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Not played in ages, picked up Rome again last night and remembered how shit I am at this game. Making money? No problem. Winning battles? No problem. Actually remembering to expand and perform senate missions... I forget. The main point of the game is the thing I forget. Horrible.

I usually go Julii, but they're kind of the boring faction. Has anyone else played as the Scipii and the Brutii? Which is more interesting to play as?

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I've got the original Shogun, Rome, Empire and Napoleon. All great in their own right. Moved onto Napoleon now though as it's the era of warfare I'm most interested in. Same as you though, I just itch to get into the battles and totally forget to sort out my parliament or upgrade my farms.

That's why I'm so terrible at EU3 - I just try and take over parts of France, Wales, Scotland all the time.

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I was the same with Gaul last night, they kept pushing units towards me, and I kept pushing them away and being like "brobarian, chill out, man, I just wanted this one settlement for my senate mission". Eventually I got bored and just sent a bunch of units to take out the invasion and move the fight to one of their own settlements. It was their own damn fault :angry:

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I only ever played MTW but I never thought much of it. The battles looked nice but I found them to be a bit samey and the campaign mode was far too simplistic, as well as historically and geographically inaccurate.

It's by no means a bad game - I just far prefer the paradox games if I'm after some historical grand strategy.

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