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  1. Does the search function make everyone else want to throw their computer out the window or is it just me?

  2. I think Alden did the best he could, given that he's trying to be the younger version of an iconic character and Harrison Ford has a natural bravado that is just not possible to recreate. A few thoughts:
  3. I find all this Apu bashing troubling. The Nahasapeemapetilons are some of the finest people from Green Bay and Herb and Judy are very proud of their boy, despite the fact that he abandoned the Brewers for the NY Mets as his favorite baseball squadron
  4. So, don't watch this if you haven't seen Infinity War. But apparently Mark Ruffalo spoiled the ending last year at a press event
  5. I haven’t had that much fun at a movie since I saw The Dark Knight on opening night. The movie was great and the best MCU makes movie since GotG1. I do have a few minor nits to pick: Also, there was a classic troll job by the Russos in the credits before the post-credit scene. Loved it. I felt the same way about Ant-Man is that he basically had his own movie to setup why he was in Civil War.
  6. So, today was the 25th anniversary of what is considered one of the greatest Simpsons episodes ever "Last Exit to Springfield" (LISA NEEDS BRACES) Today, FOX aired an interview with convicted arm-robber yet not convicted murderer OJ Simpson from 2006 where he described how he would have killed his ex-wife and her friend...IF...he did it. IF. Because he's totally not guilty. FOX didn't air the interview in 2006 because even Rupert Murdoch has some sense of shame. Simpsons Showrunner Al Jean dropped this bit of a fun fact on Twitter about "Last Exit to Springfield."
  7. Here's a thought I just that never occurred to me before: Is Owen Lars the greatest hero of the galaxy? I always thought the way he wanted to keep Luke on the farm was just him being a cheap dick; but was he doing it knowing that Luke joining the Imperial Academy would allow Vader to find his son, manipulate him to joining the Dark Side and thus enslaving the entire galaxy forever?
  8. Also, regarding a character who used the Force:
  9. I legitimately think how prominent the Porgs were in the trailer versus how they actually used was a troll job. They know this fanbase treats Ewoks and JarJar and other cute things.
  10. Kate episodes are just the worst on "This Is Us"
  11. Wonder Woman also is a very good movie that has good performances and a great director, which the Justice League has none of. What Gal Gadot does in "Wonder Woman" bares almost no semblance to what she is in "BvS" and the "Justice League." Again, with the Avengers, you had continuity in the tone and performances in all of the films.
  12. I feel like Batfleck is just essentially Ben playing the same guy he does in every movie, like Holden McNeil or Bartelby suddenly have a billion dollars and fight crime
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