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Day Z (ARMA II mod)

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So, this has exploded recently and seems pretty fucking rad. It's like The Walking Dead, the video game. Except... not the one by Telltale--which is also rad, but that's beside the point.

Anyway, I'm in the process of downloading it now, and I'm pretty excited. Also, if you have a laptop that's relatively recent, you should be able to handle this. Game was released in 2009, and my laptop of about a year old can run ARMA II perfectly. Just check the settings for ARMA II to make sure. And you also need ARMA II: CO, not just ARMA II. Make sure, if for some reason, you're buying for this, you know that. I'm excited, personally. :)

FAIR WARNING: It is in alpha, and it's exploded recently. So expect a bit of a wait in servers. And it may be a bit wonky here and there.

Realistic "Zombies" with custom animations - These once human creatures will act and behave as if they have a heighten sense of hearing and smell but less sight, on top of that they use motion captured animations such as walking and eating from your unconscious body. If you look into any built up area you'll see them walking around waiting for their next victim which dares to venture in.

New weapons and vehicles! - Ever felt like you needed a Crossbow? Or maybe a less military like weapon? If you have then this is perfect for you as we have both of these created to high quality standards all ready for your use in this wasteland. On top of that you can even pick up the bolts fired from the Crossbow to reuse! Not only that we also have created custom vehicles which can be repaired and ridden around to show the world what you're made of!

Custom Medical System - ArmA II's magic medic feature is a thing of the past with this medical system - If you get shot, expect to bleed and to lose blood until you're bandaged up. Lost too much blood? Then expect to fall over unconscious. If you get shot in the leg then you won't be able to walk until you get morphine so you can man up. Pain is also a factor taken into consideration so without pain killers after taking an injury you'll continue to shake. This is medical at it's best!

Persistent Server - Fed up of spending so many hours working towards a goal or finding supplies and then the server crashes on you losing all your progress? Well with the DayZ server all stat's are saved to our external database so where ever you log off, whatever you have will be keep on you next time you come back in. This means you can spend however long you want doing what you want to do. As long as you don't die during the night!

Tons of new objects - We haven't just added in big things like weapons, we take pride in little details so expect to find things such as water canteens, a number of canned foods, junk and car parts (Along with more!) each of which have their own models, textures and UI imagery, once again all created to that high quality you expect in a full scale modification and we're sure you won't be disappointed with it. Nothing has been rushed.

Hunting and Survival - Eating and drinking is a core part of gameplay, you can tell if you need something by a very subtle GUI which doesn't effect the atmosphere, and if you don't fulfil those needs. You'll die. Wandering animals can killed and gutted (with the right tools) to gain access to their meat which can be eaten so you live longer but also to gain blood. For once these animals actually have a use.

Heavy Optimisation - The DayZ server has been designed to give the best play possible. Custom coding and edits have created a smooth running world which can easily have thousands of zombies spawned at once!

And Much More! - The only way to find out - is to survive!



DayZ Mod Files (Available on the downloads page)


The end where the dude sacrifices himself? Kinda heart-warming.

Anyone willing to give this a try with me?

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Unfortunately, duder, the demo might not be a good indication of Day Z at all. ARMA II is as simmy as sim can get when it comes to shooters. :(

On the other hand, though, Day Z is a lot of wandering around aimlessly, tense as shit because you could die at any moment because of ZAMBIES. Or random asshole bandits. Replace zambies with gunfire and you've got ARMA II. So maybe it is a good indication of Day Z.

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Really? Shitty beans, dude. My laptop can fuck its ass.

Check CAN YOU RUN IT to make sure. And make sure it's ARMA II, not ARMA III. I want as many people to try this as possible. God-damn.

I checked CYRI. I got my computer from a cousin of mine, and it could run ARMA II perfectly fine with the exception of my graphics card... and since I've got a slim model, I'd need to get a specific kind.

I might try and download the ARMA II demo if only to see if I can actually run it, though. Technically, my computer wasn't able to play TS3 but it still did...

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I got ARMA2+OA sitting on my computer doing feck all, but seeing this mod I think I will be downloading and trying this baby.

I just hope this mod is SixUpdater capable so that I can use that great tool to set every must-have into the right places.

If any of you ever want to squad up then hit me up, I am in the British timezones and I can play in evenings but most likely in the weekends.

EDIT: I just looked over the normal serverlist in 6Updater and holy shit there are a lot of DayZ servers. I mean 50+ with ease and a lot of them are populated to the max.

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I've been watching tons of videos on this recently, looks incredible and I'll be trying to get it soon. If we can get a bunch of people here together for a game or two that'd be awesome.

This. I would love to team up on a what less populated server and just wander along in a group. Personally I am not one for using Teamspeak or other of those conondrums, but I would be down to try it either way.

The only problem(s) I have encountered are getting an eternal server response screen in front of me and other people tell me to disconnect and reconnect whcih doesn't really help.

And also some cases of zombies clipping through walls, floors and doors when you are trying to hide and hope they mosey along, very annoying is that.

But for the rest from my one life I have done this is very fun to do, very tense when you are walking on the road in the middle of the night with only a road flare or a chemlight to illuminate for you and you see zombies creeping along and you are trying to stay quiet.

And also from that first life I have learned to be extremely careful with your shooting, because starting only with a Makarov life can get pretty shitty pretty quick if you start spraying them in a panic. and running like mad only makes the zombies start running too. So a (not-so)Pro-Tip for all you guys out there, get to a building and only try to go for headshot. Luckily bite/scratch mechanics aren't going to change you into a zombie and you can survive quite a few smashes too, just kite them and go for headshots.

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I can imagine this was good about three weeks ago and now it's going to be full of COD pricks shooting everyone and cheating.

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