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  1. A bit of a gap between now and its first airing might be a good thing. I think a lot of people are still drained after the main series ended. Reading The Winds of Winter before then would be nice, but let's not get too carried away with our wild hopes and dreams.
  2. That's clearly a sign that a certain character will rise from the dead.
  3. Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the final DLC character for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass. The second Fighters Pass will be available for pre-order on 28th January, and it will consist of six new characters.
  4. The Australian Open has been held in New Zealand before, so it's not as though moving it has no precedent.
  5. Shopto sometimes has £30 cards on sale for under £25, and I've come across some cheap ones on eBay once or twice. It's the sort of thing that you don't see often, so it's worth snapping up on the rare occasions they pop up.
  6. That's true for physical games, but a lot of ports on Switch are digital only. The big saving grace for me has been that I've been able to get good deals on eShop credit, which effectively makes digital games cheaper. If you're living in a country where eShop vouchers are never sold at less than face value, however, your only option is to fork out ridiculous prices for games that are over a decade old.
  7. Super Mario 64 is also available on Wii U through the Virtual Console.
  8. And so that will be why I didn't hear, then. I know Rush hadn't been doing anything for a while, and I suppose this was probably a big reason for that.
  9. Damn. I must have missed the news he was ill, so this was a big surprise. Rush had some good tracks.
  10. There's a Pokémon-themed Nintendo Direct tomorrow. It's expected to cover DLC for Sword and Shield mainly, and new game announcements don't seem to be considered likely. A Let's Go version of Gold and Silver would be wonderful, though.
  11. Nintendo-published games have a history of holding their price over the course of a console cycle. As they don't tend to release more than a couple of entries in their biggest franchises on the same system, they can maintain interest for a long time after the games' initial releases. What bothers me most about Switch game pricing is the third-party multiplatform titles. You'll see ports of games over a decade old costing as much as new releases on the eShop, which is ridiculous. Resident Evil 4 is on sale in Europe now for £19.79. None of its re-releases on the other consoles cost that much at full price, let alone with a discount. I'll admit that I paid the asking price because I think the game is great and wanted it on a handheld, but I felt like a bit of a mug,
  12. Was it Wolves in the 1980s? I thought I heard that on a documentary somewhere. Also, what was the question on Pointless?
  13. I just looked him up and I remember him, but I was thrown off because I didn't know his nationality.
  14. Players who spent over a decade at the same club, especially one the size of Arsenal, tend to be memorable too. The hardest ones are the lower league journeymen.Players who spent over a decade at the same club, especially one the size of Arsenal, tend to be memorable too. The hardest ones are the lower league journeymen. Is the third one Raimond van der Gouw? I feel as though I should know the second one too, and it's annoying me.
  15. That's Nigel Winterburn.
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