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  1. Gamescom starts tomorrow and here is the schedule of live shows: Don't expect a lot of massive announcements, but there will probably be a few reveals here and there. The last of the shows will be presented by Geoff Keighley and is set to include new footage of Death Stranding.
  2. I'm fine with Miocic winning. He's lower down the scumbag scale than most in MMA.
  3. I've intended to play Grandia for a long time but never got round to it. It's not top of my priority list right now, but I'd like to try it one day. The lack of random battles was something that appealed to me, given that that's the thing I dislike the most about most RPGs of its time.
  4. The best sporting event I've witnessed in person was the cycling in the velodrome at the London Olympics. Team GB's Joanna Rowsell, Dani King and Laura Trott won the gold medal in the Women's Team Pursuit, breaking the world record in both the semi-finals and the final. The atmosphere was absolutely fantastic. What really capped things off, though, was when they started playing Hey Jude on the speaker system after the race. The crowd was singing along, but then the big screen camera spotted Paul McCartney in the crowd. He stood up and started singing along himself, with Stella McCartney looking embarrassed next to him. It really was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  5. Is New Game Plus considerably easier or just different? Do the enemies get tougher?
  6. Macclesfield are in bad financial condition and the staff haven't been paid for the last couple of months. I'm not really surprised that Sol's walked away.
  7. Are there going to be more in the post-launch DLC? I could imagine something Christmas-themed if so.
  8. I'd love for them to keep it simple and stick to what made the old Timesplitters games fun. By all means, modernise the level design and quality of life features, but an old-style FPS on top of that would be just the ticket. Doom did that well in 2016, so I'm thinking of something in that mould with the characteristic Timesplitters atmosphere.
  9. Avoiding spoilers, how different is the story according to which house you pick? I'm guessing that the monastery section is more or less the same, but what about the second part?
  10. Do you have any cloud saves?
  11. Wimbledon vs. MK Dons has a bit less appeal now that they're in the same division, but it's still quite interesting when you think back only a decade or so. I might follow Salford and Leeds, albeit while listening to the Notts County game on the radio.
  12. Good choices, but I'd add Felix as well. He's impolite and unfriendly in most cases, but there's a decent amount of depth there. It's quite clear that, despite his aloof nature, he cares about his teammates. In the cases in which he's hostile to his companions, it's usually for a specific reason.
  13. I like Ignatz. He was a big part of my team later on after I recruited him, but I also like the fact that he'd much rather be painting than killing people. I think he'd be a nice neighbour.
  14. I had just under 49 hours on my game clock, and I felt as though I took my time. I also did a fair number of battles to level up my characters.
  15. Or Ross Turnbull, Champions League winner. And many others.
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