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  1. Freeware and Abandonware

    Skool Daze! USM! Ah the memories...
  2. WWE Supercard

    Delete all your cards
  3. WWE Supercard

    Season 4 is on the way....
  4. WWE Supercard

    Ta. Don't worry you'll be safe
  5. WWE Supercard

    @Chris2K I know you're on hiatus but can you set me to a General at least in the team so I can run some TBG with the ragtag group of randoms we have now. Even if it just collates us some cheap TBG points.
  6. The card game thread

    I've been playing Magic for a fair few years and get down to the local events when I can. Commander is the the fun format these days though.
  7. WWE Supercard

    I can take the team over if you want to have a break and like you say, make sure we don't lose the Hitmen team.
  8. WWE Supercard

    So are me & Chris2K the only EWB'ers left in the Hitmen?
  9. WWE Supercard

    No worries man, it's still just a casual game. I'm not around this weekend either so don't sweat it. Let's do the next Team BG to coincide with Team RD on Monday.
  10. WWE Supercard

    That's what happens with Cena cards apparently
  11. WWE 2K18

    My understanding of the situation is that the feature can't be put in unless it's on both PS4 and XB1. Sony are happy for it to be on PS, but Microsoft don't won't allow it, so it ends up in neither.
  12. WWE Supercard

    I'll see if there's anyone I can sneak a couple of wins against There we go
  13. WWE Supercard

    I'm happy to take a break over the weekend if people want, as I always have less play time over the weekend as the social calendar gets in the way, but if we do have one going I'll help as much as I can. In other first world problems, since last week's RD I have picked up WM33 Sami Zayn, John Cena, Dean Ambrose, Brock Lesnar, Kevin Owens and Randy Orton, as well as Ult Seth Rollins & Natalya (both will be pros) and Ult Carmella. All need levelling and training. Gonna take a while......
  14. WWE Supercard

    Same - one WM33 card and the rest is Elite and Hardened. Let's hope the opposition aren't charging their cards!
  15. WWE Supercard

    If we can start the next Battleground in the next couple of hours I'll be able to get my attacks in tomorrow afternoon - any later than that though and I won't be able to help as away over the weekend - and you just know I'll get the team's best deck if that happens