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  1. Spike Chunsoft new wrestling game?

    The roster from EWB's favorite shitshow of a wrestling game
  2. General Gaming Thread

    I get a weird joy in seeing just how seriously some in the sim racing community take their games of choice.
  3. Highlights and lowlights of following your team

    *something about Joe Flacco being an elite quarterback*
  4. 2018 NFL Off-Season Thread

    I'd keep Mitch Turbo regardless
  5. Crusader Kings II

    Usually 769.
  6. Crusader Kings II

    pope plz
  7. General Gaming Thread

    I bet you didn't let Jorji in did you?
  8. PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics

  9. 2018 NFL Off-Season Thread

    Not you too
  10. 2018 NFL Off-Season Thread

    Just in case he does, I've already written my remarks for the press conference introducing me.
  11. Crusader Kings II

    If you don't take this to The Cube, you will.
  12. Crusader Kings II

    Currently, Sansa and Harrold's son Arnos has a fair bit of power coming his way. Stands to inherit the Vale and the Trident (after Cat and Sansa pass), with an outside shot for the North, depending on if Jon Snow ever has a child who isn't stillborn.
  13. 2018 NFL Off-Season Thread

    I never thought your heel turn would hurt this much
  14. Crusader Kings II

    Tonight in six man tag team action, we've got Ned Stark, Tyrion Lannister, and Joffrey Baratheon defending Joffrey's Iron Throne against Mace Tyrell, Hoster Tully, and Doran Martell, who are fighting for Viserys Targaryen's claim. Also, Jon Snow's set to be the next KINGINDANORF after Robb Stark was made a eunuch on an adventure. Update: Hoster has since passed, leaving his son Edmund to rule....for a whopping one week before being killed in combat by Lyonel Frey. Thus, the Vale is now ruled by Catelyn Stark, who's fighting her husband in this war. Brandon died in Joffrey's dungeons and Rickon was sawed in half.
  15. Crusader Kings II

    Whichever one was released for the last patch before Jade Dragon. Contemplating a Cube game where I let the game play itself for a decade or two, then taking the reigns myself and trying to make sense of the world.