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Favorite Christmas Songs


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Back when I was in HS, I was in chorus, and we would auditition for Epcot Center's "Disney Candlelight", which would be a big show with the Voices of Liberty, an orchestra, and a celebrity guest narrator (eg Gary Sinse, Levar Burton, Uncle Freddie from 'Fresh Prince', James Earl Jones, The Black Guy from Miami Vice....)

And we would have a set, which was the following:

Shout for Joy

Oh Come, All Ye Faithful

Il Les Nest

Angels From The Realms of Glory

Oh Holy Night

Rejoiced with Exceeding Great Joy

What Child Is This?

Do you Hear what I hear?

Joy To The World


Let There Be Peace On Earth*

Was added to the set in 2001 because of 9/11

But still, those songs bring back a lot of feelings about the holidays. I'd say that the bolded ones were favorites long before I was in HS, though.

Also, "Let It Snow" and "It's Begining To Look a Lot Like Christmas" are favorites. Because I'm a bass, I go around doing my best Sinatra impression at times....

Ah, memories....

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Fairytale of New York by The Pogues. Dunno why but I always look forward to xmas time so I can hear this song being played around.

Correct, the only christmas song that isn't a big ball of shite.

I'll third that as a great song, and i'm always partial to the "Fall on your knees......" part of O'Holy Night. I pretty much like them all though.

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Guest Ringmaster

The Christmas song from Love Actually was stuck in my head for six months for some reason. I still have it on my computer somewhere. Other than that I'll go with Fairytale of New York.

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