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  1. Sand

    Game of Thrones

    House of the Dragon likely not coming until 2022.
  2. Sand

    NFL 2019

    If the TItans win this, then I'm honestly half-tempted to make them my Superb Owl pick. Uodate:
  3. Sand

    NFL 2019

    Kellen Moore and Joe Flacco are the headliners then.
  4. Sand

    NFL 2019

    I'm fairly sure khakis are not part of the NFL uniform.
  5. Now to see later if Barry Bonds had a repeat of his rather good rookie year in my OOTP 18 game.
  6. Auto-sim stopping was the issue I had.
  7. @Meacon say “Hi People!” you told me on Steam once how to run a Watcher-type game without being inundated with job offers; how'd I go about doing that?
  8. Sand

    NFL 2019

    Oh get the popcorn ready bois
  9. Marcel Vos one-upped himself again with RCT torture.
  10. Sand

    NFL 2019

    wtf I love you Dolphins.
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