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Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children

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Which one was Reno again? Was he the one with the long black hair? Or was he the ginger one? I remember Elena...

Edit : Never mind, it's the ginger one. Rude was bald, so who had the long black hair?

Edit2 : turks.jpg

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Okay, that was just to warn those of you who wish to know nothing else about this movie, for those who do however.




Cloud makes a return as the main character in the movie. He is all alone in the world, wondering if they done the right thing in attempting to save the planet. He now sports a new look wearing a black outfit instead of the purple from FFVII. He carries his trademark buster sword.



Although it is currently unknown as to what role Sephiroth will play in the movie, it is now likely that he will appear as more than just a flashback. We come to this conclusion as Square-Enix has listed him under the characters section of the official site.



One of the three Silver Haired Men. His exact role in the movie is unknown - other than the fact that he is in opposition to Cloud and appears to be the leader of the group. It has been noted that he bares a striking resemblance to Sephiroth. He uses a weapon which has been confirmed as being a refined double sword and has exceptional sword skills.



One of the three Silver Haired Men, although the oldest of the group, he is a crybaby. His combat skills have been noted for his fight in the trailer with Cloud, and he has an extremely fast attack. He uses a weapon called "Dual Hound" which is both a shield and a gun.



Another of the SHM, however, as with all of them, little is known about what role he will play in the movie. His weapon appears to be a kind of gunblade, and is most likely the weapon confirmed to have the name "Velvet Nightmare".

Barret Wallace


Leaving Marlene in Tifa's care, Barret is searching for a new energy to replace Mako. It has been confirmed that the function of his right arm has changed. Only one small scene showing him has been shown so far.

Tifa Lockheart


Tifa made her first appearance in Jump magazine fighting Loz. Her wardrobe has been updated with her appearing to wear something similar to Rinoa in FFVIII. She now looks after Marlene and other orphans while working at Seventh Heaven.

Vincent Valentine


Vincent has been living in solitary, studying the world and knows something of the current events that are taking place. Trailers appear to have made references to "Jenova" in relation to him.



It is unknown if Reno is still working for ShinRa, or working independently with Rude. Recent images show him fighting Yazoo, and he is shown talking with Cloud, which seems to indicate opposition to the Silver Haired Men.



Rude made first his appearance with Reno in the April Jump magazine. More recent images show him fighting Loz and with Reno, talking with Cloud.

Aerith/Aeris Gainsborough


Aerith has been shown as part of a flashback scene showing Cloud lowering her into the lake after her death. She also is shown in a dream sequence with back to back with Cloud standing in a field of flowers.



Tetsuya Nomura has hinted that she and her "friends" would play an important role. She is living with Tifa and appears to be unaffected by Geostigma, unlike many of the other children.



Denzel appears to be one of the orphans who lives with Tifa. He has been affected by the Geostigma disease and is one of the children who Kadaj gathers with him in the Forgotten Capital.

Cid Highwind


Cid has been shown in several images holding his trademark spear weapon. Further trailers showed him battling the Shadow Creepers, and Bahamut as well.

Red XIII/Nanaki


Like Cid, Red XIII has appeared when Midgar has been overrun by the Shadow Creepers. He has been shown leaping into the air, to attack Bahamut.

Yuffie Kisaragi


Possibly the last of the FFVII main characters to be released, Yuffie has been shown meeting with Tifa and Denzel as well as parachuting out of the sky.

Zack ????


One image of Zack has been released which shows him in the back of a pickup truck. This indicates that this character is likely featured as a flashback only due to events that took place in FFVII.

Unknown Characters

Unknown Wheelchair Man


Kadaj is shown bowing down to a person in a wheelchair. He is covered completely in a white sheet or robe and only his hand can be seen. This is likely a man, due to the size of the hand that is shown. Possibly this could in fact be Sephiroth himself. Some theories state it could be Zack. Has been referred to as Mr. President in a trailer.


Shadow Creeper


Although not really characters, these creatures are shown in a battle with Cid. They appear in Midgar just before Kadaj summons Bahamut, so there may be some connection with him in that case.



Bahmut is summoned by Kadaj and attacks innocent citizens of the city. In the trailers, it is the old gang from FFVII [barret, Cid, Yuffie and Red XIII] who are shown attacking this monster.

Well that's that. Oh yea, all information obtained from Advent Children.Net

Major EDIT: There done, will keep this page properly updated now.

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Excellent, Vincents back. I doubt that it is Zack in the wheelchair, didnt he die in the game? As for the SHM, I'd guess they were Jenova clones of Sephiroth or something. That could explain wo the guy in the wheelchair is. Bah, who knows. I can't wait for it to be realesed anyway.

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So is this is just a movie then? Or will it be in game form too? Either way, it looks amazing.

Square Enix started off trying to make it a game and realised it was too huge and far too in depth to cram into a game, therefore it is a movie.

The Japanese release date for the film is 20 May 2004.

EDIT: Released a week ago today. Just checked the date. ;)

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not sure if thats a pun or...

anyway, from the screen-shots ive seen, the characters look crap. they should have never made a sequal( same applies for ffx-2).NEVER!!!!

Seriously? Those screenshots look like crap?




Yeah, they look crap.

Anyway....more news and **SPOILERS** :

Sephiroth mentioned "the Reunion" during the game, and now Kadaj says the same before the crowd at the shell house. Yazoo questions whether they will be welcomed in "big brother's" town, somewhat acknowdeging that they will not.

As for Cloud's relationship with Tifa. After Aeris' death, Tifa played a supportive role. In battle, they depend on that mutual bond, but presently live apart. Perhaps in their hearts, they are still under the illusion that Aeris is still alive. There is a reason the silver-haired youths fight Tifa.

Jenova still survives on the Planet. The Reunion involves the gathering of all of the Jenova cells.

Present condition of the Turks: The Turks were a division of ShinRa, however, following the latter's downfall, they have infact also disappeared. Also, their direct superior Rufus is already lost. Many of the members are deceased, but Reno and Rude seem to be the ones uniting the organisation, as usual.  The Turks have always been very popular among the fans and are now the protagonists.

Locations are about 50% complete, the storyline is completed and voice recording for the scenarios are drawing to an end. They are now finally seeing the results of their production work. All voice actors have already been decided upon, and the voice actors used in the trailer with FFX-2: International trailer are the actual voice actors. Also, it is indeed Marlene that introduced the TGS trailer. English voice-recording has not begun.

There is definitely a relationship between Sephiroth and the silver-haired youths, given their similar hair and eye colour.

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