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The totally official and legit thread for choosing what film Ollie watches, y'all.


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Not Source Code. Either of the other two options is good. GA's going to come in here and shit on Synecdoche, New York at some point, but as far as spawling insane overambitious messes go, it's pretty rad.

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This is totally becoming the official thread for you guys choosing what film I watch now. I kinda wanna watch a film a day, that'd be pretty rad.

Tonight's options are Adventureland, Moneyball or The Ides of March. I haven't seen any of them but have heard wonderful things about all three. First one to post decides. GO!

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The only one of the three I've seen is Adventureland, which isn't bad at all. I have only a slight interest in Moneyball, and most definitely want to watch Ides of March.


Totally going to see a Rifftrax version of Birdemic at the theater later this month.

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