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  1. GTA V PS4 thread

    I'm on tonight. I'm actually trying Running Back now...
  2. GTA V PS4 thread

    Might be on about 10pmish.
  3. GTA V PS4 thread

    I'm playing Online for a bit today, if anyone wants to jump on...
  4. Pokémon

    I swear, Cloyster is one of the most underrated Pokémon. Shell Smash + White Herb for the first turn, then Skill Link + Rock Smash or STAB Icicle Spear. It really annoys me that Cloyster doesn't get Water Shuriken or whatever that 2-5 hits Water move is actually called <_<
  5. Pokémon

    So, Red, Blue and Yellow are coming to the eShop for 3DS in February, to coincide with the 20 year anniversary. They've confirmed you'll be able to do wifi trading and battling as part of it, which sounds awesome. Part of me is excited, but part of me wishes they'd have done full 3D remakes. Particularly as there's no way you'd be able to get these Gen I Pokemon in to Bank...
  6. Nintendo Megathread

    Also pretty much confirms that FF7 Remake will come to the NX, I'd have thought. Which could mean a whole range of FF7 amiibo and I just got myself even more excited. No word on whether he was a character from the Smash Ballot too, which is a bit weird. I'd have been surprised if he was the top pick.
  7. The Amazing Race

    So, this is pretty big: the next season of The Amazing Race is about to start filming and it's filled with "social media" stars. There's a load that I've never heard of, but Tyler Oakley is in it and Burnie and Ashley from Rooster Teeth are doing it too. Probably will be the season that airs in February.
  8. Pokémon

    Alright, so screw Pokken, Pokemon Tretta is legit the most fun and you get the little tokens to take away with you too!
  9. Pokémon

    So I have no idea exactly what we were doing, but Nathan and I just played Pokken Tournament in some Japanese arcade and it was awesome.
  10. Formula One 2015

    Lewis is throwing his toys out of the pram because Nico beat him, saying that Mercedes are favouring Nico since Austin (well done, that's a whole week) and throwing back-handed compliments about his win. And people wonder why he's not as popular as he should be...
  11. Formula One 2015

    This, to a degree. That Toro Rosso ended up being arguably the 3rd best car of the year by the end, but Vettel certainly managed to drag it around a hell of a lot better than Bourdais did. His performance in Brazil was evidence of that. Also: Vettel did have a great performance in that debut run, when he was a legit 3rd in the Fuji GP until Lewis fucked him and Webber up.
  12. GTA V PS4 thread

    Slasher II: *bonk*
  13. GTA V PS4 thread

    I'm game. Slasher sounds pretty cool.
  14. GTA V PS4 thread

    Anyone up for some now? I'm unexpectedly home early >_>
  15. Formula One 2015

    Q3 is cancelled and they're using Q2 to decide the grid, Nico gets pole position as a result.