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  1. I enjoyed what I've read thus far, but then again I've only recently started reading comics properly so don't have much to base it on from what I've read (mainly the crossover events Inhuams v X-Men, Avengers v X-Men and Civil War II). I'm also apparently alone in having liked all the all-new, all-different characters.
  2. Or its a slow news day and we need to hear about a BARCA RAID FOR WANTAWAY SCOUSE STAR. What's Coutinho's contract situation like?
  3. Are Sunderland planning on playing rush goalie next season? Do they even have anyone?
  4. B-b-but wasn't he quitting over transfers???
  5. £15 million for Britt Assombalonga is eyebrow raising, but he's just the kind of player that Middlesborough need to head straight back up. 30 in 65 for Forrest is good at a team that I don't think was ever competing for the playoffs or promotion in his time there.
  6. Best thing about that article is that someone in the comments has dubbed the multitudes of idiots coming out and whining about the new Doctor as broflakes, which is just the best name for them.
  7. I think I enjoy women's tennis more in general at the moment - with Serena out its more open than it's been in a decade, and I think it's more competitive in general when she around as well.
  8. Excellent choice, honestly don't get the hate. Are people really 'ew a girl'ing in 2017? Christ on a bike.
  9. Are we just forgetting the existence of Oscar De La Hoya and Shane Mosley now?
  10. Invasion CBs are fun. If you occupy all the target's territory that's not in the de jure kingdom you're invading, you take out entire countries. Did this with Bulgaria in the 867AD start, reduced Boris to a single county in my realm and then took that by choosing to settle as feudal there. Also Rurik is the easiest character I've ever played as. Formed the Rus within three years of game start.
  11. As have we. Just pointless.
  12. Muguruza has booked her place in the Women's final with a demolition of Rybarikova, 6-1 6-1. Jesus.
  13. The second half of the season was definitely better than the first, and the finale was really good.
  14. Welp. That's what happens when I don't read links properly after working all night. Still nice though.
  15. Spurs third kit is really nice: