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baller: baller4life2321

Bluesman: SanHoZay

Corizzle: Corey31

Ekin Jones: EkinJones

erstyle: SlayeRen

Gongsun Zan: Gongsun Zan

Green Demon: GreenDemon17

Hellfire065: Roshambo Rambo

HHHBigFan: Warthog King

homerjfry: homerjfry

Komodo 3000: Naa9

The Kraig: The Kraig

Maxx & JonnyComeLately: grundleSLAP

Mortified Penguin: JKO24

Mysterio2000X: Mysterio2000X

Numbahs: Super Necrisio

RandomHero: BAClark

Tristof: caseydecember

YI: DarkPigFarmer

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I don't know how much it is per month because I bought the starter kit....

The starter kit is $70, it comes with a year long subscription, a copy of Crimson Skies, and a headset. It's tight value....I guess.

Anyway, I bought DOA: Ultimate today. Can't get the hang of online play with it though....I've been getting my ass kicked. (And I don't suck)

Practice makes perfect, I guess.

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Guest HHHBigFan

Gamertag: Warthog King






Madden NFL 2005

NCAA Football 2005

Star Wars Battlefront

Halo 2

Rallisport Challenge 2

Midtown Madness 3

Need For Speed Underground 2

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I dunno if I should ask this here, but what are some good XBox Live games to pick up? I just bought a mic today, and am looking for a couple games to buy next week. I dont want to spend more than 45 bucks or so. Any suggestions?

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Well I just got back from the Mall and I just bought Top Spin Tennis, NCAA '05 and NBA 2k3 (shaddup, it was like 3 bucks :P) I guess I'll go try them out, but if anyone wants to take me on, I'm more than willing.

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