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  1. Arsenal draw Napoli, Chelsea get Slavia Prague. Glad to get Napoli over 2 legs so good draw for me.
  2. Exactly. God forbid we put a bit of personality into the proceedings. Anyway, good result, not the best game. Rennes were at their theatrics again but thankfully it didn't work this time. Really hoping we get Vilarreal in the draw tomorrow, would be a fantastic reception for Santi Cazorla.
  3. Captain Marvel was really good. The scene with the flashbacks to her standing up, that was used in the trailer, was epic as fuck. I didn't mind it as an origin story, but I did feel a few of the jokes didn't land as well as other MCU films had. Really cant wait for Endgame though.
  4. I refuse to believe Myke went to school.
  5. Dunno what you mean, that was all skill : /
  6. Great win. Great goal from Xhaka, and I'm so relieved Auba scored the pen but he really needs to start blasting those. Bring on 3rd place
  7. It would be an even more fantastic weekend if we beat Man U!
  8. Its beyond embarrassing here. Man United are beating PSG, Spurs are beating Dortmund, and we're losing to a team 10th in the French league.
  9. That post did not age well in...25 minutes? Christ.
  10. Iwobi with the most Iwobiesque goal but who cares! Let's get a few more and not fuck up again please.
  11. I thought you deserved to lose, thoroughly in all honesty. Arsenal weren't dominating like at the Emirates but we had you contained the whole time. It wouldn't be a NLD without a dubious Spurs penalty though. I know it's easy to say in hindsight, but 100% Lacazette buries that penalty if he were still on the pitch. I'll happily take a point away to Spurs but yeah, Arsenal absolutely should have won that.
  12. Mkhitaryan absolutely bossing it today, looks the player I hoped he'd be when he first came.
  13. It's a ridiculous situation. Rodgers could have at least stayed to the end of the season and completed the treble treble, won 8 in a row and went out with something of a legacy behind, regardless how you view Scottish football. Yeah its shit but is he really going to achieve more at Leicester? In all honesty, really?
  14. Makes a change from seeing Man United kick lumps out of our players for once.
  15. Arsenal vs Stade Rennais and Chelsea vs Dynamo Kyiv. Good ties for both teams surely.
  16. Good luck Stokeriño! I've only just realised you lost your accent!
  17. If I wish you lot good luck will you return the favour?
  18. Should have had her playing pro clubs against the dragons.
  19. It genuinely doesn't even look like the same team that went on the unbeaten run at the start of the season. Players like Auba and Lacazette should be scoring for fun against teams like Borisov, not struggling to get a touch of the ball. Dreadful.
  20. Bloody BATE are proving harder to master than expected.

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