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  1. That was both hilarious, and scarily how we'll all end up on here.
  2. Aaron Sorkin left after season four, and up to that point he wrote almost every episode himself. Enjoy! It's a great show
  3. Name and Nickname: The Judge
  4. It depends what you like. Star Wars: The Old Republic is an excellent MMORPG. It's free to play, easy to learn and is good visually. But where it excels is in story. If you like good, long, engaging narratives this is the game to choose. It is basically 8 interactive movies all in one, and getting more added continuously.
  5. Can't say I've seen any mods like that. Could be worth creating your own, focusing on people you want specifically, especially if you're going to turn it into a diary.
  6. Thanks
  7. That is amazing C-Mil, a lot of detail has went into it. Thank you very much
  8. Is there anywhere that sells xbox live subscriptions, ideally annual, for cheaper than Microsoft? UK sites/stores ideally.
  9. Hey guys if someone had a a bit of time could they make me a signature? I'm looking for a standard forum sized signature, or one the size of mine below. The text I'd like on it would read "ALTERNATIVE REALM: BATTLE ZONE". And I'd like it to include pictures of Bray Wyatt, Raven and Randy Orton, with Orton being in the middle. Everything else is up to the designer. Thanks in advance.
  10. Is there some sort of sporting entertainment event happening on Sunday or something? 

    1. DennisStamp


      Nah, just some amusement park in Florida hyping up that they have the Ultimate Thrill Ride or something. They keep asking people to give them the green light cause they're ready to go. What you waiting for?

  11. hey @Jason. could I trouble you for a signature? Standard size for forums, or like the one I have in my signature. I'm looking for one that features Randy Orton front and centre, with Bray Wyatt and Raven also on it. The only text required is ALTERNATIVE REALM: BATTLE ZONE Anything else would be up to you. Thanks in advance.
  12. "Karma and Effect" by Seether "Year Of the Spider" by COLD "House of Gold And Bones, Parts 1 and 2" by Stone Sour
  13. We are on a path that has no beginning, no middle, and no end, because it is a matter of faith. Hoc est qui sumus.

  14. Just watched the first episode of Netflix's Frontier. It was decent, and has potential.
  15. I watched the episode where Bart has to live in a bubble after getting a mosquito bite and Lisa pretends to be in college. Skinner is getting a celebration ceremony, and he's wearing a white suit. He opened up to questions and his mother cuts in with: "yeah I've got a question. How dare you dress in white, I hear what you do at night!" I love how they have these jokes in that I'd never get as a kid, and can now appreciate.