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  1. I'm curious as to what this game looks like on a PS4 Pro. Graphically, it doesn't seem to be an absolute cutting edge game, especially when it comes to facial animations. I'm not bothered, though. It looks plenty good enough for me.
  2. Me too. I already have it, but whoever takes it ought to have a good time. I think the new Hitman games are low-key some of the best games of the last few years.
  3. I'm liking what I've played so far. I'm only a little way past the demo section, but I'm already impressed with how they've expanded the game world. It's fun to just listen to people's conversations and look around the map.
  4. My copy arrived today as well. Getting it a whole week early is fantastic.
  5. I'm quite taken by the hat on the middle-right.
  6. Tom Nook's children's college fees won't pay themselves.
  7. He left a USB stick at an event in Dallas. It was found that it contained footage of an underage girl exposing herself. Pitchford was completely unapologetic, stating that the girl was a professional streamer who performed sex acts in exchange for money and that he was interested in some sort of sex act he called a "magic trick". He also said that the girl's online handle was "Only 18". The existence of the porn was definitely true because Pitchford himself admitted it. As mentioned above, though, he insisted that it was "barely legal" porn, rather than underage porn. Not backing down, he also suggested that the girl be put in porn magazines because he liked her so much.
  8. More evidence that Randy Pitchford is one of the worst people in the games industry.
  9. I've read this morning that EB Games in Australia is selling the game today. Maybe other retailers will be too.
  10. The latest Humble Bundle has about a bajillion games and ebooks, and most of them are good. The money raised all goes to help the effort against the coronavirus.
  11. Square Enix has also said that physical copies are likely to be shipped early, at least in Europe and Australia. We might be lucky and get them early. I was going to go digital, but the game costs £59.99 here on the PlayStation Store.
  12. Mario Party would send Switch controller repair demands through the roof.
  13. Several sources are reporting that Nintendo is planning to release remasters of several old Mario games this year. Venturebeat claims that this will include Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Super Mario 3D World, which will have new levels added. I'd be well up for all of that.
  14. I liked Persona 5, but I can't see myself playing Royal for a good while. It's a big time commitment, and with Final Fantasy VII Remake out soon, I'll be concentrating on that. While I think Persona 5 had a better dungeon layout than its predecessor, I generally preferred 4's characters. I thought the focus on changing the hearts of people whose egos had got out of control worked better on paper than it did in reality, especially as the villains tended to be a lot more one-dimensional than the heroes.
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