like I did in November and that's a fact!

Jim Ross- Whatever you say Owen... Fans stay tuned because up next we got tag team action!



Godwinns with Hillybilly Jim Vs. Owen Hart and British Bulldog

James E. Cornette wasn't at ringside for this one with Cole and Kelly saying Cornette was with his new Camp Cornette member getting ready for tomorrow's Monday Night Raw. Godwinns started off hot with all four men brawling in the ring. Godwinns quickly sent both Owen and Bulldog out to the floor and then taunted the brothers in law. Bulldog got back into the ring and squared off with Henry. Henry got the best of Davey Boy Smith and beat down Bulldog in the corner. Henry went for the irish whip but it was countered by Bulldog which allowed Owen Hart to get a cheap shot in on Henry from behind which also allowed Bulldog to run right over Henry with a clothesline! Bulldog and Owen Hart isolated Henry for several minutes keeping him away from his cousin Phineous who tried to rally the crowd behind Henry. Owen Hart hit Henry with a spinning heel kick and went for the Sharpshooter but Phineous quickly broke it up. Owen though made the tag to Bulldog who nailed a stalling vertical suplex to Henry! Late into the match Owen and Bulldog tried a double clothesline to Henry but he ducked and took them out with a pair of double clotheslines! Henry then made the hot tag to Phineous! Phineous entered the ring cleaning house knocking down Bulldog and then Owen Hart with right hands and clotheslines. Godwinns regained control of the match and Henry wound up on the floor with Owen while Bulldog battled Phineous in the ring. Outside the ring we saw Owen Hart send Henry to the steel ring post face first! Phineous then had Bulldog set up for the Slop Drop but Owen Hart came into the ring and nailed Phineous from behind! Owen Hart drilled Phineous in the back of the head with the enziguri kick knocking him out! Owen rolled Bulldog on top of Phineous and the referee counted the three count! Afterwards Owen Hart and British Bulldog celebrated their win as the crowd booed.

82, 79, 86 ***1\2

Video for Undertaker Vs. Bret Hart

A video is shown hyping up the big Bret Hart versus Undertaker title match at the Royal Rumble. It shows footage of both men doing their signature maneuvers to different opponents. The video ends with a shot of Undertaker and Bret Hart with the World Wrestling Federation Championship in the middle. Superstars goes off the air with a shot of Undertaker and Bret Hart... Who will win at the Royal Rumble?


Overall Rating- 77

TV Rating- 2.79


WCW Saturday Night

TV Rating- 2.93

Attendance- 7,032

Ticket Sales- $281,280


TV Rating- 2.97

Attendance- 7,031

Ticket Sales- $281,240

Sophie says "Our ratings battle with Worldwide is so close that neither show is gaining a clear advantage!" and "Here is my weekly report on our battle with WCW. We are seen as having better workers, and this is causing fans to choose us over them. The fans see us as being the more professional promotion, thanks to our higher production values."

Vader says "How about booking me against Sycho Sid? I'm sure we could do some pretty entertaining stuff that the fans would like."

The Goon says "I think i should be higher up the card."

Bob Holly says "The Goon and me don't have much chemistry in the ring. How about putting me in a program with a worker like Shinobi The Ninja? I think our styles would really work well together."

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I'm glad that you have finally began to write a diary for WWF. I didn't like WCW 1997 as much as WWF 1995 and now I'm excited to see how good this one will be. RAW was great and Superstars was average. I think that Royal Rumble is gonna be very exciting. I smell Bret Hart retaining his title and I think that at the latest at Wrestlemania we're gonna see Shawn Michaels versus Owen Hart. I can't wait WM XII and can't wait Rumble either! This is good stuff!

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