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Wrestling/Booking Revolution


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They're a lot of fun for what they're worth. I dug the interaction you could have with weapons & all the match types. But this was also in an era where wrestling games on consoles were very very limited. Are his games still over priced tho?

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actually he made them all free for a reason that only makes sense in his mind.

but yeah, they were okay for doing wacky cartoonish deathmatches, but not much else.

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Okay - the new game that's out on Steam, I've already posted about it but my god.

I'm doing a career as Cesaro and as a champion in Strong Style Wrestling I got put into a cage shoot fight with Ken Shamrock.

I beat him, he said that the ending was bullshit and I should restart it. I did.
I beat him, the referee said that he didn't feel right about the ending so he restarted it even though Dan Severn ran in.
I beat him, the referee said the owner wanted the match resterted.
I lost him when I "tapped out" to an armbar with 1/5 health.

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I worked the rest of the year with the company, keeping the title the whole time but in January they cancelled a PPV and a TV taping right afterwards and then I got offered a contract with the WWE-like company, All American Wrestling. On my first night I beat Miz for the United States title and then Stephanie proceeded to ask me to be a referee for a single match for 2.5 times my nightly salary. That match?

Paul Bearer vs. John Cena

I made sure Bearer won.

This is the best 10 dollars I've ever spent.

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I absolutely loved it. Got booked in a mad death match as my own character in career vs John Cena. One thing let to another and something exploded so my leg got blown off. I obviously won the match, and went on as a one legged wrestler. They then renamed me "God's Son" so I guess I was religious as well? Excellent game.

EDIT: I also took a bad batch of steroids. Put that in WWE 2K18!

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MDickie is... interesting. It's clear that the game is his and his alone because at some point he said "instead of making sure that __ can't happen" he just said fuck it and let anything happen. Distinction between your owner and wrestler? Nope - they could just as randomly come up to you backstage and start a street fight just as much as anyone else, hit two buttons to rebuild a broken table? Sure why not.

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