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Fantasy Fiction: EWB-Style


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Alright. Well here goes.

I never write these days, and I'm likely quite terrible either way - but I've been very interested in the Fantasy Fiction podcast linked to here:


And in doing so I've found myself wanting to write and share whacky, satirical and tropey stories but don't really know anyone to do that with. But I figured hey - why don't WE do it here? Some of you people like to write, yeah? Nothing is hammered out right now, the only things that I am sure of would be:

- Short stories

- Non serious

- Generally in a fantasy setting, but we can theme out and do others as well weekly

But HOW we go about it can certainly be up for debate. There's a lot of interesting "random storyline generators" out there such as the one at Seventh Sanctum. Or we could all be given the same general prompts and go wild from there, or pair up and give each other a mixture as well. Not sure if this will be successful, last or even get started but.. sounds like it could be fun here and there. We could set a week limit and then move onto another set of prompts on the next week. So whatcha think?

EDIT: I suppose this could go into The Cube and the topic for the actual stories likely will, however I was hoping to get people (like me) who rarely if ever go into the Cube involved.

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used to love writing, but I haven't done any in years...I'll give it a shot

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I've got more interested in writing a novel this past year, so some opportunity to write would be useful.

However, I'm still working for the next 12 weeks, so with planning and marking, my time is valuable. I can't guarantee completing something each week.

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I'm hoping to get this to the point where people can write whatever weeks they feel like, so there shouldn't be any bitching or complaining if people decide that they would rather not this week, etc.

So if you're on the fence about it - hopefully that helps. It's also less about how WELL you write and just about getting you writing.

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I used to love writing, but I've found the biggest problem I've had in recent years is I know how I want the middle of the story to go, but have no idea how to start or end it..

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The best part about the podcast is - they essentially just end the stories whenever they want or toss out whatever bullshit they want. :P

But yes. That's enough of sign-ups for now, people can essentially join at any time. What would people prefer? Random prompts from a generator? A weekly theme?

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