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Snow White and the Huntsman trailer


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Entire movie is predicated on somebody in general and goddamn Kristen Stewart in particular being hotter than Charlize Theron.

Movie is awful.

I mean, you guys know this is a movie with Kristen Stewart in it, right? I should point that out.

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I mean, you guys know this is a movie with Kristen Stewart in it, right? I should point that out.

This argument pisses me off. Sure she isn't the greatest actor in Twilight but she has done other movies and she was perfectly acceptable in those. Also, I didn't mind the Twilight movies and I really think most of the hate comes from "lol, Twilight" more than her actual ability.

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My concern isn't the twilight films. I could careless if someone's been in a dopey romantic vampire movie. Romantic Vampire Feeling movies rarely hit their mark.

My problem with this film is more that Snow White even in the trailer is more akin to a super pale chick that works at hot topic than the future fairest of them all.

I also kind of fear that they'll have Kristen Stewart attempt an english accent. I've never heard her do one and I somehow doubt her capability, but for the role which from the trailers appears to be a rather basic reluctant action heroine? I give her the benefit of the doubt on acting chops.

For me it boils down to being alot like Red Riding Hood. Namely... Why?

At the end of the day I'll watch for Eddie Izzard and Bob Hoskins. Neither has let me down.

Wary but hopeful.

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