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Antecedently, in the Fargo thread...

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fell down a music hole just listening to music from the show. I think overall I'm wrestling with whether 4 or 3 was the least satisfying season to actually watch, but I will say that 4's score was fucking exceptional and the take on "Caravan" that opens the season is probably series-best work from Jeff Russo outside of "Wrench & Numbers" from season 1.


though, awesomely, that leitmotif is so undeniably great that he throws it into the middle of this one for a little bit, seemingly just because.


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First cast member announced for season 3 is Ewan McGregor. And he's playing two brothers.

Fargo season 4's premiere date has been set for September 27th, after being delayed like half a year due to the last couple weeks of shooting running up against the pandemic. @livid, I hope you've sta

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Season 4 is airing over here and I've just watched through it all on All 4. I have to say, my least favourite season of Fargo by some distance sadly and I'm not sure I even want a 5th.


It just felt like Noah Hawley and/or the people making it started believing their own hype, not unlike Moffatt & Gatiss did with BBC's Sherlock. The cinematography was incredible, some of the monologues were great, the entire black and white episode could have been its own self-contained little masterpiece, but I felt that the story, pacing, characters and basically everything else that gives a TV series substance was either lacking or had some serious misfires.

I get it, "cannon" "fadda" and it's all futile in this world etc. etc. but it just didn't work for me. The season started slow and confusing, finally got good in the middle then when they started killing everybody off one after the other it was like the air came out of the balloon and what was left was rather unsatisfying.

I don't feel like I gained much from watching it, it wasn't fun and quirky in the same way Fargo usually is and it was the most disconnected from the spirit of the film and the Coen brothers of the four seasons, which is really what I mean at the heart of saying that the showrunners started believing their own hype.

Ethelrida was wasted, the Josto/Gaetano dynamic got good then they offed the big lad straight away, Chris Rock struggled to really bring the necessary emotion and gravitas to Loy Cannon, the ghost/curse stuff was too on the nose and Ben Wishaw was wasted in all but the episode that Rabbi died in.

The saving grace of the season for me was Satchel, which makes sense because the season purely panned out into being his origin story. Which is fine because I love Mike Milligan and Bokeem Woodbine was amazing in Season 2, but I didn't need an entire season of television to essentially do that without leaving enough of a mark in its own right.


On 05/10/2020 at 22:15, Adam said:

I love the show, briefly saw his face in the trailer and thought "of course he's in this". Knows where his strengths lie does Tim!

I'm not sure when or where the new season will air in the UK but I can't wait for it.

I totally forgot I ever saw the trailer or said this so when they did the slow face reveal at the start of the episode Olyphant debuted in, I popped all over again.

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