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  1. The card game thread

    My brother and I played Yu-Gi-Oh a lot when we were younger. Looking into magic but it's really difficult/complicated tbh
  2. hey here's a picture of Kanye West

    I heard she was moving in to his mansion since she's his Kanye Guest.
  3. hey here's a picture of Kanye West

    Looks like he's run out of Kanye Zest

  5. Why so quiet EWB?

    1. 9 to 5

      9 to 5

      Most people are probably sleeping off their drink and drugs. >_>

    2. Los Ingobernables De Forky

      Los Ingobernables De Forky

      I remember when I used to sleep off my drink and drugs. Now I just sleep off my sleep cause I didn't sleep enough.

  6. Wrestling/Booking Revolution

    Decided to download free on android. Let's give it a shot again!
  7. Wrestling/Booking Revolution

    I absolutely loved it. Got booked in a mad death match as my own character in career vs John Cena. One thing let to another and something exploded so my leg got blown off. I obviously won the match, and went on as a one legged wrestler. They then renamed me "God's Son" so I guess I was religious as well? Excellent game. EDIT: I also took a bad batch of steroids. Put that in WWE 2K18!
  8. Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Thread

    They probably will do a reboot of the whole thing to be fair. Batman, Superman, fantastic four and spiderman have all had relatively quick reboots.
  9. Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Thread

    I'd rank Age of Ultron much higher. That was a brilliant movie. The only thing missing was that it needed more James Spader.
  10. Is there a WWE '17 Split Database for TEW 2016?

    Let me know if you get this done. It's a very interesting concept. I'd love to start as a small promotion trying to overthrow WWE in the region, country then ultimately the world.
  11. If anyone's caught the writing bug from Thunderdome but unsure about starting a diary, come to the Revolving Door Year Two and sign up for a show!

  12. What Did You Watch Today?

    I've just finished watching Gypsy on Netflix. It's about a psychotherapist that slowly works her way into her patients private lives. It's dark, strange, sexual and quite compelling. (And has nothing to do with Gypsies). Worth a watch.
  13. Signature Request

    Perfect, thank you very much for this I appreciate it
  14. Signature Request

    Hey guys that time again. Would anyone be able to do me a favour and create a PPV sig for SmackDown based in 2004. It would be for a PPV: King of the Ring. The main event is WWE Championship: The Undertaker (c) vs Kurt Angle. Theme and everything else up to the creator. Thanks in advance