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  1. Shows how much attention I've paid to the Premier League this year that I didn't realise Welbeck was at Watford now.
  2. The big Xbox Series X games showcase will be on 23rd July.
  3. I had the "Hate" thread open at the same time as I looked at this post and thought you were talking about real life. I'm glad that wasn't the case.
  4. I don't have much interest in a sequel. There are so many more interesting prequels they could do instead.
  5. There's a fair amount of silliness I've seen so far. It's a bit like Fable in that sense.
  6. I went out shopping in Divinity 2 and an entire town's residents tried to kill me because one of them didn't like one of my party members. Talk about a tight-knit community.
  7. Do you have any antivirus software running? That can sometimes cause issues if you haven't made exceptions for your games.
  8. In your Steam library, under the "GAMES" arrow, you can tick and untick the "Tools" box. Ticking it will let you download the editor.
  9. So I hear. It's apparently really hard, though.
  10. I'm having fun with Divinity 2. I think combat in the turn-based strategy style has become my favourite type of gameplay.
  11. There are plenty of big games (and even more small ones) that get by fine without microtransactions, and without increasing the prices of their games.
  12. I ought to listen to more of Warren Zevon's songs. I think I'd like them.
  13. It's supposed to be a way for people with addictive personalities to put their time into something that won't cost them huge amounts of money. Unfortunately, those who have given such advice have been unaware of in-game purchases.
  14. I'm against paid loot boxes because they prey on people with addictive personalities. There have been stories of gambling addicts who have been advised to play video games instead of going to casinos, only to get sucked in by loot boxes. Moreover, massive publishers like EA, Ubisoft and Activision don't even need microtransactions to stay afloat. They have a lot of the biggest franchises around and have hugely wealthy owners. Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision, is a billionaire, and the company has avoided paying billions of dollars in taxes. The wealth could easily be spread around the company without packing popular games with inside purchases, but we're talking about a set of higher-ups who care about nothing but making as much money as possible. The ability to unlock items instantly or speed up progress used to be freely accessible in games through cheat codes. Frankly, when we're talking about massive corporations like these, I can't see any reason why that isn't still the case other than greed. The Assassin's Creed brand wouldn't go under if it didn't have in-game purchases, and neither would Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, FIFA and all the rest. I could maybe understand if a small independent studio did it, but the fact is that they're the ones who aren't doing it, and they're still turning profits if they sell reasonably well.
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