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THQ Humble Indy Bundle o.O

RoHitman Reigns

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Not that it makes much of a difference to most paying customers, but this isn't being marketed as an "indie bundle" in the same way that its predecessors have. Then again, Psychonauts was part of the last major Humble Indie Bundle despite not being an indie game, so it's becoming more of a matter of semantics than anything else.

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Who knows what the future holds. True next gen consoles will have to comped with this stuff. (excluding Wii U because it seems like nintendo just caught up to the last generation of consoles in terms of hardware and online functionality)

PCs getting outdated less speedy than back in the day, cheap games all over the place - lot´s of great indy stuff that is cheaper from the get go, even cheaper prices on tablets and phones that get more powerfull fast. Ouya and Onlive still trying to break into the marked. Steam BigPicture mode bringing a console experience to PC gameing. Whos going to spend 600-900$ on a PS4/xBox right now? (exept for someone that desperatly needs the very first exclusive titles right now)

Don´t know to much about whats going on on xBox. But PS+ is kind of a step in this direction. The latest Uncharted Vita game for "free" you say?

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I´ed be surprised if they even spend more than a cent on each physical media send out. We can get DVD-Rs dirty cheap already and they get theirs pressed, boxed and printed by the hundred thousands. - The only thing that is "expensive" in physical media is that the user can trade it in, sell it, borrow it. Thats why they started being kind enough to include multiplayer codes.

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Whatever they pay for the physical disc and packaging, it'd still be cheaper to sell it as a download instead, and I hadn't even thought of it cutting into the used game market but the game companies would probably see that as a positive too.

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