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  1. I think that physical games tend to decrease in price more quickly in the UK than they do in North America. I often used to be surprised at the excitement in America over Black Friday deals for games because they were still usually more expensive than the same games over here.
  2. Bobfoc

    E3 2019

    If it's a Microsoft-owned game, you can bet it's a day one release on Game Pass.
  3. This is not so much to do with the games themselves, but the industry. Development studios need to cut down on the "crunch" mentality that's been leading to 100+ hour working weeks for its employees. Red Dead Redemption 2, for example, is a fantastic game, but not so much that I wouldn't have been happy for it to be released several months later so that dozens of people didn't have to almost kill themselves to get it finished on time.
  4. It's completely possible, PS3 notwithstanding. Sony just knows that people are willing to pay for remasters, so it took away backwards compatibility to make some extra cash.
  5. Bobfoc

    E3 2019

    Speaking of the Xbox One controller, Microsoft has confirmed that it, along with certain other Xbox One accessories, will work with the next console.
  6. Bobfoc

    E3 2019

    One drawback to Game Pass (and it's a completely pathetic thing to say) is being spoilt for choice. If I ever scroll through the Netflix library, I get overwhelmed and end up having no idea what to pick. But yes, it's a great deal. There's a certain buzz you get from playing new games on their release date, but it's something I very rarely do because it's such a gamble with regards to potential quality and bug issues. With this service, you're not risking the possibility of paying full price for a game of the Fallout 76 ilk.
  7. Bobfoc

    E3 2019

    I have several games I'm interested in, some from E3 and some that were announced beforehand. Nintendo's show was solid yesterday, even if I wasn't quite as head-over-heels in love with it as some people were. Maybe that's because I'm not a big Zelda fan. What I'm really curious about is how The Witcher 3 runs on a Switch. I'd be happy with a version that cuts down significantly on graphical detail to get a decent frame rate. Handheld Witcher sounds fantastic on paper. Really, I think this E3 was about as good as it was ever likely to be at this stage of a console cycle, and with Sony absent. Next year ought to be more significant as marketing for the new consoles gathers momentum.
  8. Bobfoc

    E3 2019

    It's available in the UK too. Even though it says it's for a month, paying the £1 will extend your membership until whenever your respective subscriptions are to run out. You can check your subscriptions on your Xbox settings, I believe.
  9. Bobfoc

    E3 2019

    New Zelda. Looks like a sort of Majora's Mask version of Breath of the Wild.
  10. Bobfoc

    E3 2019

    5 and 6 Banjo-Kazooie!
  11. Bobfoc

    E3 2019

    Panzer Dragoon? There's a throwback. This rhythm-based Zelda looks nice and quirky.
  12. Bobfoc

    E3 2019

    There doesn't seem to be much here yet for people who aren't RPG fans. Yay! The Resident Evil games people don't like!
  13. For games, you might enjoy Cane and Rinse. It's a family of podcasts that has a series that focuses on a different game each week (Cane and Rinse Podcast), another about game soundtracks (Sound of Play and another that focuses on development (The Sausage Factory). The quality tends to vary with the Cane and Rinse Podcast, depending on the chemistry between the rotating set of contributors, but it's a no-frills setup that tends to be quite pleasant. There's already a back catalogue of over 300 previous episodes, and they haven't really aged because the games they talk about are from all kinds of eras.
  14. Bobfoc

    E3 2019

    This is unsettling. What? The Witcher 3 rumour was real?
  15. Bobfoc

    E3 2019

    I know almost nothing about Dragon Quest. I'm sure some people got something out of that, but it wasn't for me.
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