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What Should I Watch?


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Alright, this is probably going to be completely uninteresting for a lot of people, but since I've come to Uni, my eyes have been opened up alot to the world of film and its history. Going through a book fo 1001 films to see before you die, and now recognising a lot more writers and directors from the past, I've compiled a pretty big list of films I need and want to see, either for enjoyment or education. As it's such a huge list, I was just wondering if anyone could recommend their favourites from my list. I'll put it in spoilers, cos it is like 5 pages long. I'd appreciate any advice.

• The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
• Nosferatu
• The Gold Rush
• Metropolis
• The Passion of Joan of Arc
• Un Chien Andalou

• Frankenstein

• The Public Enemy
• City Lights
M (Y)
• The 39 Steps
• Mr. Deeds Goes to Town
• Sabotage
The Awful Truth (Y)

• La Grande Illusion

• La Regle de Jeu

• Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

• Stagecoach

• His Girl Friday
• Rebecca

• The Lady Eve
• The Maltese Falcon
• Ossessione

• The Magnificent Ambersons

• Shadow of a Doubt
• Farewell, My Lovely
The Battle of San Pietro ^_^

• Arsenic and Old Lace

• The Woman in the Window
• Rome Open City
• Brief Encounter
• The Stranger

• The Lady from Shanghai

• Out of the Post
• The Big Sleep
• The Killers

• The Naked City
• Spellbound
• The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

• The Fallen Idol
Notorious (Y)
• The Red Shoes
The Third Man (Y)

• Kind Hearts and Coronets

• Rashomon

• Gun Crazy

• The Asphalt Jungle
• Winchester ‘73
• All About Eve
• Strangers on a Train

• Ace in the Hole

• The Man in the White Suit
• The African Queen
• The Lavender Hill Mob
• The Day the Earth Stood Still
• Forbidden Games

• The Narrow Margin
• Singin’ In The Rain
• High Noon
• The Bad and the Beautiful
• Umberto D
• Tokyo Story
• The Big Heat

• Sabrina
• Tales of Ugetsu
• On the Waterfront
• Les Diaboliques
• Rear Window
• La Strada
• The Seven Samurai
The Ladykillers ^_^
• Kiss Me Deadly
Rebel Without A Cause (Y) (Y)

• Bob le Flambeur
The Night of The Hunter (Y)

The Killing (Y) (Y)
Forbidden Planet ^_^
• The Searchers
• Invasion of The Body Snatchers
• The Seventh Seal

• Sweet Smell of Success

• Throne of Blood

• Witness for the Prosecution
• Wild Strawberries
• Nights of Cabiria
• Paths of Glory

• Ashes and Diamonds
Touch of Evil (Y)
• The Defiant Ones
The 400 Blows (Y)
• Anatomy of a Murder
Eyes Without A Face (Y) (Y)
• Shadows

• The Hole

• Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

• Shoot The Pianist
• La Dolce Vita
• The Adventure
Psycho (Y)
Peeping Tom (Y)

• One, Two, Three

• Cape Fear

• A Taste of Honey
• The Seven Year Itch
• Yojimbo

• High and Low
• The Hustler
• Through a Glass Darkly
• Jules & Jim

• The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
• Cleo from 5 to 7
• The Eclipse
• Vivre Sa Vie
• 8 ½

• Charade
• Doctor Zhivago
• The War Game
• The Battle of Algiers
• Alphaville
Repulsion ^_^
• Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

• The Spy Who Came In From The Cold
• The Man Who Had His Hair Cut Short
• The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
• Sedmikrásky
• Come Drink With Me
• Seconds
• Cul-De-Sac
• In The Heat of the Night
• Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
• Persona
• The Graduate

Le Samourai (Y) (Y)
• The Godson
• Bonnie and Clyde

• Cool Hand Luke

• Playtime

• Guess Who's Coming For Dinner

• In The Heat of the Night
• The Red and The White
• The Fireman’s Ball
• Closely Observed Trains
Rosemary’s Baby (Y) (Y)
If… ^_^

• Once Upon A Time in the West

• The Odd Couple
• The Producers
• Targets
• Midnight Cowboy

• Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid
• Z
• The Conformist
• Easy Rider
• Le Boucher
• Kes

• This Man Must Die

• Deep End
• The Ear
• The Bird With The Crystal Plumage
• Klute
• Harold and Maude
• Murmur of the Heart
• The Last Picture Show
• The Heartbreak Kid
• Last Tango in Paris
• Sleuth
• Solaris
• Mean Streets

• Amarcord

• The Spirit of the Beehive
• The Long Goodbye
Day For Night (Y) (Y)
• Don’t Look Now
• Sleeper
• Turkish Delight
• The Spirit of the Beehive
• Fantastic Planet
• The Conversation
• The Mirror
• Young Frankenstein
• Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia
• Dog Day Afternoon
• Picnic at Hanging Rock
• Nashville

• Barry Lyndon
• Cria
• Carrie
• The Ascent
• The Man Who Fell To Earth
Eraserhead (Y) (Y)

• The Deer Hunter
• Suspiria
• Five Deadly Venoms
• Days of Heaven
• Real Life
• Stalker
• The Tin Drum
• Being There

• The Last Metro

• Kagemusha
• The Shining
• The Elephant Man
Raging Bull (Y) (Y)
• An American Werewolf In London
• Tootsie
• Videodrome
• The Big Chill
• The Last Battle
• The Fourth Man
The King of Comedy (Y) (Y)

• Scarface
• Paris, Texas

• Blood Simple
• This Is Spinal Tap
• Stranger Than Paradise
• The Official Story
The Purple Rose of Cairo (Y) (Y)
Brazil :mellow:

• Come and See
• Kiss of the Spider Woman
• Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters
• Manhunter
• Stand by Me
• Hannah and Her Sisters
• The Decline of the American Empire
• The Fly
• Down by Law
• Platoon
• Peking Opera Blues
• Sherman’s March
• Wings of Desire
Withnail And I ^_^
• Goodbye, Children
• The Princess Bride
• A Chinese Ghost Story
• Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
• The Vanishing
• Ariel
The Thin Blue Line (Y)
• Akira
• Cinema Paradiso
• Grave of the Fireflies
• The Decalogue
• Drowning by Numbers
• Neco z Alenky
• Crimes and Misdemeanors
• My Left Foot
• Do The Right Thing

• Dead Poets Society
Sex, Lies and Videotape (Y) (Y)

• Trust
• Raise of the Red Lantern
• Delicatessen
• Naked Lunch
Silence of the Lambs (Y) (Y)
• Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse
• The Player
Man Bites Dog (Y)

• Unforgiven

Groundhog Day (Y)

• Naked

• The Hudsucker Proxy
• The Player
• The Wedding Banquet
• Crumb
• Heavenly Creatures
• Casino
• Heat
• Smoke
• Breaking The Waves
• Secrets & Lies
• Lone Star

• Taste of Cherry
• The Sweet Hereafter
• Funny Games

• The Eel
• Taste of Cherry
• Buffalo 66
Run Lola Run ^_^

• Dark City

• Festen
• Audition

• Straight Story
• All About My Mother

• One Day in September

• A One and a Two

• Traffic

• Dark Days
• Dancer in the Dark

• Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

• Dogtown and Z Boys
• Spirited Away

• Bowling for Columbine

• Dogville

Capturing the Friedmans (Y)

• The Fog of War

•The Corporation
• No Man’s Land
• Goodbye Lenin!

• The Sea Inside

• The Motorcycle Diaries
• Downfall
• Paradise Now
• The Lives of Others
• The White Ribbon

• Half Nelson

• Into The Wild

• Hunger

• Happy Go Lucky

• The Secret in Their Eyes

• An Education
• Fish Tank

• Take Shelter

• In A Better World

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I've broken it up into decades now, so it's a bit easier to navigate.

Yeah, I've only watched like one Hitchock film which is really bad of me. I think that's why there's so many of them on there, just because I know I need to watch them. Some quite obvious films on that list that I haven't seen, and there's a few like Citizen Kane, Goodfellas and a few others that I've left off because I have them on DVD and I'll probably watch them at Christmas. For now I'm trying to make use of the library and just expand my knowledge as much as I can.

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If you're looking for a good example of a fun/adverture type film one day, there aren't many films as charming as The Princess Bride and a lot of writers and directors could learn a lot from it. I only watched it a couple of years ago myself after seeing EWB's love for it, and it's awesome. And it has Andre!

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I'll throw in Dog Day Afternoon from the 70s (my favorite Al Pacino flick, and John Cazale puts in a great performance as well, shame he died just as he was breaking out, see the Deer Hunter for another of his great films) and Raging Bull (an easy classic, Deniro does a great job as Jake Lamotta, and it's impressive the changes he had to make to his body to be in "ring shape").

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How have you been doing film so long and yet haven't had Platoon and Apocalypse Now shown to you 50,000 times? Myself and everyone I've ever met that's done film has studied every scene of those a ridiculous amount.

Especially here, I think they've assumed we've watched both of those films. I know I should have, but I'm just no that into war films, and finding a spare 3 hours to watch AN is easier said than done. Also got The Thin Red Line to watch as far as long war films go.

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