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EWB Minecraft Battle Royale (The Thread!)


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So, we figured that it wasn't really right to keep filling up the Minecraft thread with posts about BR Minecraft so here's a seperate thread which should also make people more aware of it. Essentially, ADG (with help from a few other guys, namely Kirkland and Rocky I believe) has made a map based on the Battle Royale island which is all kinds of awesome. A few of us have been playing it over the past couple of nights but we'd really like it if more people played.

At a max, there can be 15 people playing. We've had 5 for Battle Royale I and 7 for Battle Royale II, both of which were won by TKz. We had a BRIII but it went all kinds of wrong, and as such TKz is still undefeated (although I did kill him <_<).

We might be playing tonight, which would be at 10PM GMT in all likelihood since that's when we've been playing. But we shall see.

If you want to play then you need to be whitelisted on the server, so just put your Minecraft name on here and maybe also a rough idea of when you'd be free during the week for a game so we have a better idea as to when exactly would be a good time to play.



BR I: TKz, TEOL, Katsuya, Kirkland & Ruki

BR II: TKz, TEOL, Katsuya, Kirkland, Ellis, Mad Jack & Rocky Feller

BR III: Katsuya, Kirkland, larziej, Lint, King Ellis & TKz

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Can we finally have Battle Royale on the moon?

Can we play an hour or two earlier tonight? I want to play but I can't at like 10. :(

Nah, there's this thing on TV. England vs Ukraine or something, probably gonna be shit but I think a lot of people will be watching it.

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I'm ready whenever. Just need to find ADG to start the server and see who else comes in.

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I've lived on top of a pub my entire life, if there's one thing I've been so overexposed to that I'm sick of it, it's football. >_>

Ah well. If we actually start spot on at 10 I might be able to. When does the football end?

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10pm GMT is what...6pm EST right?

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alright I"ll be able to join in provided I get atleast one more load of laundry done

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