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  1. Return of the Obra Dinn, the new game from Papers, Please creator Lucas Pope, is out today. Every review I've read states that it's tremendous.
  2. It's usually a case of cornering well and using corners as opportunities to overtake. Once they're behind you, it's plain sailing.
  3. I don't know if I like the sound of a 60-hour campaign. I found that the original dragged at times, and that was considerably shorter. The quality will need to be high throughout for me to keep going for that long.
  4. I've been reading good things about Astro Bot Rescue Mission. Some are saying it's the best VR game so far.
  5. Nintendo's been good with free DLC lately, so I'm hoping Mario Party gets the same treatment.
  6. I've only ever been a casual UFC fan. In the past, I've been put off by some of the obnoxious fans, but I'm now even less attracted to the product because of the unpleasant marketing tactics of the fighters. I have a similar relationship with boxing in that I tend to avoid fights involving "characters", instead gravitating towards the more legitimate sporting contests.
  7. Bobfoc

    WWE 2K19

    So you're saying you had a Hard Time?
  8. Bobfoc

    WWE 2K19

    No shame in that. As a rule, it's a good idea not to buy games at launch, especially annual releases with patchy success rates. If, based on player recommendations, you decide to pick it up now, you've lost nothing.
  9. Didn't Glenn Whelan play against Henry when the infamous handball incident took place? That should make for some awkward conversations on the training ground.
  10. I'm glad people are still talking about the Derrick Lewis win amidst the main event hullabaloo. That was one heck of a grandstand finish.

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