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  1. Patriot! Is a funny dark comedy.
  2. They all look good, but I'm viewing it in my phone which changes picture dimensions so no idea how it'll look on a PC size wise. Logo wise they are cool.
  3. I'll check it out, I do love a panel show. And The Fix was fun but not the best... However it did introduce me to Katherine Ryan, who is awesome.
  4. Merry Christmas my friends! 

  5. Millennium - the real finale wasn't great at all, but the X-Files crossover finale was awful. Almost as if the person who wrote it (the series creator) had forgotten everything about it except the main character's name. Also Prison Break, since the finale (season 2) didn't put a stop to the series.
  6. Try right clicking on it and selecting "run as administrator". If that doesn't work I'm outta ideas.
  7. Not all those who wander are lost. 

  8. Tkasto did a good job, but I was interested in the idea and I thought I'd give it a go as well!
  9. This is historical mods. Unfortunately the closest one to it is June 2002, so you'd need to edit the DATA to get it right.
  10. I'm gonna bump this old, old thread because I downloaded Guild Wars 2 several days ago. I've really been enjoying it - as the initial post in this thread confirms its got a good mix of race/profession, no subs and generally quite fun. I've only recently started so still getting to grips with the weapons = different skills thing. Anyone else playing?
  11. Royal Rumble prediction contest up in my Smackdown diary! Prizes for everyone who participates, and its the last chance to affect the diary before WrestleMania! 

    1. Noah


      You're not my dad!

  12. Free up your inbox I've got a message to send you! 

    1. Noah
    2. HarshMillennium


      Yeah, so, still can't send you a message. You've got a prediction contest prize you gotta claim! 


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