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  1. Middlesbrough, probably.
  2. It was rather expensive to begin with here too. It's kept its price better than its predecessors too.
  3. I like Brienne.
  4. Civ 6 is in a bundle with XCOM 2. That's a great combination if you don't have them already. Owning one will also give you a discount on the other.
  5. I look forward to Brisbane Road being renamed The Dunkin' Donuts Dome. Seriously, though, I hope this is a proper turnaround.
  6. Is Civ 6 relatively bug free? I remember it taking a while for the previous games to reach their full potential after a few months of patches.
  7. I think the thing that's changed with The Simpsons is that they used to write a story and let the jokes develop around it. They now seem to have a list of gags that they crowbar in whichever way they can, Family Guy style.
  8. With the Steam Summer Sale starting tomorrow, people in the UK can get £5 off when they spend £20 on Steam through PayPal. Adding credit to your Steam wallet with PayPal also qualifies you for the discount.
  9. I'll be disappointed if they don't do it in the same way as the Jackbox games, with each game having a room code that allows anyone in the world to join. If it does, it will do very well in the streaming communities.
  10. I should add that I played San Andreas on PC, as I did with the other GTA games of the era, and it wasn't considered to be a great port. By the time it came out on that platform, most people I knew had finished with their PS2 versions, a console I didn't own. I've seen the wacky things you can do, and so I can see why people love it, but I suppose it never clicked for me in the same way the others did. As I said, though, I do actually like the game, although it wasn't likely to make my list. The competition was stiff, as I'm sure everyone who took part would agree.
  11. Is this the University Challenge version of a cup draw?
  12. San Andreas is the only 3D GTA game (if we're not counting the PSP ones) whose main story I never finished. Part of that was due to lost save files, but my biggest hurdle was the frustration of having to navigate the large sandbox during and before missions, especially when I failed a mission and had to repeat the process again and again. That was also a problem in GTA 3 and Vice City, but the smaller maps alleviated those problems at least a little bit. I suppose I also found it a little clunky to play. I didn't find the shooting to be particularly well executed and didn't have a great amount of fun with the vehicles, which made some of the missions a slog. Having to grind your personal stats to gain access to certain missions was also a bad design choice. I certainly wouldn't say I dislike the game, but it's my least favourite of the popular titles in the series. The story was better than those of its predecessors, and the main character had more of a back story, but I just found it less fun to play.
  13. You could always quote that when he wins at something in the future.
  14. It's a load of rubbish really, but people will pay to see it, and that's all that matters in a sport that's much more about business than anything else. McGregor's talking about how his punching power will see him through, but hitting people flush in a boxing match isn't a comparable proposition to that in MMA. Add to that the fact that Mayweather probably has the best defence and counter-punching ability of anyone around today, if not ever. McGregor's chin will be the telling factor in how long the fight lasts. Mayweather isn't a hard hitter when compared with other top fighters, but you'd realistically expect McGregor to be hit a lot. If he can take a large volume of small shots, he could make it through a few rounds, at least. That's unless they agree to draw things out to give the illusion of a competitive contest, which is something I wouldn't rule out in a farcical cash grab such as this.