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  1. What were the odds on Argentina, Germany and Brazil all failing to win their opening games?
  2. Most people would agree that Uncharted 2 is significantly better than the first game. The games are all quite contrived in that Naughty Dog clearly design the levels around the possibility of elaborate action set-pieces, but they're done well enough that it fits in with the whole action film vibe. I didn't find Uncharted 3 quite as interesting as Uncharted 2, thanks in no small part to a particularly tedious section, but it's still a lot of fun. Uncharted 4 is my favourite, which doesn't seem to be the most popular opinion, mainly because I enjoyed the story the most. Gameplay-wise, it's not very different from its predecessors.
  3. That's what I want to see in a World Cup game. I thought it would be a cagey war of attrition, but I'm glad to have seen a game of quality attacking play.
  4. Bobfoc

    WWE 2K19

    They need a really good single player mode to entice me. MyCareer is too repetitive and lifeless (just the real WWE, hardy-ha) to be much fun, and Universe Mode always seems to have been too buggy to get into. It's amazing to me that this series hasn't had a good branching Season Mode since Here Comes The Pain in 2004, and even the Showcase Mode has gone now. The last few WWE games have had great rosters and plenty of match types, but they seem so lifeless.
  5. With how bad Russia were at Euro 2016, losing 5-0 to them is more than a little concerning.
  6. I hope VAR has thermal sensing technology.
  7. He's just said that everyone hopes the host nation reaches the knockout stages. Under two minutes in and we've already had the first commentary gaffe.
  8. Who are we supposed to root for here? We've got two unpleasantly run nations.
  9. I'm excited for this. The football, that is; the rest will probably be depressing.
  10. I preferred the idea of a World Cup in Morocco, but there you go. With 48 teams in the competition, I'm sure we'll see plenty more joint bids in the future. Also, with OFC now having one definite qualifying spot, New Zealand never have any reason not to qualify ever again.
  11. I think I might be coming around on Pokemon Let's Go! It seems like a lighter, more relaxed form of Pokemon Yellow, which I'd actually prefer to the prospect of playing the game again. I've read that there are no random encounters, which eliminates one of the big annoyances I have with Pokemon games, and it just looks nice. Maybe I won't pay £40 for it, but I won't rule out giving it a look at some stage.
  12. Bobfoc

    E3 2018

    I've found a couple of other details about Smash Bros. David Hayter will return as Snake, although it's not yet clear if he'll record new lines or they'll just reuse the ones from Brawl. Also, as you'd hope, the game runs at 60fps both in docked and handheld mode.
  13. Nottingham Forest look set to pay £13.2 million for Joao Carvalho from Benfica, which would absolutely smash their previous record transfer fee. By the looks of it, they're going for broke this summer in the hopes of emulating Wolves. If it doesn't work, I can see trouble looming.
  14. The Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy will add a free new level on 29th June. It's a brand new creation for Crash 3 called Future Tense, and it will be similar to the other future levels in the game.

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