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  1. Same - one WM33 card and the rest is Elite and Hardened. Let's hope the opposition aren't charging their cards!
  2. If we can start the next Battleground in the next couple of hours I'll be able to get my attacks in tomorrow afternoon - any later than that though and I won't be able to help as away over the weekend - and you just know I'll get the team's best deck if that happens
  3. Bray will be a pro for me too. And I've finally made WM33 tier in Ranked thanks to Pro AJ. Woot!
  4. All mine done
  5. Got UL Ambrose and UL Jimmy Uso, who are both pros. And an Elite card I've already forgotten. RTG this week will just be for training up cards and getting charges - during RD last week I pulled UL Asuka, UL Natalya and UL Alexa Bliss, to go with the WM33 Charlotte I got with my Battleground Points, so a flood of divas that need to be levelled up now. #beyond1stworldproblems
  6. Sorry guys, got back late from the long weekend which meant little time to play Team RTG which meant little chance to get charges which meant my team was useless and couldn't beat anyone on theirs. Will make up for it next event!
  7. The nasty thing about WM33 tier in RD is I guess there is no incentive for people to be at the higher end - so I keep running into decks running mostly WM33 Event Pros with a few commons thrown in to sandbag it down.
  8. @Blehschmidt Do it, makes sense This RD is a strange one. I'm WM33 tier in it, so I'm starting with the Ult Natalya, which will be great for me, and WM33 Styles handy too - but since i'm not going to be able to pro the Mahal event card in RTG, I'm thinking it's not worth pushing for - a single wouldn't help any of decks from what I can see.
  9. Think I'm going to skip RTG this week, nothing attainable I want or need, and lots of other things to do. Will focus my efforts to RingDom next week, especially since my RD deck is WM33 level now. As opposed to everything else which is dragged down to Ult++ because of divas
  10. Ooh, I've got a dog of a deck for this Battleground. Best cards are Ult Dolph and EL Titus lol
  11. Are we going to start another Battleground?
  12. Got Ultimate Sheamus which makes a pro from Team RD, along with Elite Naomi which is also a pro, and a Elite Goldust which would be a pro but I'm not going to bother because I don't think he's worth the effort
  13. Either the charge drop rate has been reduced or I'm being ridiculously unlucky
  14. BG Rewards were Elite Nikki, Elite Kofi and UL Big Cass - which is a pro at least. But more importantly, team to crack on with Team RD now!
  15. Sorry I've not been around much for this Battleground guys, yesterday was a write-off for me after the way the football went. But looks like you've got it under control!