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  1. were you guys going Empire or Republic on Star Forge?
  2. That's cool - having some problems re:actually getting some time to sit down and download it nvm play again so we'll see!
  3. I'm getting a new laptop delivered on Tuesday and want to get back into MMORPGs. I played WoW very briefly a number of years ago and thinking of giving it a try again. Done some research online and it seems lots of people are complaining about things now. Is the game not great anymore? Is it worth investing the time and money? I'm more a fan of story than min-maxing and stats - will that be an issue at all? So mostly PVE. Also having a look at classes and I'm first drawn to Rogue (as with other MMORPGs I've played) but the Warlock looks really interesting. Both good classes?
  4. My new laptop is coming on Tuesday and I was planning on coming back to it (or trying WoW).
  5. Did you just say "Semper Fudge"? 

  6. Patriot! Is a funny dark comedy.
  7. They all look good, but I'm viewing it in my phone which changes picture dimensions so no idea how it'll look on a PC size wise. Logo wise they are cool.
  8. I'll check it out, I do love a panel show. And The Fix was fun but not the best... However it did introduce me to Katherine Ryan, who is awesome.
  9. Merry Christmas my friends! 

  10. Millennium - the real finale wasn't great at all, but the X-Files crossover finale was awful. Almost as if the person who wrote it (the series creator) had forgotten everything about it except the main character's name. Also Prison Break, since the finale (season 2) didn't put a stop to the series.
  11. Try right clicking on it and selecting "run as administrator". If that doesn't work I'm outta ideas.
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