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The Village

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I argued up and down with my cousin that the movie would be weird. he was telling how it was gonna be about a monster. I didn' go to see it but he did and said it wasn't that good

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I really enjoyed the movie. It wasn't the best one, but it was better than Signs.

The twist wasn't what I expected from MNS, but I enjoyed it far more than I would have enjoyed a real monster.

I also liked the twist of our protagonist characters in teh middle of the movie, as Joaquin took a backseat for the second half. That was a fresh movie twist.

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i'm sorry, but i hated this movie. for the first time i was dissapointed by Shamalan. 6th sence-killer, unbreakable-kick ass, signs-fuckin sweet, the village-sucked ass.

The plot sucked, and the story never realy picked up. He didnt tie up all the ends, leaving you guessing how a lot of stuff happened.

All-in-all not a very good movie.

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(Testicle numba 2 @ 4th Aug 2004, 7:55pm)

Magic Rocks? Give me a fucking break. Horrible movie, IMO.


You do realize that they weren't magic, don't you?

They weren't?!?!


Yeah, I realized that they weren't magic rocks but it was one of the parts I found unintentionally funny.

FIXED: Quote thing

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Why? The other 2 didn't know it was a farce so Ivy needed some way to convince them to join her.

I would have perfered a real monster too, as this was touted as a horror movie, instead its social commentary on the culture of fear our goverment uses to control us.

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Why?  The other 2 didn't know it was a farce so Ivy needed some way to convince them to join her.

I would have perfered a real monster too, as this was touted as a horror movie, instead its social commentary on the culture of fear our goverment uses to control us.

I wouldn't have preferred a monster. It would have just gotten really corny and ruined the movie if it turned out to be real.

In fact, let me compare this to Event Horizon... EH was a great Science Fiction/Thriller...until the end, when Paul Anderson decided to turn it into a slasher film...which completely ruined what could have potentially been the most genuinely frightening space movie I'd ever seen...at least, up til that point.

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Whether it was scary across the whole time or not, there had to be at least 1 point that made you jump. Shamalyain (Hell I don't know how to spell it) is good at letting the audience almost scare themselves I think, he builds up the moment..then has silence..then BOOM!

Anyways I think I jumped the most when Ivy fell into the trap, you didn't know what was going to happen. That or when Noah was in the suit and was standing still in a staredown and all of a sudden started sprinting (It wasn't obvious that it was Noah at the time. Not to mention Noah doesn't move like that, lol. I probably would have jumped more during the part when one of the watcher dudes is in the tower and opens the door looking down and sees one of the "monsters" moving before he rings the bell if it wasn't in the preview. Another part I thought was good but didn't make me jump was when you saw Shamalyain(SP)'s face in the window when the other guy was getting medicine. Kind of reminds you in signs when you see the Alien on the reflection of the knife in the pantry.

Also the main reason I think that will be for people not liking it is mis-leading advertising, it builds it up as somewhat of a monster movie and that was what I came in expecting. If I hadn't seen any previews for it, I would have probably liked it a lot more.

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After liking the Sixth Sense, hating Unbreakble, hating Signs, I had somewhat mixed emotions about going to see the Village.

Needless to say, the Village was nowhere near a great movie, but it did something to keep me interested.

The acting was above par with what they were given. William Hurt was incredible, and I don't think he has ever made a bad movie. Joaquin Phoenix won me over, trying to play the martyr, and it was only fitting that he gets taken out half-way through the movie (Genius plot-device). Adrien Brody was fabulous with what he was given, and Bryce Dallas Howard was great as well.

Unfortunately, the dialogue was very hokey at times, and seemed to dredge on too many times. How many times do we need to know that red is the bad color, or how many times do we have to know that Judy Greer's character has fallen in love. M. Night is known for his use of symbolic colors and this movie was no exception, but it was overdone. I thought we were in Color War.

As for the twist, it was good, but it could have delivered in so many more entertaining ways, but because M. Night needs to have some underlying message in all his movies, we are forced to suffer. We didn't need M. Night's dialogue at the end, and towards the end it just dredged on.

In conclusion, M. Night seems like he wants his movies to be a combination of David Lynch and Woody Allen movies, incredibly strange, yet having insightful messages about society or other issues, and at this he fails. This movie falls somewhere between The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable, right in the middle, with it being nowhere near as good as The Sixth Sense, and better than Unbreakable.

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I wouldn't really call it bad, but I wouldn't really call it that great a movie either. Firstly, it was definately marketed to the wrong audience. Sitting in a theatre consisting mainly of teenage girls screaming at *every* little damn thing, I think it's fair to assume that the irony and social commentary of the Village would be lost on those expecting a screamfest.

But even then, the show was mediocre. The supposeed 'twist' was poorly built up, rather than starting things off slowly and building up, it went the other way round, to the extent where it was simply more a passing remark than any actual revelation. In the end, rather than having any effect on the movie, it cheapens the first half the movie, leaving the audience cheated.

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