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  1. A new Bioshock has been announced, although 2K says it's still "several years" away, which makes revealing it a little pointless. There's also no good creative reason to do it either, but money trumps artistic value any day of the week. Look out for the vending machines requiring real world currency or something ridiculous like that.
  2. He could beat Wilder if he boxed intelligently. As long as he didn't go for bravado and engage toe-to-toe, he'd have a good chance of outpointing Wilder. As for Fury, it's his awkwardness that causes the most problems. I don't think AJ's work rate is any lower than Fury's, and his conditioning is usually better too. Of the three, AJ might have the worst chin, but he's also probably the best pure boxer. In any case, Usyk is a potentially big player who not enough people are mentioning right now. He could well be AJ's next opponent, and I think he'll be a massive threat to everyone in the division. He was a very powerful and technically proficient Cruiserweight and is tactically smart too.
  3. That's what he'll also be best served doing if he fights Wilder at some stage. AJ is definitely the better technical boxer, but Wilder has the power to hurt anyone. I'm hoping AJ unifies all the belts, or at least I'd rather he did it than Fury or Wilder.
  4. Dominance from AJ. He outboxed Ruiz all night and never looked like losing. That's what he should have done the first time.
  5. As much as I don't like most aspects of social media, the fact that it can instantly expose people like that is a good thing.
  6. Are those games accessible to people who aren't familiar with the Warhammer franchise?
  7. 1. Bojack Horseman 2. The Good Place 3. South Park 4. What We Do in the Shadows 5. White Gold 6. Big Mouth 7. Game of Thrones I think that's all I watched. The last couple didn't do much for me, but my limited number of shows means they get in by default. I'd like to get round to watching Chernobyl too because it's supposed to be very good.
  8. I know you're joking here, but I'd say that Dina Asher-Smith is one of the most personable British sportspeople I can remember.
  9. The shops I used to work in didn't tend to play Christmas music often, and I was very thankful for that. There was the odd day or two when someone would put in a Christmas CD, but we mostly had a radio next to the PA system. Because we worked at night, the music licence was much cheaper too. I'm a miserable git when it comes to this time of year, anyway. There are very few Christmas pop songs that don't irritate me. I quite like most carols, though.
  10. I scrolled down to the bottom of the page quickly and initially thought that was a picture of another Power Rangers reboot.
  11. Sol Campbell owns properties worth an estimated combined £50 million. He wouldn't even notice an extra £180,000. To want to take away people's livelihood for the sake of slightly boosting your already unnecessarily vast wealth is greed and nothing more.
  12. I think Stokes will win, but I think I'd vote for KJT. After numerous setbacks on the world stage, she really delivered the goods this year and set a British record on her way to winning gold. It was a feel-good story.
  13. I think you've done better than that.
  14. I only managed to catch the last three frames, but I'm very happy with the result. Trump annoys me a little, but I'm mainly pleased because having him dominate would be boring. Ronnie losing would be great too, but I think he's got to be favourite based on recent form now that Trump's gone. Full credit to Bond too. For a 54-year-old who's been out of the top 16 for 20 years to beat the World Champion and World Number 1 in the second biggest tournament of the season is some achievement.
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