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EWB MST3k Board Watch


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We discussed in the MST3k thread, that on the next non-wrestling Sunday we would have the ingural EWB MST3k Board Watch!

The episode that was chosen: Space Mutiny.

Never heard of Space Muitiny well, it's a 1988 South African sci-fi film and here's some info from Daddy-O's Drive in Dirt on MST3k.info:

Plot: A pilot is the only hope to stop the mutiny of a spacecraft by its security crew, who plot to sell the crew of the ship into slavery.

Trivia: The special effects in this movie may look very familiar to you...they were first used in the TV series Battlestar Galactica.

The Mitchell family infests this movie. In addition to CAMERON MITCHELL, his son CHIP MITCHELL portrayed mustachioed crewmember Blake and his daughter CAMILLE MITCHELL provided the voice (but not the body) for Jennera.

Wondering how the so-called actress CISSE CAMERON got a role in this movie? So are we. But REB BROWN must have been delighted she did. They met on the set and are now married.

DAVID WINTERS has had a varied film career. He's been a choreographer (1964-Pajama Party; 1976-A Star Is Born); an actor (1956-Rock, Rock, Rock; 1961-West Side Story); a director (1976-Welcome to My Nightmare; 1987-Rage to Kill; 1989-Code Name Vengeance); and a producer (1977-Young Lady Chatterly; 1990-Future Force; 1994-Raw Justice). Winters produced, directed, wrote, and starred in 1984's The Last Horror Film.

We shall convene on my Synchtube on Sunday 4 Nov, at 10GMT or is that too early for some of our American cousins?

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I'm gonna bump it up to 10 GMT is about 5 EST. I have a two hour play list of stuff set up, tv ads, MST shorts and the actual MST episode itself.

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