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  1. On top of all the graphical nonsens, they really need to add checkpoints into the showcase matches. I did about 10 different match objectives in the mania triple threat match, only for Sasha to hit me with a move, the game to then automatically roll me out of the ring and start that stupid slow get up, in which time Sasha pinned Becky and won the match. Had absolutely zero interest in slogging through it again.
  2. Absolutely. I don't normally watch the sets on iPlayer, but I'm glad I did for that. The Streets also had a great, and rather spiritual set.
  3. Regia

    E3 2019

    In which case, I retract my statement. I thought it might be a one account deal, since it was an external company.
  4. Regia

    E3 2019

    This will be good for me as I've already got it on Xbox, may be able to play some games with the mountain of people on here that are on PlayStation.
  5. Regia

    XBOX Megathread

    Would it still work for me since I'd have to buy it from the Canadian store?
  6. One thing I did notice (though this was in the Pre Mania edition, so it may have been fixed) is that Progress have both the PROGRESS and PROGRESS World titles.
  7. Regia

    XBOX Megathread

    It would appear not, from everything I've managed to look up, it seems it was a digital only release on xbox.
  8. Aye, that would be me.
  9. I use boomerang to rent games. It works out well for me to try games I'm not sure I'll enjoy, and I can rent a new game for 4 months for less than I would by buying the game outright.
  10. I've had a guy get attacked by a wolf twice. Both times I've offered them medicine and they've slapped it out my hand and said they are past medicine, so I've put them down. I have no idea if there is another way for that to play out >_>.
  11. I like the adventure sync feature, I just wish it was a bit more accurate. I'm currently only getting about 1/4 of my steps counting, although I suppose it's better than nothing.
  12. The damn forklift race in Shenmue is driving me up the wall. No matter what I do, I somehow always reach a point where one of the other racers hits me and I just slide into a wall, meaning I can never catch up to win.
  13. My code is 1237-2823-7939. I'll hopefully be able to go spin some stops on my lunch break so I can get some more gifts. Still stuck on one ghost pokemon, which is made all the more annoying when I keep running across castform, since I keep thinking they're a ghost type.
  14. I have a few hundred candy of very common pokemon trying to find a ditto. I now need to catch the ghosts. So far, I've come across one.
  15. I've actually just got back into Pokemon go. Most likely because I'm looking forward to the switch game.
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