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  1. Trent Dilfer with the comeback of the decade?
  2. ....did someone say KELLEN GODDAMN MOORE?
  3. Watcher mode: Non-ironman games, there is an unofficial way. Press the ' key (or your region's equivalent) to open the console command prompt, type in observe/then enter, and the game's playing itself. To play as someone afterwards, type charinfo, which'll bring up much more detailed info about characters you highlight over. Make a note of any landed person you can play as (depending on DLC, theocracies are unplayable without modding), pick someone, type in play <character id#>. As for good places to start, I learned on eariler patches and barely play non-GOT/ATE FF games, so my advice might not be current; with that in mind, 1066 Poland was where I learned the basics: Holy Roman Empire will more or less leave you be, although feel free to swear fealty to them and conquer from within. Pagan neighbors to your north amd northeast, so proper holy war timing. Starting dude (Boleslaw the Bold) is pretty freaking competent at warfare and reasonably young. (mid 20's IIRC) Barring that, same time period but Ireland. As for amount of time to get how to play? Started with no experience in the genre, ~30 hours to not suck.
  4. I'd like to believe I'm not no stinkin' commie USA USA USA
  5. This has been quite a paige turner.
  6. They're on, didn't unpause the game after the initial load at that time.
  7. Alternate timeline Axel I Baratheon has even less stamina: TL;DR: Stannis "not the Mannis" drunk himself to death in 385 a month after he held a tourney to celebrate his 25th year as King. Wasn't too long before Tybolt Lannister tried to install Axel's great-aunt Isla as Queen. Near-three year long rebellion included the Vale and the Stormlands. No particular grudge against Tybolt, so banished him to the Wall. The Great Sickness would return in 394, beginning it spread in Yronwood. Wouldn't dissipate fully until 398. Wiped out Axel's sister Jocelyn and her two sons within two months. Still recovering nearly a decade later. Then-LP of the Trident Alesander Tully would refuse a command to stand down his private war, imprisonment failed, war of supposed tyranny followed. The North and Dorne (and I think some minor Crownland lords) would join in. Won, Alesander would escape banishment to the Wall, Mallisters now control the Riverlands.
  8. The Sept of Baelor and Dany's slaughter of King's Landing were false flag operations set up by Bran Stark #WakeUp
  9. Remember when a direct sequel was supposed to never be happening? Also, if (and a big IF) it happens, kinda gives hope to my headcanon that at least parts of Season 8 were hallucinations of some kind.
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