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So it's that time of year again. Anyone getting this? I actually just pre-ordered a copy since I didn't get last years. I enjoyed 17 and 18 when I bought them though I didn't sink a lot of time into them. I might actually decide to do something for The Cube this year if I can find the time. I enjoy playing it but I find it can, much like a lot of other games I play, take a lot of hours away from me because I get so wrapped up in it. I always tell myself 5 more minutes but then 3 hours later I'm still playing.

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I didn’t get last year either so yeah I’m probably on board with this one. Especially since I may take this year off from The Show.

And I’m the same way in not ever being able to stop. There’s been several nights where I get on wanting to play for an hour only to realize five hours had gone by and it’s now one in the morning...

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I was thinking of starting this thread the other day. I preordered; I was on the fence but some of the new features, and the updated rosters, make it an easy buy because I know I'll get hours and hours of enjoyment. I love OOTP, it's such an addicting game and I might do something in the Dome with it this year. 

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Picked up 19 instead.  Started a random debut league in 1900 as the Orioles.  Keep getting second place.  Then 3 years in the team relocates and is now know as the New York Highlanders.

I know in a few years that name will change to Yankees, and I’m definitely not going to be involved with that.  Take the job as GM of the Pirates instead.  The Highlanders have now one two straight championships, including the first 100 win season in league history.  I accidentally built a Yankee dynasty :(


meanwhile I took the Pirates from one of the worst teams to a team that finishes in second place.

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I even traded for a bunch of the players I had before I left, thinking surely this will put a dent in them.  Instead all the guys I traded to them are doing great.  Mallex Smith of 1904 is a beast.

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