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  1. It's a tournament... why would you start off with five first round matches? That makes no sense. It needs to be an even number. I suggest taking the first round matches and multiplying them by five. Then add Fake Undertaker vs Fake Kane for storyline continuity. Then there'll be a real King of the Ring tournament.
  2. I'm pretty sure there was a gap and December and January were missed. February 2017 is on the board here though and that's probably the closest you'll get.
  3. Here's the link for TEW. Here's the links for EWR December 2017 and EWR February 2018. There was no January 2018 for EWR due to a bereavement. Let's just turn the paige on that request.
  4. Since you've had no replies I gave it a shot. I'm new to design though so if you'd rather wait for a better one to come along then that's OK!
  5. Just an update people - I made the changes and submitted it, along with two variations to the boss last week. They were pleased and should be getting used over the next few weeks until the learning at work week. Thanks for the help of appreciate it!
  6. My Little Pony, Moana and Trolls. I, uh, haven't seen any adult movies in ages. EDIT: And by that I mean "not kids" movies. I know what you EWBers are like with your dirty minds.
  7. @Adam es Tranquilo @Liam @JMarushin @=BK= Thank you for the advice. It will be sent tonight. I've changed it now - does it look better?
  8. I've cut the we want you part - was it to make it bigger or smaller?
  9. Hey everyone, in my work we are doing Learning At Work Week, and as part of the L&D Team I'll be helping run this. I made a poster on GIMP - first attempt. Can I get some feedback on this before I send it to my boss? Some critique or advice? I'm very new to design. Thanks!
  10. A couple of practice games later and I worked out the mechanics - or thought I had - and decided to get to work establishing a new world order. I chose Ireland in 1066 like all the guides said. To make sure my journey to the throne of the emerald isle gets off to a good start I took advantage of the "ruler designer" - the Irish deserve a demigod in charge so I racked up the stats and traits. Handsome, smart, diplomatic military superstar who's a genius. It couldn't get better than that. LET'S UNITE SOME LANDS PEOPLE! So it turns out when you heap loads of positive traits on a ruler it adds on to their years. A lot. So instead of my super Sexy warlord I got an old man, who very quickly found that he couldn't do much of anything. A lot of the court people had relatively poor stats as well, and no one abroad wanted to come over. I decided to get married and try and squeeze out a kid wih some of papa's positive traits thinking it'll just be a do-over. Under false pretences I manage to lure some hot young lusty bimbo from the arse's end of nowhere, France, who will now never trust anyone again, straight down the wedding aisle. She would serve her purpose though, right? Wrong. Wouldn't you know it, the guy drops dead, his life and reign cruelly cut short... at the age of 60 odd, approximately two months into the reign. Luckily, when cherry picking my God's attributes I chose to start with a son. IT TURNS OUT that when you make a son on the ruler designer they get none of the father's positive attributes. Also, since I'm now the grand total of zero years old, I'm not allowed to run the country. How much danger could I possibly get in? I can't even lift my own head. So we get regent Mr McAwful Mustache, based on his stats and portrait. He does nothing. Nothing at all but sitting on his mustachiod ass, collecting my cash. I've put the speed up to times five, which is still like a snail with a club foot as I desperately try to get to age 16. Some stuff happens, and I click through it. You'd think having no control because of the regency would mean I paid attention to the pop up things. You'd think wrong. I FINALLY hit sweet sixteen with all the attributes of a serial killer and make my first move. The guides said to take control of your home region's city and church so I did. The current occupants were less than thrilled. The Bishop came quietly, albeit whispering hatred about me but the mayor giy wouldnt budge. None other than McAwful Mustache, who wanted to keep on his cash cow to the sweet life. So the church doesn't give me much soldiers, and hes got roughly the same numbers. But those sixteen years in regency meant I had some cash - a band of ugly, smelly, but somewhat reasonably priced mercenaries to the rescue! My band of outcasts chased McAwful around some counties until eventually defeating the army, then lay seige to the city. I clasp my fingers in an evil pyramid of revenge, as it falls without a problem. I won! I got back my city... MY city... where I'd killed all of my soldiers. The realisation hit me like an fat guy opening the fridge door. The cash is gone, so with it the mercenaries, and I'd just killed all of my soldiers in a bid to get my own city back. There's only one person to blame: McAwful Mustache. I read the warnings this time but I'm pissed at this point and too far gone, so I just double down. I execute McAwful Mustache, so that's the end of that. Except now I've got one county, no vassals, no cash, no army and everyone in court hates me like a stole all of their potatoes. I think I need to start again. This is a very emotional game.
  11. When I start revoking titles of the vassals who try to betray me, everyone else hates me, meaning no levies. I've not tried execution as I suspected that would lead to a worse result. So far my guys biggest achievement had been closing the gates of hell by throwing a couple of cows into a hole in the ground!
  12. Getting into this game and enjoying it. I've got a basic grasp on the mechanics but FFS! The levy rates are very low compared to other regions, cash isn't exactly coming quick and so many damn factions/usurping vassals. HOW DO YOU DO WELL IN THIS GAME?!?

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