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I just realised how huge my music collection is, and how most of it is filled with video game theme music - Final Fantasy, Tekken and Mortal Kombat primarilly, I was just wondering, do you find yourself enjoying such music a lot more than regular music or is that just me? I find the instrumentals to always mean something to me and I'm not quite sure what it is that keeps me playing them.

What is everybodies favourite video game soundtrack? I would have to say Final Fantasy, either IX or VII for me, the music just conjures up an inspirational and uplifting feeling that I get from nothing else. On with comments!

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First of all, I bought the OST to Xenosaga. Its the ONLY video game soundtrack that I own.

I also have to rate the opening and ending themes to Legend of Dragoon, and most of the music from Final Fantasy 7 very highly.

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If I have video game music it tends to be from games that feature actual music such as Madden, GT etc. That said I do have some FF7 music.

First GT soundtrack was good and Madden 04 introduced me to some great bands (Thrice, Yellowcard).

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Xenogears had a huge soundtrack that i loved, then i even listen to some of Chrono Cross/trigger along with some FF's.

Xenogears is the best though, and don't dispute it, for a PSone engine, it had full orchestra themes, and songs that would have your bones chill. Also, the total impact of the soundtrack added to the feel of the game so much it made up for all the graphics, even though i like the graphics, others didn't like it so much. Xenogears has a couple songs that will make you cry if you hear them in there entirety from the soundtrack.

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NES Megaman 1-5

All the NES CastleVania's

Double Dragon

NES - Lifeforce

NES - Contra

Final Fantasy 6

Blaster Master

Breath of Fire 1

Dragon Warrior IV

Star Fox

True Love \

Runaway City \

---> :shifty:

3 Sisters Story /

Season of the Sakura /

GTA: Vice City

GTA: San Andreas

True Crime

Shining Force

Punch Out!!

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I'm not really big into video games, and by virtue of that even less into video game soundtracks. However, that 4-part Odyssey by Incubus from the Halo 2 soundtrack is fantastic, so I'd go with that.

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oh cmon guys, no one mentioned street fighter II? i still get goosebumps when i hear that intro music, lol, sounds sad, but i first played street fighter in the arcades when i was v young (5 or 6) and on holiday, and it was the coolest thing ever, for the next two years i wanted to be ryu, lol.

Also MGS music is tres cool

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