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Euro 2024 Prediction Competition

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Hi all, I've left this slightly later than usual, but anyone up for the usual tournament predictor? Usual system, I'll send a form to your email and you predict group game scorelines, 4 semifinalists, a winner, and top scorer, and get various points (all on the form...) if they come in. Marginal tweak this time round, correct scores are 5 points as previous, but correct results are 2 points with a correctly predicted draw (but the wrong score) is 3. Risk and reward and all that.

Bizarrely our defending Euros champion is @Baddars brother in law so that needs sorting. As always if you're in just drop my email in here and I'll send a form. I'd like them in by next Wednesday ideally since I'm off to Germany on matchday 1...

Also, you should all buy one of these. No connection to me but they're lovely and for a good cause.



On 06/11/2022 at 23:22, Colly said:

As for the last 5 major UEFA and FIFA tournaments I'm running a little predictor. Just leave your email addy in the thread and I'll send you a sheet over, predict all group game and score for 3 points for a correct result, 5 for a correct scoreline. 5 points for each correct semifinalist (plus 5 bonus points for all 4), 10 points for predicting the winner, and choose a goalscorer and get 1 point for each goal they score. Link to previous thread below, Baddar is our current World Cup winner, with his brother in law winning the Euros last summer. This does somewhat remind me of the time one of my mates had 3 of his "family members" join our FPL minileague, with all 3 coincidentally selecting Luke Chadwick, but I trust the integrity of our community...



And here's the never ending history, @Moses Julep won the World Cup 18ish months ago.

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Not filling mine in yet but when I tried putting a score in for the home team in the Germany game, it was changing to a date rather than allowing me to input a number. Could just be my phone though, will try on my laptop over the weekend.

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Weird, seems okay. The form itself is done by one of my mates (there's money in our game...) and I tend to skim it for spelling mistakes, but didn't check formatting. Looks fine though when I've opened it, let me know if you have any bother.

I've done my scores but am struggling with the semi finalists just because I'm still baffled by the 3rd place nonsense.

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What I did the last time (and maybe the time before?) was plug my group standings into the predictor game so that I got my semifinalists right. I don't know if it's an advantage, picking "4 best" might mean you get the same # as someone who has a "possible" semifinal. But if you're a stickler like me then I do suggest that.


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For ease I'll like the posts above as I get your sheets in, if you think you've sent and I haven't just shout.

@Kyle you haven't picked a top scorer, feel free to stick one in here (or PM if you want to keep it a secret. Joselu might score one, he might score two).

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If I worked out the 3rd place stuff correctly, I have England facing Georgia in the 2nd Round. I clearly went mental halfway through doing this because I've predicted England to run through Georgia, Spain, France and Portugal to win the whole thing for some reason.

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