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Metal Gear: News Blowout!


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Well holy crap - where do we start?

The movie is back on: http://kotaku.com/5939151/rumor-metal-gear-is-going-hollywood-again-with-a-new-movie

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros http://kotaku.com/5939164/konami-reveals-metal-gear-solid-ground-zeroes-it-looks-fxxking-hot

Metal Gear Social Game: http://kotaku.com/5939155/brand-new-metal-gear-itsuma-social-game

And there are also articles on the front page of Kotaku right now about a 800 page collectors book and umm.. tights. As well as news on the Resurgence or whatever it wants to be called. :shifty:

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Christopher Nolan could do a decent job actually. Not happy with Kojima's favourite actors in general though.

If Nolan was to direct it would offer up the possibility of Cillian Murphy as Liquid Snake in a nugget of my dream casting. :w00t:

That would be an amazing choice for Liquid. Who for Solid Snake though?

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Is Uwe Boll doing anything?

Picking fights with minors with no boxing experience?

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Dude, you said his mother smelled like elderberries, I'd have punched you too.

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That would actually work.

Sad reality is, this will probably get some hack director attached to it and end up on the pile next to Silent Hill and Resident Evil in terms of video game movie flops.

I think Hugh Jackman could pull Snake off pretty well.

Hey..Silent Hill and the first Resident Evil movies were pretty good..the other RE movies though..

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Not exactly Metal Gear news..but this is a clip from a DARPA funded project by Boston Dynamics...fuck..it moves like a GEKKO..

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