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The Irishman


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12 minutes ago, Bobfoc said:

I've never had the mental stamina to do that. I'd have to watch this in chunks.

I'm just glad I didn't have to watch this in a cinema. I had to take breaks to pee, refill my mug, stuff like that all as well.

I think I finished it in 4.5 hours, then a couple of hours later watched the round table thing (which is actually pretty boring). 

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I liked it but did feel it was overly long.  30 minutes could easily have been cut with little to nothing lost.  

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For me, there's very, very little I would cut. I really like it a lot because it's not the crazy glorification of gangsterism of Scorcese's old films. 

It probably doesn't feel that long for me also when you consider that both Goodfellas and Casino were 2 and a half hours as well, not to mention Silence which was also around that, this one feels like that as well.

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I watched it in the cinema and thought it was very good. For me, it felt it's length, I think it could've been streamlined a little. I think I'd enjoy it even more on a re-watch, especially because I'd have a better understanding of what the pace is going to be like. It's just so much fun to watch those actors bounce off of each either, Pesci is particularly brilliant. 

I'm glad Scorsese got to make the film he wanted to make in the manner he wanted to make it, but I don't think it's one of his best films. But obviously he set the bar pretty high. 

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35 minutes ago, GoGo Yubari said:

I thought it was phenomenal. I think you could make it much shorter but I wouldn't particularly want to.

Mostly I just felt the driving and smoke breaks were too much.  A few advanced the story but most just included voice overs that could've been added in another spot

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