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  1. Is that the end of UFC on BT Sport now?
  2. They'll have some very slight inkling that they're about to be robbed.
  3. It looks as though Crash Team Racing will be getting a remaster. It's heavily expected to be announced at the Game Awards this week.
  4. This is correct. There's no other way to play RDR on PS4.
  5. I've been reading some interesting debates about the idea of announcing updated scorecards at the end of each round. It's been tried before occasionally, but it proved to be unpopular on the grounds that it eliminated some of the drama, although I still wonder whether there might be room for it in some capacity.
  6. I read about that. He's been a great fighter in the Cruiserweight division for years now, so it's shocking news.
  7. Tyson Fury is so unprofessional. No-selling like that does nothing to put your opponent over.
  8. The dynamic has changed a fair bit when you consider that England and Scotland could lose all their games and still get into the playoffs.
  9. Northern Ireland have a task on their hands.
  10. It sounded on the 5 Live radio commentary that there were several close rounds. Couple that with home town bias (from which British fighters have benefited on several occasions) and promoters' vested interest in a rematch and a draw makes sense. A second fight at Wembley would be huge. Something I wonder about now is Anthony Joshua's planned fight at Wembley. The winner of Wilder/Fury looked likely, but perhaps now he could take on the winner of Whyte/Chisora. That would be a lower profile affair on the international stage, but AJ's such a big draw that he can more or less fill out Wembley against anyone. Add the domestic fight appeal and you've got another nice pay day.
  11. Crazy that Germany have ended up in Pot Two. Actually, that's about the least difficult thing about this draw to understand.

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