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Your favorite bassists

Guest George

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Yeah, Bass>Guitar, you should already know that.




Red Hot Chili Peppers

The guy is great on the bass. He gives RHCP that funky sound which is recognized for. His slap techniques are featured on many of RHCP best songs, and some of the basslines are just legendary. Flea is a great option for my #5 bassist, since he can really gives feeling to his bass. If he plays a slow-tempo song, his chords will be pretty much minor, which fit the song great. He has both talent and skills. This guys will go out as one of the greatest bassists who touched the earth.

Reccomended listenings:

Can't stop

Funky Monks

By the way

Around the world




Victor Wooten

Bela Fleck - Solo

You haven't heard of him? Prepare to be blown away. This guy has been playing bass since he was 2 years old! He has over 20 years of experience playing bass guitar, and everytime he releases a new song, it shows all the practice he puts on everyday. Victor is a huge influence and one of the nicest and down-to-earth people you could meet.

Reccomended listenings:

Classical Thump

Amazing Grace

Just look for his solos



Cliff Burton


He changed metal. He was the responsible one for it. If metallica was the medicine that metal needed, Cliff was the syringe. He influenced all of metallica's musicians greatly with his compositions. He would be the only one of the band who wouldn't look like a total metal-head, and actually hear classical music. He had a great musical knowledge, and his bass influences went from Stanley Clarke to Geddy Lee. Cliff Burton was, at least for me, what metal needed, because as soon as he died, Metallica took another phase, another era, and it was just crap. Kill 'em all, Ride the lightning and Master of puppets were just Metallica's best albums... and there could have been more, but he died too young too soon.

Rest In Peace Cliff.

Reccomended listenings:

Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)

Seek and destroy


Master of Puppets



Paul Mccartney

Beatles - Wings

This guy is just amazing. He appeared before the Jaco Pastorius, Marcus Miller or Stanley Clarke changed the definition of bass guitar, and he still wasn't a guitar accompainment. He would go out, sing with his romantic voice, do whatever the song is needed, and even perfect it in his own way. He could play a wide variety of instruments, but bass was his strong side. He didn't needed slap, he didn't needed speed. He was doing Bass' main role, and that is to feel the groove of a song, to play some root notes but not becoming a guitar accompainment and to add just that little beat to the heart that only a great bass player can give you. Paul McCartney was that and more. He had one of the greatest talents ever, and without him, Beatles just wouldn't be the same. He was the heart of beatles.

Reccomended listenings:

Come together

A day in the life

Paperback writer

Day tripper


Honorable mentions go to:

Geddy Lee (Rush)

Chris Squire (Yes)

John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin)

Duff Mckagan (Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver)

John Entwhistle (sp) (The Who)

Marcus Miller

Stanley Clarke



Jaco Pastorius

Weather Report - Solo


Les Claypool

Primus - Les claypool and the holy mack - Oysterhead - Purple Onion... I'm sure I missed some others

I just can't decide.

Jaco is the greatest influence that bass has ever had. He changed the role of bass, and made it the most important part of a band. He changed it from being a root note instrument to keep the rhythm of the song, the melody and the groove of it. Jaco used harmonics a lot, which is a thing that I love, and never played slap.. He's the Jazz Bass Player.

Les Claypool is the greatest Bass rock player. He plays an arrangement of rock, jazz, funk, blues, punk and makes the bass the most important part of his bands whenever he plays. He's the centerfold of all of his bands, and his bass playing makes up for his weird and bizarre voice (Which I love, but some other people don't)

I just can't decide

I can't reccoment and of them, because in every song, they play great.

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No he's not.

That's what you think, you obviously have I different perception of what makes a bassist great. I enjoy energy and enthusiasm, Hoppus is always energtic and fun on stage. He isn't the greatest skill ever, however he's better than you're giving him credit for.

He is a good performer. I don't think he's a good bassist.

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