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Who do you have the most music by on your playlist

Guest Angry Baboon

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Guest Angry Baboon

1: Radiohead- 316 songs

2: Björk- 191 songs

3: Pixies- 122 songs

4: Tom Waits 112 songs (Kou only introduced me to him about 2 weeks ago too :blink: )

5: Flaming Lips 90 songs

6: Syd Barrett 91 songs

7: Talking Heads 79 songs

8: Velvet Underground 64 songs

9: Neutral Milk Hotel 49 songs

10: Sigur Ros 39 songs


I never realised how much music I had.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Well most songs I have on my computer are from REM, not sure how much, here's my top 3

1. REM: about 70 songs

2. Racoon: about 40 songs

3. Beach Boys: about 20 songs

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Due to DJing a lot, most of my music is burnt onto CD, i've only got about 200+ songs or so on my comps, here's my top 10 anyways:

1. Pedro The Lion - 14 songs

2. Otep - 12 songs

3. Mellowdrone - 12 songs

4. Modest Mouse - 11 songs

5. onelinedrawing - 8 songs

6. The Dust Brothers - 7 songs

7. Jaime Cullum - 7 songs

8. Soundgarden - 6 songs

9. Bleeding Through - 6 songs

10. Less Than Jake - 6 songs

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At the Drive-in : 27 Songs

Capdown : 19 Songs

The Vibrators : 14 Songs

The Smiths : 13 Songs

Pixies : 12 Songs

Gang of Four : 12 Songs

Sonic Youth : 11 Songs

Agent Orange : 10 Songs

Bad Brains : 9 Songs

Johnny Thunders : 9 Songs

I don't download that much music, and also prefer to get loads of bands, and then maybe get more of the bands I really like. I also clear out / make new playlists regularly, so this list doesn't really give that good an idea of what I listen to. A lot of my favourite bands don't even make this list. Plus, this was very half-assed, because I didn't count up all the bands.

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The Ramones: 17.5 songs (one is a live collaboration)

Metallica: 15 songs

Rancid: 12.5 songs (see Ramones)

Red Hot Chili Peppers: 11 songs

The Clash: 10 songs

AC/DC: 9 songs

Green Day: 8 songs

AFI: 7 songs

Alkaline Trio: 7 songs

Blink 182: 6 songs

Not that huge a downloader. These aren't all the ones I like, either, I just download whatever I want/remember to.

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I used to have a shite load of beatles but cut most of the songs i dont play by them, i have a big variety but ill give you the top five


4)Beastie boys-10(one is a video of another song by them)

3)The Clash-11

2)Beatles-11 and a hald(ones a collaboration with jimi hendrix)

1)Led Zepllen-13(all of wich i listen to daily)

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1. Bright Eyes and Pearl Jam tie

2. Nin

3. OLP

4. King Missle

5. Wu Tang Clan---> pretty much the only rap group I can listen to, other than J5 and the Beasties.

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